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So what if Leica charges a lot for technology that many mainstream consumers consider to be obsolete? Ferraris and Lamborghinis still use manual control and charge a fortune more than the Toyota hybrid with automatic shift. Vinyl records are considerably more expensive than a CD or an iTunes download. A train ticket can cost a lot more than a plane ticket. Some people like the feel of old technology, others depend on new technology.

To everybody who are comparing cameras based on a specs... Go test drive a car and you may just find that the car with the biggest engine may have the worst handling.

Yes, I am talking to those with no life and have commented on nearly everyone else's thread. A Leica is appreciated by people who use them, not by those who sit in front of a computer and criticise.

Different strokes for different people. Get a life and stop whining / preaching. You may live a happier life.You're not going to convert anyone.

Just saying. Take it or leave it.

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Beautiful pic!

I've been trying for a while now to get a good dynamic range like we have here straight out of the camera but I have never managed and I am getting very depressed. How much post-processing have you put into this? I just don't know if it's my camera that's responsible for my flat images.

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