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R N: I'm reasonably OK with new functionality waiting for new release. None of the new stuff pertains to my workflow anyway.

Definitely NOT OK with ACR updates being pushed out to the next major release. Support for new cameras for the standalone version of PS CS6 should continue to be updated while that version is the latest standalone version.

ACR support is where I draw the line and start thinking: can I get by with LR alone? Emergency cloning I can do in PSE, or a legacy version of PS (which will still work since I bought a standalone!)

Two main reasons I have not joined the cloud: 1) I want software that will still work even if my monthly cash flow craters. In this economy, it is a scenario to consider. 2) I think that the prices will escalate for the monthly subscription. How much? To me it is a significant risk.

Totally agree: as a freelancer and someone who has very vocally supported photoshop and encouraged others to use it, I have, invested and re-invested in photoshop, upgrading when I could (usually ever second or third upgrade) which was always based on how my business has been running.

This stupid move breaks trust. It benefits many new customers who are just as likely to jump off the bandwagon in a year when prices rise. It makes me, a loyal customer, feel a bit foolish, a bit let down.

Keep in mind that creativity has been around for a lot longer than Adobe Creative Suite: that image making is reliant on a broad number of tools none of which are indispensable. Take away PS, I will still take photos, take away my camera, I will draw...

For your own sake Adobe, remember you are a company who makes tools. Look after all of your customers...

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hammerheadfistpunch: it was on okay introduction, but the end result isn't very flattering, the key/fill ratio is all wrong and it makes the face appear flat. The backlight/hairlight is too strong as well. I use lowel U for a quick primmer, same principles with interactive tutorials and better technique.

Have to agree, there is a lot of really good information on the web and I am surprised how DP as one of the more respected blogs put something up that is so amateurish and undermines it's own premise (that good lighting is key) - thanks for the link!

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