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Cameracist: The DR's horrible. Was that shot with a 6D II?

The color is also not too vibrant.

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Wubslin: The rover would be wise to refrain from sightseeing and stick to its job.

Well, it's curious you know.

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On article Video: See exactly how a mechanical DSLR shutter works (91 comments in total)
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walker2000: Compare to Sony A9's eShutter, does mechanical shutter still have any advantage? Image quality?

Yes, for now. the a9 reads 12 rows at once, instead of one row at a time, like the mechanical shutter does. this causes the famous a9 banding issue. other than that, image quality is similar.

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Photoman: It doesn't look mirrorless :(

It will have live view mode I believe.

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whakapu: Does in feature CART (celebrity auto recognition and tracking) technology?

Yes but only Justin Bieber module is available for now.

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Triplet Perar: What about curved sensor, but also curved camera and lenses?

And monitor? Print?

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RMSantos: So, if instead of a camera, had the photographer handed the monkey a loaded gun, who would PETA claim as the author of the shooting??

The same thing can be said to Mr. Slater. Would he take the responsibility of being a murderer??

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fberns: Sorry, I'm not a friend of Wikimedia and PETA anymore. Next time, David Slater would either keep the images for himself or just lie and say he himself pressed the shutter.

Then it will become just another monkey picture.

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princewolf: Will a single dime go to the monkey who shot the photo by way of PETA's lawsuit?

Who paid for the trip to Indonesia, the camera, the lens, equipment? Who had the novel idea of handing the camera out to the macaque? David Slater. And now he's penniless for all his efforts. Reminds me of Farnsworth vs RCA.

He's penniless because of his dispute with Wikipedia, a war he started himself. He had originally made a few thousand pounds from the monkey images.

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sebbe: Just to understand that law: if I set my camera to smile detect. The copyright of the picture will be owned by the one that smiles into my camera the first?

It's quite simple, the used law needs a revision first. On the other hand it's one single shot. Maybe Mr Slater should have learn his lesson earlier and just promote himself as the producer of this shot (and point the monkey was the photographer).

It's never tested, someone has to do the lawsuit.. hahaha.

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BobORama: Every photograph from a camera, taken without the photographer composing the shot and pressing a button, is authorless?

Every time lapse ever made, countless millions of photos of wildlife taken with focus traps, movies and cameras shot up into space or on weather baloons, are authorless?

That is, of course, ludicrous.

Having been involved in a copyright suit, I can assure you the costs are ridiculous. For me, there were at least $20K in out of pocket expenses, and perhaps another $45K in accumulated legal fees. So Mr. Slater, you have my sympathies. Thanks, Peta and the rest of your affiliated gaggle of worthless leeches - for ruining photography.

I think the distinction is the monkey has some creativity, but at the same time cannot hold copyright(PETA is fighting for this "injustice" I believe). Triggers doesn't have that. Trigger really just a tool. Animals (including humans) are capable of self-awareness. Triggers aren't..(unless the machine is taking over, in which case we have a bigger problem).

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M Chambers: Censorpedia claimed the copyright hold was the animal? That sounds like their usual stupidity.

I'm reminded of the Peter Sellers sketch of him trying to fine a man on the street for organ grinding. The man's argument is that it was the monkey and not him grinding the organ. It's intended to be funny as obviously dogs aren't fined for being unleashed, their owners are. The owner is responsible for the animal's actions.

Unless the monkey's owner claimed copyright the monkey itself cannot be credited.

I think the point they wanted to make was no one holds the copyright. The closest one is the monkey, but animals can't hold copyright.

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PhotoKhan: PETA are the DB's we already know they are but the "douche" move by Wikipedia is as formidable as it inexcusable (...the camera was his and the photo wouldn't exist if David Slater hadn't traveled there...).

Just yesterday, I responded positively to the annual pledge made by Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales, as I have been regularly doing.

Because of this, I won't be contributing anymore.

I invite David Slater to open a pledge fund to which I will gladly contribute instead so he can, at least, recover financially or, preferably, drown PETA in their own poison.

I agree, Wikipedia did nothing wrong. Also wikipedia's contribution to humanity is far greater than Slater.

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MySimplePhotosToday: I don't understand why the US Copyright Office was making a decision about the photo in the first place. He lives in the UK, should of claimed the copyright in the UK then gone after Wikimedia.

Also the picture was taken in Indonesia.

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jadot: I feel sorry for the guy - this kind of fight has little to nothing to do with anyone else. Wikipedia shouldn't have flared this up and the photographer should have called it conceptual art. Do you think Andy Warhol screen printed all of his art himself? Do you think Andy Warhol's estate would take this crap from Wikipedia suggesting that Warhol isn't the copyright holder? This stuff makes me puke.

Yeah, but no one sells their clips as animal selfies. This is the problem of Slater's story.

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Ergognome: Can people claim copyright if they set the camera to auto mode, since again they do not press the shutter?

You set it to auto, so it's yours. It's that simple actually.

Link | Posted on Jul 14, 2017 at 23:31 UTC
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mandm: "he wasn't the copyright holder since he didn't press the shutter".
If you hook your camera up to a noise, vibration, light trigger, you don't press the shutter, so there not your photos??? Not.
For the moon launches the press & NASA would put cameras close to the rocket and they were triggered by vibration as it wasn't safe to be that close, who owns the photos? I say the photographers.
The only winners in this monkey photo are the blood sucking lawyers.

Picture taken by trigger, intentionally set by a human, is belong to that human. But if your trigger is an intelligent living being, like in this case, things get a bit complicated. So always use non living trigger.

Link | Posted on Jul 14, 2017 at 23:28 UTC

They patented this so that they can sue anyone who use phone as a part of photography modular system in the future.

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On article Sony a9 banding issue: fact or fiction? (733 comments in total)

A92 will have global shutter specifically to eliminates banding issue. Probably.

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"With 80% vertical and lateral coverage, and the option to set focus point by touch, the 6D II arguably offers better autofocus with the mirror locked up than it does in conventional viewfinder shooting mode."

Told ya, on sensor AF is superior(greater coverage). Mirrorless is the future(mirror locked up is essentially mirrorless). Resistance is futile.

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