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If they still want to make DSLR, it better be a fullframe for nostalgia lovers. Maybe make it full mechanical for a unique product or something. But who am i to complaint. Don't even shoot Pentax anymore.

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The only The Verge review that I take seriously is their 2018 how to build a PC video. Hahahahaha....

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"..announces development of.."

Here we go again.

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DougDolde: Hardly a D6 more like a D5 with.minor upgrades 👎👎👎

I think he was referring to the specs, not user experience.

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People were stylish back then.

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mine only crashed once, while previewing a fusion clip. other than that, it works great.

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On article DPReview TV: The great ultra-wide sunstar shootout (127 comments in total)

Canon lenses are known for their clear and pleasant sunstar. No surprise here.

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AshleyMC: “ Year over year, not much has changed.”

Indeed. I’ve seen these on Lensrentals list for many years now:

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II
Canon 35mm f/1.4L II
Canon 50mm f/1.2L

Amid all the hoopla, the classic workhorses remain true.

They became classics for a reason.

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mr.izo: canon?? how is this possible, omg?

Professional renters? Hahaha...

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String: All the positive comments about how smart it is to rent gear because (enter excuse here) and yet any mention of Adobe is immediately filled with comments on how dumb it is to "rent" software...

Hahahaha... at least we have option to purchase any lens we want (unlike Adobe CC). I don't object cloud based product, but please give options to users. If cloud is good, users will stick to it. Why worry? Because they know it sucks. Owh, and Adobe has surpassed $11bn in annual revenue. So that's that.

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FoxShutter: Interesting statistics. Canon is still the first despite all the efforts of Sony and others .

For Canon owners, it makes more sense to rent Canon lenses for their existing body than to rent Sony/Nikon body + lens combo. And there are a lot of Canon users out there.

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Vanitas Photo: I think the most relevant cameras were the Samsung duo (since they were pretty revolutionary for their time) the A7/R which were the huge breaking point for Sony and the Panasonic GH5 since it is still a little monster of a cinema camera, the K1 just for the sheer surprise of Pentax actually delivering the legendary and fabled full frame that was promised in the prophecy xD.

As much as I liked the 6D it wasn't that different from the 5D mark II, the Z6/7 and EOS R/RP are nice, but not revolutionary. (FWIW I am a Canon shooter)

As for the Iphone, I have no love for smartphones so (in my super subjective AND obviously biased point of view) they have no relevance to me (meaning me, dunno about other people).

To me it was a HUGE shock to see Samsung retiring from the camera race, the N1 looked like a really impressive camera.

Agree. 6D was good, but not revolutionary (unlike 5D mk2).

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Later they will announce super macro pro.

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Can power as in provide power supply + video signal or video signal only? If it's the former, then very impressive indeed.

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Spin much?

"The ‘another challenge’ refers to a similar attempt made by Sony in 2013." - DPR

"RED successfully fought back a similar suit from Sony in 2013" - engadget

If I remember correctly, RED was the one who sued Sony, not the other way around. Sony did counter-sued RED for patent infringement of Sony's patents, though. As far as I know, Sony has never challenged this particular patent.

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Nikon's usual excuse.

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I hope that someday the moniker 'X' will suffer the same fate. It used to mean 'unknown'.

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MikeRan: This is a good demonstration of how ridiculously difficult it is to properly use a lens like this. With AF and a good EyeAF implementation this could be a killer solution. But for most this lens wide open will be one massive frustration. It does appear to be pretty sharp for an f/0.95 lens, but my suspicion is most people will get similar results with the much cheaper third party options on the market, simply because they will be unlikely to nail focus to realize that extra sharpness....

This is a missed opportunity by Nikon.... designing an $8000 f/0.95 lens without AF. A curious choice.

To include AF, they will need to raise the price to 8200, making it unaffordable.


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misspiggy01: You missed the big thing in the announcement. It'll shoot internal raw video. First in a dslr or milc!

Z50 announcement you report a crop in 4k, here your forget to mention that. Is this a pattern? No love for the video crowd?

Don't know how they get around Red's patent for compressing digital video of raw video. Maybe they just pay the licence fee. Stupid patent, if you ask me. but it has been granted so...

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I have and what I thought was the same as the video content above. Thank you for confirming.

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