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Fri13: I really wanted to have A7R (or A7) but I couldn't buy it for its flaws. I ended up to more expensive Olympus E-M1 kit and spend even more to get more lenses. I would have got cheaper with either A7 cameras but when can't have same level native lenses and same level usability, I don't want to miss shots because gear is just on my way or limiting me.

Nice to see that it has worth for someone.

Yeah, only because everything I have is Sony, so if Sony come out with something better for less than $1500 there's no big deal. I upgraded from Minolta to Sony A100 then A700 Then A77 and haven't yet spent over $1500 for a camera.

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I am impressed with Sony's new a7R Full-Frame, and I have been using Sony cameras since Minolta, Currently using the A77. I've noticed the ISO struggles still exist and the Auto Focus problems has improved since the Sony A100, I just need Wifi and better lens options. Pairing my A77 with a Carl Zeiss 28mm f1.4 has paid for itself 100 times over. The a7 is not scratched off of my shopping list though. I cant make money if I keep spending money.

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The flexibility options are awesome, BUT the longevity of this unit during a wedding will cause you to loose money, I can only get around 40 shots before I run out of ammo. It's not the batteries, It's a problem with overheating. I definitely would not recommend this product to a professional photographer.

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It has cost me more money buying cheap 3rd party printer cartriges. I've purchased 3 print heads totaling over $300 on 3 different printers. NEVER AGAIN! Manufacturer Ink only for my printers.

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BeanyPic: Sony hang your head in shame.... Ripping off the coloring of Canon L series lenses and believing you can play at this level. Go back and continue to make your half decent consumer products. Leave this to the companies that actually know whet they are doing...

Once you get to the A77 paired with a G Lense, it's no longer an equipment issue, it's a user issue!

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I bought the Sony A100 which was a nice 6mp camera in it's time, good foundation to start off with, but then I upgraded to the A700 all while owning a pro photography business. The A700 was a major jump in upgrades, but the ISO, and noise was very similar to the A100 (BAD). As in shooting a wedding in a church without a flash was not going to happen. Now with my new upgrade the A77 one word keeps coming to mind (Satisfied). Paired with the right lense I rarely ever use my flash, unless i'm looking for different effects. When my customers look at their beautiful pics they think about the photographer not the camera. Thanks Sony for the increase in business. Would love to see WIFI accessories.

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