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antares103: For those poo pooing cloud storage and to get a spinny disk hard drive... I had two hard drives, clones of each other, fail simultaneously. By simultaneously, I mean I used them both the night before and the next day one did not work, so I went to the other, and it did not work. External drives, separate cases, separate power supplies. There may have been a power surge to them, or they may have just failed. Either way, it does not take a major catastrophe like a fire, flood, or tornado to take out all your images. Fortunately, I was able to get one drive recovered, copied it again, and never have both plugged in at the same time.

Pretty amazing that anyone still thinks that the cloud is just a backup drive in the sky. No matter what your home backup system is, you will never replicate the globally redundant storage, versioning, syncing, and collaboration tools available for a few bucks a month.

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Well then. They are just going to have to give us loyal Olympians a 50% discount on the OM-D to make us forget about this.

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