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  • Where did you find so many beautiful young ladies?
  • I'm in about the same shape as you, with PS, PSP, ACDsee, DPP, Silkypix Pro7, Affinity Photo, Cyberlink Photo Director 9, and Corel Aftershot Pro 3.   I think about how silly all that is and then ...
  • I'm not promoting it but I'm sure it has been vastly improved. Seems to me each editor has a thing or two that works a little easier or better than others.
  • Seems very little to no interest. There are so darned many photo editors out there anymore it's sort of mind boggling. I have been using it for several hours, not that much I know, but I am liking ...
  • Created discussion thread Cyberlink Photo director 9
    I am just curious, this software don't seem to be mentioned much anywhere. PC magazine picked it for photo editor of the year in 2017. I downloaded it and have been playing with it some. Does ...
  • That's what he said, what's the point of your post? Is there one, if so what is it?
  • Thanks for all replies
  • Glenn Am I to understand then that I could have three different ways to do the same job, more or less? If I use the save/save as command properly then I wouldn't have to use export and vice versa?
  • Created discussion thread Save vs Save as
    I hate to show my ignorance but I need to know. What is the difference and is it the same in all programs?
  • Replied in photo editors
    Gotcha Gotcha,  sorry, guess I'm just a redneck with no up bringing!
  • Replied in photo editors
    So you went from CS2 to CS6, looks like you skipped three versions, so you weren't too interested in keeping up with improvements at that time were you? That would have been several years you went ...
  • Replied in photo editors
    Thanks to all who replied, I  do not disagree with any of you. I do think however that some of you should really read my whole post again. I don't think people spend enough time digesting a post ...
  • Replied in photo editors
    A software freak who just loves playing with different packages. Yup , that's me!
  • Created discussion thread Bit depth
    I noticed in photoshop you can set bit depth t 8, 16, or 32. Can you set any bit depth for any file? Does it make a noticeable difference in the final pic?
  • Created discussion thread photo editors
    Wow, you post a question and it turns into a knock down drag debate, Then you wonder what the true answer to the question was, as the debate just fogs things up, and you don't know any more than ...
  • Then is the way ACDsee Ultimate processes image files in develop mode, the same way as Lightroom does it?
  • Thanks, that makes sense too, so you always keep original files untouched in their own folder. You folks are all great!
  • Thanks to everyone, I have checked the provided links and now have a decent understanding of the answer to my question.
  • OK thanks. I understand about parametric editing, so if you have that, why would you also want a pixel editor as well? I know a lot of people have and talk about using both.
  • Created discussion thread Parametric editing vs pixel editing
    I didn't want this post to get mixed up among all the ones in the other thread. Can someone explain the difference between Pixel editing and parametric editing. What would be the advantage of one ...
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