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Hellraiser: Cant wait till more computational photography features start appearing in proper cameras. There wont be any need more for sensors larger than 4/3 for most of us.

But for the rest of us, using computational photography for 4x larger sensors would still yield much better image quality.

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I guess the usage of neural networks by Sony for Eye AF and focus tracking can also be considered computational photography.

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PAntunes: From all that I've been reading in the last year, this lens will fail miserably. Everyone said the RF cameras were much better because of the canon glass. That the weight, size and price wasn't a problem. That a 1.4 was no match for a 1.2 lens. So obviously this won't sell.

Yes, real Canon users won't buy lenses cheaper than $3000.

Real Canon users like paying $500 for the lens and another $2500 for the Canon branding.

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Going by Tamron's weird focal choices for E mount, it will probably be something like 37 - 63mm f/2. 8.

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panther fan: A few observations regarding the assessment
-You mentioned the back switch on the E-M1 III but not the front custom switch on the G9
-The On/Off switch on the Olympus is a two-handed operation. For some types of photography that is a no go

-You tested dual IS vs sync IS. But the Olympus has only one (fairly large) normal zoom that supports sync IS, while on the Panasonic nearly all zooms support it.
So a shoutout between regular IBIS vs IBIS or IBIS vs dual IS would have been a little more representative

In Europe, a G9 has sold at 1000€ for a year now, and on the used or grey market you can easily get a G9 at 800-900€ or sometimes less

The price for a E-M1 III is 1800€, there is not really a used market and even the grey market pushes the price down to just 1600€

So you can buy almost two G9s for the price of one E-M1 III. Usually, they shouldn't compete at those prices

Edit: Just saw the price was the very last part of the video

You can get a Nikon D750, which has far better IQ and AF for much less than EM1III.

What did Olympus smoke?

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What is Olympus? The name sounds vaguely familiar.

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TryMat: I wonder when they will do the same in my country as well.

Pricing is so expensive that it makes no sense. EM5III Body only US price $999 maybe with tax $1100ish. EU countries around $1160, neighboring countries $1100 with tax. My country whopping $1266.

Even more expensive than competitors like panny g95, x-t3, and alike. Competitors can make their price reasonable in this country yet they can't. Amazing.

And people are rather buying used FF cameras for a smaller price than pay for an expensive MFT.

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Photoman: Old sensors and overpriced cameras...perfect recipe for failure.

They don't have sales so they don't have money to buy decent sensors so they don't give users incentives to buy their cameras...

Also, phones like Huawei P30 and P40, Samsung S10 and latest Xiaomi have reached the same level of IQ these old MFT sensors have.

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skmendiratta: Heartbroken, I have Olympus film cameras Om2n, OM4, XA. They all are masterpieces. I still think M43 has a place.

Many of us think we need more than 20 MP and full-frame. Some really do and many don't. It will be sad to see oly disapear. I have few mft lenses and will buy OMD body as my love and affection before it disapears.

Maybe some Chinese company with large pockets will buy Olympus to enter the camera business.

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Great, maybe in another 10 years Adobe will use GPU acceleration in Photoshop and Lightroom and also make efficient use of more than 4 cores.

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Yatin Chachad: If you're in any photography business and not already working for a big name like DPreview, consider yourself finished. The newspaper and photo journalism days were long gone. The days of charging $2,000 to $10,00 for a wedding or weekend gig are over. This is going to put a lot of Digital Dans and Digital Debbies who have been sporting new $50,000 plus SUVs and living way beyond their means buying the latest full-frame bodies and lenses are over. Invest in education. A career that you can fall back on.

Or you can do like Tony Northrup or Fri and make a living by entertaining people on YouTube.

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kkoba: No amount of subsidy will change the fact that there just aren't enough Japanese people willing to work in factories. A more open immigration policy would fix that, but that will never happen. The average Japanese voter is as xenophobic as your average Trump voter.

We saw in Europe what encouraging immigration meant: more taxes, more pressure on social systems since most immigrants come to live on welfare.

The bureaucracy level is sky high and we have to work more to pay for diversocrats salaries so they implement more identity politics, more political correctness and bring us more immigrants.

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Goodbye, MFT!

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On article Nikon D780 Review (1190 comments in total)

So for $1300 more than D750 you get 0.5 more FPS. No big improvement in AF or IQ. Good deal. :D

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On article Nikon's new D780 is a Z6 in a familiar DSLR body (167 comments in total)

So for $1300 more than D750 you get 0.5 more FPS. No big improvement in AF or IQ. Good deal. :D

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If the decade started with 2011, then it isn't finished yet, 2020 being the last year of the decade. You can either update the text in the article or wait one more year.

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Michiel953: The third image (gent with Ray-Bans) admirably shows both the quality of this lens wide open (lower edge of sunglasses sharp - user's right hand side) and the uselessness of shooting wide open, even at this distance (Ray-Ban logo not sharp). Depth of field (with this high level of sharpness) a few millimetres.

Yeah, a half body length portrait where the lower edge of one glass of the sunglasses are in focus, but the rest of the image isn't. Bravo.

Nota real portrait then, but a demonstration image. Thank you. Now we can go back to making images without being obsessed by shooting wide open.

Distance from camera to model for this size and focal length is about 125cm, so the DOF is about 6 centimeters at f/1.8. That's much more than a few millimeters.

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It did beat G5X. Also, there is a thread on forums where Huawei P30 beats a MFT camera and kit lens in low light.

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I don't care about video. And most photo editing apps favor raw speed over multithreading.

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DeathArrow: As a 300mm f/3 equivalent, being more expensive than Nikon 300mm f/2.8 and lacking a body such as D5, I see a limited market for that.

@Kubicide equivalence is due to the laws of physics and simple arithmetic. Is not something "made out by the Internet".

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