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tinetz: I'm not a native speaker but if dpreview says that "Leica was very keen to stress the optical quality of the new lenses" and this "relied on optical corrections, RATHER THAN software to project the best possible image onto the sensor" - where does this imply that no software based lens correction might be used at all? Doesn't 'rather than' mean 'more than'?
Has anyone of the writers of over 1600 comments had the chance to judge the resulting optical quality or is this all just hearsay and unreflected shitstorming?
Just curious, not at all affiliated with Leica ;-)

No, "rather than" means "instead of", implying that software corrections are not used.

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Thanks, it's really great to see some South African photography being showcased. I for one welcome the diversification - after all, photography is not only about cameras and lenses!

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On article Lytro Light Field Camera first look with Ren Ng (224 comments in total)

I suspect DPR is misinterpreting the "at least HD" statement. 720p is also an HD standard, and I suspect the Lytro camera will have an image resolution of around 960 x 720 (in other words, 720p vertical with a 4:3 aspect ratio) with an array of 4 x 4 pixels under each microlens, giving an 11.06 MP sensor "11 mega rays" in Lytra terms. (I can see four distinct focus zones in the posted Lytro pics, which may be related).

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