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Charlie Jin: The next generation should have GPS and Wireless WiFi,
which in case I plan to buy. Don't know why Nikon is one-generation (5 years) behind Canon.

GPS and WiFi are not that useful in many cases. My friend has Canon 6D with these features. But she disabled them all by default. GPS drain your battery really quick even when you turn the power off. You have to turn GPS tracking off which does not make too much sense when you need it.

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I'm a Nikon user and have been using ACDSee Pro + Capture NX2 + ColorEfex for years. I usually don't do a lot of editing in ACDSee Pro. But their light control tool is really good. I mainly use it as a organizer and viewer because I want to save all my edit in NEF.

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tabloid: All very nice...but its done to a jpg.
It would be much nicer if all this could be done to a raw image, and then once corrected (in raw) converted to a jpg as a final finished image.

I wish there was a 'Photoshop Raw' with all the same menus that the ordinary photoshop has for jpg manipulation.

To: bigdaddave

You may not konw Capture NX works on JPG and TIFF as well. It is really easy to use. Same thing can be done in one minute.

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lds2k: What about Capture NX2 as an editing tool?

I've been using Capture NX2 + Nik Color Efex for long time. They are the best for Nikon Raw files. Of course, it can edit JPG and TIFF as well.

This combination is way more effective than PhotoShop. You don't have struggle selecting the area you want to apply your changes. Check it out you will be surprised by it.

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I have been using ACDSee Pro for years. It is very fast, intuitive, organized, fast search. Just downloaded v6 and found it is much faster than V5. I love it.

I like the simplicity of ACDSee, slick and fast. V5 crashes sometimes, I don't know how good V6 yet. No import hassle of LR. I like to manage my files myself not by the stupid app where I have to export to get the output files.

I would like to see more features including

1. upload to more online album services
2. access to shutter actuation

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