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CanonKen: Love it. Maybe we would all get along better if we spent more time talking about actually TAKING pictures!

Yeah, shame on DPReview. After reading the article, mywallet was missing $5! Don't know what I bought, but obviously I don't possess the free will or wherewithal to resist being targeted by an ad. Shady, shady, shady...

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Akpinxit: ..and once again - works of another prodigy .
It is not like it is bad , it's just ordinary .
I think that any less then this : http://www.dpreview.com/files/p/articles/1562025276/BTP_PotN_0_-_final_image.jpeg , should not be posted on front page .

Thank you, O great arbiter of taste. Unless you're an editor, how about you let the rest of us in the audience decide if we like something or not?

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d3xmeister: It's been a few years already since we keep seeing reviews and praises for newer and newer cameras, and not even one great photo that couldn't have been taken with much older or/and lesser cameras, like a D90 for example. Yes we are gearheads, most of us, I owned so many cameras in the past 10 years, from m4/3 to Nikon full frame and many in between, and I'll be damn if I can tell which ones of my photos are taken with which camera. I can see a big progress I made in observing great things to photograph over the years, but besides that all my photos are the same and could have been taken with any modern ILC camera given the right technique, lens and light (quality not quantity).

With a few exceptions, optimizing equipment these days is largely about how much more easily it allows you to realize your photographic vision, not necessarily that the end result is substantially of higher image quality. No one seriously believes a better camera (within an order of magnitude in quality) will make someone a better photographer, but it certainly could make the *experience* of photography easier and/or much more enjoyable. Something as simple as an articulating LCD screen cloud do that, for example.

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mpgxsvcd: Canon should have shipped their 5DS cameras sooner. They don’t even come out till next week and this announcement can’t help their sales. This Sony camera would at least give potential Canon 5Ds customers pause. The features this camera offers over the Canon camera are undeniable(4K, high ISO, High speed video…etc).

"In real life nobody bats an eyelash."

Certainly not the Canon users who are use to exposure bracketing and hours of blending to overcome the p!ss-poor DR.

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Tom Holly: Hmm, I dunno, they feel really gadgety to me, whereas DSLR feels like a reliable weapon.

I have A7R sony and some Canon DSLRS. They both have their place, but for going BANG BANG BANG mirrorless isn't there by a long shot.

You know, Thematic...like Ansel Adams' camera did.


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On photo Manhattan Bridge on clouds in the The Medium of Photography challenge (2 comments in total)

See subject. :)

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On photo Log Boom Park_No Watermark in the Digital wallpaper: Open challenge (6 comments in total)

I don't think this was surprising at all. A digital wallpaper for the masses should be simple, muted, unobtrusive, evocative of something calming...I think this fits the bill perfectly. Congrats on a wonderful image that would stand alone very well on its own merits!

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