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..I rented the GX8 and took it on a cross country trip to Tucson. It was OK but not worth the money. Came home and bought a EM5 from B&H for $400. I still love my GX7 and use my EM5 as an alternative. I'm happy with these cameras. No need to buy another camera in my book.

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the decent exposure: which camera is using microSD?

why can't you put the micro sd card into full size sd card converter use it in your camera, then download from the micro card ?

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Its a scam. Nobody in this day and age gives away free software unless they want to get something else back from you in return. You get a very pretty page stating you are the proud owner of a Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition and showing you a long series of numbers as your License Number. Then when you go back a second time to open it up it asks for a sign on, prompting you to add your license number. That page won't accept the numbers that you're given.
Bottom line is you have a 30 day trial program,..
DPREVIEW,... you should be ashamed of yourself for letting your readers this this is a free software,..!!

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I have an APS C Nikon D5100 and three lenses, a Lumix GX7 and three lenses and my waterproof Olympus TG-2. I have all the bases covered. Why would anyone spend $1200 for a smaller sensor camera than a M 4/3 with limited lens choices is beyond me.
My Nikon DX lens choices are about 50, and Panasonic and Olympus M 4/3 choices are about 40 and increasing in numbers monthly.
Nikon 1 V3 is a waste of time,.. and money !!! quote Ken Rockwell, " It's always better to spend your time and money on learning art and photography, not by spending it on more cameras. "

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I like everything that Richard Franiec has designed for all the camera styles. My only issue is using the grips with a protective ever-ready case. I have inexpensive Chinese pleather ever-ready cases on my G12, my LX7 and my GX7. The half case provides both extra camera protection and a thicker feel to the camera body. The top half, once attached, provides lens protection and dust protection. All for under $20.00 USD. Granted the half-case doesn't have that perfect tactile feel of the Franiec grip, but it does so much more for the money. Just my opinion.

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Riquez: DP - please get these reviews out sooner next time. If I want a tough camera like this I probably want it for summer holidays & so I have already bought one before your review comes out.

..if I'm not mistaken, these same cameras were reviewed in WDC magazine about 6 weeks ago,.. but still the timing for this collection should have been out by mid-June at the latest,..

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meanwhile: Why is there no rugged XZ-1? Why is there no rugged S110? Why no rugged LX7, or GR or anything with decent image quality? I really don't understand this camera not existing. Surely there are enough photographers looking for something they can take somewhere there is water around, or their camera might get knocked, or the environment is otherwise not camera friendly but where they want to be able to get quality shots?

Is a quality lens inherently and inevitably breakable? And if yes, why doesn't someone just come out and SAY THAT?

..I have the Olympus TG-2 and I love what it does and how it handles. My first waterproof camera set-up was the Canon PowerShot ELPH 310 HS and the Ikelite underwater case. Camera was $200.00 and the housing was $250.00. Take it anywhere, shoot anywhere. A tad large but for the small sensor size, takes excellent vids and decent printable snaps.

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Daniel Clune: Humm looking at the images from these it looks like the Nikon is better yet you say its one of the worst? I downloaded the pic of the clock for the Nikon and the TG-2 and the Nikon is clearer, sharper and has more detail. I also noticed both pics were taken on the same day almost same time. 5-31-13 aw110 at 5:16 and TG-2 at 4:16. So there fair to compare. Then if you use your image compare thing on the review of the TG-2 going through the various iso ratings again the Nikon sure looks like it has more detail throughout the whole iso range. So confused about image quality rating in this comparison. I found a review on yotube that also thought the Nikon had best image quality. What am I missing?'s so much more than just limiting the choice to simply IQ. You have to base your decision on the complete list of pluses and minuses. I did my home work and read everything and every review I could find on all the cameras listed. Unable to actually get my hands on any of the cameras (Annapolis Md has no brick and mortar camera stores anywhere worth going into) I had to rely on others input.
My choice was for the Olympus. They have been making weatherproof cameras for many years. That was enough for me. Adding the fast 2.0 lens was second. Third was the ability of adding a conversion adapter, where I could easily add a ND filter if needed and a skylight filter to save the lens from damage. And lastly Oly sells a silicone cover to protect the camera body for $20.00 US.
Granted this isn't going to be a waterproof/ weatherproof RX 100 people. You have to expect compromises and trade-offs for the advantage of having a pocket camera that can take reasonable harsh treatment.

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..I love this phone. Just moved up from a HTC Thunderbolt. My main objective was something smaller than my Kindle Fire that I could use in conjuction with the WIFISD card on my Lumix LX7. I can take my snaps, upload thru the WIFI sd card to the phone, edit on the GN2 with my various Android apps and share instanly. I also bought (2) 3100 mAh batteries and a charger from Amazon for $20.00US, so I always have ample batteries in my pocket.
..and I am very pleased with the GN2's camera abilities as well. To all the naysayers out there,.. find something better,..go buy it.

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