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On article Hähnel launches lantern diffuser speedlite accessory (149 comments in total)

I think it’s a journalistic offense to have someone who apparently knows nothing about the science of lighting review equipment like this. And then to post a positive review with actual mistruths. 4.5 stars? Save your money.

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On article Hähnel launches lantern diffuser speedlite accessory (149 comments in total)

Hilarious. Another person who doesn't really understand how soft light is created.

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ebarak71: I expect the "Z8s" will be called "Z9". If they buy the a9 sensor, they should announce it out loud.

What would Nikon offer to a potential buyer? Brand diversity. Look at chain restaurants, hotels, supermarkets. The list goes on. What does a parent company get out of owning any subsidiaries that sell the same product? It's not all about the intellectual property.

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On article Fujifilm X-T4 to be unveiled on February 26th (135 comments in total)
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NotAPhotog: As a Sony shooter, all I can say is...RIP APS-C world! The X-T4 is the "Endgame" for all APS-C cameras everywhere. This is going to leave the entire Sony APS-C lineup in the dust, and Sony won't have an answer to the X-T4 because they just released the A6600 not too long ago.

Game over for Sony and Canon APS-C mirrorless? LOL. I'm making no judgement on which is the better camera. I would buy an XT-4 before I ever touched a Canon EOS or Sony APS-C body. But both Sony and Canon outsell and will continue to outsell Fuji.

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On article Why Leica's M10 Monochrom is more than just a gimmick (667 comments in total)
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entoman: "If you go out knowing that every photo has to be black and white, you look at the world in a different way: you start to concentrate on compositions of light and shade, not just compelling color or the warmth of the light. It's a different way of thinking."

Yep, that just about sums it up. Monochrome is a very different art form.

I agree with that thought. How many times do you see posts in DPR forums where someone posts a color shot and a B&W conversion and asks "which do you like better?"

Most people view their scenes in color. When they get in the mood for B&W they look at their photos and see if any of them would make good conversions. Sometimes they do go out and try to imagine B&W and capture photos with that in mind. But not that many people can do it well since they shoot in color all the time.

Bottom line though is that a Leica is too expensive for most. A B&W only body is even worse. So us "poor people" will have to live with B&W conversions in post. Alternatively, you can get a B&W converted camera, cheaper than a Leica.

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I am running Windows 10 1809. All I get when I run Enhance Details is a completely black DNG image. I've heard from others that I'm not alone.

I'm using a supported dedicated Nvidia graphics card (GeForce GTS 450). It's an old card but no mention from Adobe that certain GPU cards that are supported for Adobe are not supported for Enhance Details.

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The premise in the title of this article is already a non-starter for me. I DO NOT WANT A COMPANION CAMERA!!! Got it?

I am a Nikon die-hard. My D810 and D5 have an AF system that is so much better than mirrorless it's not even worth discussing.

But I have been using Fuji mirrorless for a while now. I want Nikon to produce a better Fuji product. I don't want a "companion" camera.

The lacking AF capabilities on the Fuji system are the only thing that prevents me from dumping Nikon. Give technology a year or two and that need to keep Nikon will go away.

Wake up Nikon.

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On article Canon patents a huge, hinged and reversible DSLR LCD (173 comments in total)

Since they don't describe in the patent how their flippy screen blocks the camera controls when the screen isn't pulled out I guess other companies are free to patent flippy screens that block the controls.

Why didn't they patent the flippy screen articulating from the bottom. Maybe in a separate patent. They've left themselves wide open to other implemenations.

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On article Canon patents a huge, hinged and reversible DSLR LCD (173 comments in total)

Just what is being patented? There are already hinged, flippable rear screens. How does making the screen larger warrant a patent?

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On article Manfrotto introduces six new monopods for XPRO range (34 comments in total)
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MariusM: So...these are made specially for the Fuji X-PRO cameras? ; )

Seems like apples and oranges. 22lb load capacity vs 6.8lb.

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On article Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... (556 comments in total)
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RichyjV: If you are shooting critical stuff in difficult light then uncompressed will be better than lossy compressed, so its an improvement.

But surely the target is lossless compressed, why go the step of allowing non-messed up files if the size is going to be massive? I get it, we have bigger computers etc, but thats a lazy argument, of course we can use them, but its loads of extra storage space, slower transfer etc.

Nothing to do with 'cant please everyone', thats like saying your car has a puncture and someone repairs it but only half inflates the tyre. Yes it works, yes its better, yes its fixed the problem of the puncture, but its still not operating at normal levels (and lossless compression is pretty normal in the industry). For a camera thats way ahead in some areas, this one could at least hit industry standard? Maybe its a very tricky technical fix?

This feels like they have done half the fix, for practical shooters few will want the big increase in file size.

Because Sony isn't implementing a technological advancement. Nikon has been doing lossless compressed for years and years. This is simply implementing well understood, and easy, lossless compression.

I applaud Sony for starting to smell the coffee on this particular subject. But really... you can't put lossless compression in the firmware??

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On article Opinion: Did Sony just do the impossible? (1069 comments in total)
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Shirozina: The issue with compression artefacts is way overstated. Anyone doing a normal looking processing job on that test image would not boost the sky that much and the artefacts don't show. 99.9% of image are the same that are exposed correctly and not processed with extreme shadow lifting. It only happens with very, very high transitions from light to dark across a sharp line which is also quite difficult to achieve with many lenses in real world situations as they can't create this contrast change anyway. Noisey shadows from limited DR are a far greater real world issue with Canon RAW files that don't have lossy compression so for 99.9% of users the Sony RAW file has a major advantage and not a disadvantage. Most of the people who get agitated about this issue seem to be non A7 owners and the examples posted are few and far between. If it were a real problem the forums would be full of 'samples' and they are not............

That's beside the point. It's stupid for a company that (I think) aspires to creating "pro" level cameras to not provide better RAW file options. Don't forget the 11 bit RAW format that files are saved in. Simply stupid. Nothing wrong with having Sony's 11 bit lossy compressed format as an option. But the only option??? Dumb to not have a true 14 bit non-lossy format as an option.

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On article Benchmark Performance: Nikon D810 review (2005 comments in total)
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Richard Murdey: How can you possibly cancel out an AA filter? Is that even physically possible?

Yes, it is. And that is how the D800E does it.

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One of the dumbest products I've ever heard of. It's not really that difficult to print out a negative of a digital file on a sheet of transparency film. Lay the transparency film on top of a sheet of photographic paper and turn a light bulb on for a few seconds. Much better quality, far fewer dollars.

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zorro4: If they really insist on renting, Adobe should at least use a rent-to-buy scheme, rent at $9.99 per month, after a minimum of two years the customer can keep the last versions he has forever if he decides to close the subscription.

Now that is actually an idea I can agree with. I like it a lot. Lease as long as you like. With a minimum lease period you can opt out at any time and remain with the version you were at when you opt out. Just knowing I could opt out at any time and then own what I had paid into over the years would be a huge plus.

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