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On article Sigma interview: 'This is just the beginning' (334 comments in total)

Always a great interview subject. I really wish you would have asked about the future of the SD Quattro and DP Quattro line of cameras.

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ZurichPhoto: I agree that Reuters derives to be punished -- but the person who designed the PC 2018 Olympic logo (above) also REALLY needs to be punished.

Thank you for that explanation of the logo Min Joong Kim. The design makes a whole lot more sense now.

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Threaded: Not sure why this being presented as a new product when it’s clearly just a rebadged variant of the Polaroid Snap - and “4pass” is just ZINK paper by another name.

Sad to see both Polaroid and Kodak reduced to this. Two of the biggest names in photography, simply reduced to marketing gimmicks for a low grade product.

4pass uses the same method as the canon selphy printers. Prints go in and out of the camera 4 times with a new Color added each time. The quality of the selphy prints are great so these should be good too, but seems like it’s not really instant photos anymore.

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I was an avid reader of DCResource and was very thrilled when news hit that you were joining DPReview. Thanks for sharing the history of the site. I’ve actually started shooting film a lot more the last three years and I’m sure a lot of other photographers have also seen their camera focus evolve quite a bit the last few years. Keep up the great work.

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The photo quality of the samples on the teaser page look beyond what you could get with the mini or wide film. The closest is using the newest instax printer with high quality photos. It could be marketing bull shots, but I'm hoping this is pointing to film and camera that are several steps above what we've seen in the instant market. I'm guessing the square format is coming because they couldn't figure out a way to make an instax wide camera smaller than they are now which is way way too huge.

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Great interview. It's rare executives speak without marketing spin. I wouldn't be surprised if this interview didn't just boost dp Quattro preorders or at least intent.

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It really is interesting that no other companies have come up with a similar product to challenge the RX100 and RX1. I love the concept of the RX10 (but not the price) and have an A7 on pre-order. Keep up the pressure!

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On article Ten one-of-a-kind cameras from the 21st century (251 comments in total)

Awesome article Jeff! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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On article Coming soon: Lens Reviews to return to (271 comments in total)

YAY Andy! I thought his lens reviews were the best so very happy to see that is coming back.

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On article Just Posted: Pentax K-01 review (355 comments in total)

Love the continued contributions from Jeff and also Andy from eoshd. Bringing in top flight talent is always a smart move.

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Yes! What a great move. More Jeff on the site please!

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On article Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (207 comments in total)

Wow dramatic tone II monochrome is killer! Amazing

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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)
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olakiril2: 920g for a 2/3"!
Ok with a lens but still..

Wow that is a pretty heavy camera. I wonder if the 7fps is with AF between shots? That would be a killer feature. Heck, 5fps with AF is good enough for me.

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On article Richard Franiec offers accessory grip for Canon S100 (28 comments in total)

He should make one for the Nikon V1

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On article GX1: Interview with Panasonic US's Darin Pepple (31 comments in total)
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Bilgy_no1: Wouldn't it be great to have Kay from Digital Rev do interviews? These interviews where some marketing fellow laps up the marketing talk about the camera's USP's are pretty boring...

I'd love to see that. I thought Kai was annoying at first, but he puts out consistently entertaining videos that still address what makes a camera useful or not. Well, most of the time.

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safaridon: The biggest winner in gaining momentum in sales based on the above article is the 10X+ superzooms. This should not be very surprising considering the small travel ones go from 24mm wide angle even up to 450mm tele all in one convenient camera which can fit in any pocket. Add to that the improvements made in backlit sensors and now fast high speed performance and special modes like auto combining pictures for panorama landscapes or best exposure. Many see the small superzoom and small DSLR or MILC camera as an ideal match.

Despite how advanced camera phones are becoming, it will be a long time before they can pack a 36x optical zoom in one. It sure makes sense that manufacturers start to pay more attention and diversify the line-up in this category, specifically with larger sensors like the X-S1

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Aki Asahi cases and skins are my favorite. Really high quality stuff.

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On article Apple releases Aperture v3.2 (17 comments in total)

Hey Apple, where is my Nex-5N raw support?!

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Finally, video previews. Hopefully that means video reviews too. The host of the video is never identified unless I missed something.

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On article Just Posted: Panasonic DMC-FH7 compact camera review (38 comments in total)

If we're getting extra mini reviews that don't delay the bigger cam reviews, then I say keep em coming.

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