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  • Not much. Some mirrorless cameras may have more sophisticated autofocus than some DSLRs in mirror up mode. First because the LCD is on and the camera sensor is feeding it. Also, it may require some ...
  • As the others said, some are, some aren't. Some great photographers are also great teachers, some are not. Some great teachers are also great photographers, some are not. Gato
  • There is a learning process to using a gimbal. That defeated me when I tried one a few years back. I just didn't use it enough to get the hang of it. Gimbals are probably better now, but so is ...
  • I'd have to research. I no longer really keep up with cameras outside the brand I've been using, so don't know what's in the market. A very good phone would be part of the package, for sure. And I ...
  • I have a camera that appears identical, both camera and battery. There is no brand on my camera, but the battery is marked "Model PG1050". An ebay search turned up a lot of options. Gato
  • Ah - yes, that could make a difference.
  • As Franco suggests, there is decent chance it was sold under other brand names. Someone here might recognize it. Gato
  • With paper you can get it by laying the floor crosswise so the clean edge of the paper is over and against the backdrop paper. But I found it a real pain and much easier to use painted board Plus ...
  • I sort of skipped over Steichen when I was first exploring photography, didn't begin to appreciate him until I was several years in. Gato
  • All true, but Instagram and Facebook are where my friends and clients are -- the people I want to share my photos with. Doesn't matter how pretty the photos look if my friends don't see them. Gato
  • Super easy with most Amazon items - don't even have to find a box, just hand it over the counter. Now and then I have to find a box and print out a label, so I keep a few boxes on hand. In my case ...
  • Good choice. My #2 after the Pana-Leica 12-60
  • FWIW, and maybe drifting off topic, to me a week of rental is not the time I need to really evaluate something as complex as a camera. However since I mostly buy used or discounted very often I ...
  • For me, it's up to the buyer's conscience. In most cases there's no way the vendor can tell. No practical difference to me, the vendor, or any other buyers.
  • That's what the Amazon policy is there for, though using a camera for a month seems like stretching things. The policy is clear and public. So long as you play by the rules I see no problem. Part ...
  • Maybe not on small value items. It may make business sense just to mark it received and do the refund. Many large retailers group low value returns and sell them by the pallet. Once the shipment ...
  • Replied in Dare I Say It?
    That doesn't sound unusual, not a a gear site like this. I probably averaged about one a year up until a couple of years ago. There was only one I regret, but even then it was a learning experience ...
  • For me it's the old "Time is money." What's the most efficient way to get to the look I want (or the client expects). If I'm only processing one or two shots it may be simpler to do it in the ...
  • You need to talk to a professional accountant in your jurisdiction. They can tell you what the law says, what people do as a practical matter, and what the risks are if you declare - or not. As an ...
  • I've been very impressed with the Panasonic kit lenses
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