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On article Leica Noctilux: Overkill or Necessity (36 comments in total)
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magneto shot: there is a hyperprime now, so noctilux is for those who must have "leica" name in it or perhaps resale value. If low light is the main reason, reviews so far indicates the hyperprime is a better buy. There is also the nokton 50 1.1 for great value but debatable bokeh.

Thanks for writing this article, one can sense your iron clad defense of the lens even if some of the reasons when weight against the price looks dubious to some. For leica owners, the noct is a "must try" itch simply because the price will no doubt makes the mind wonders.

Is it really worth the asking price? The author in this article clearly thinks it is and it moves him to get great pictures in his work. Inspiration is always priceless.

Huge difference between the Noctilux and the Nokton.... for the copy I had anyway. My Nokton was very soft wide open.
Also the Hyperprime I think is now being dismissed because of it's shoddy quality. Would you really want a lens that's glued together?
They're falling apart already.

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Gavril Margittai: Hate to be a killjoy, but if anyone believes that possessing these two lenses will make them a better photographer he is wrong. Having these two lenses will not improve picture quality.

If serious about photography and with available money to spend I would rather buy studio lights if one works on portraits, or a good sturdy tripod if nature & landscape are your thing. Both these two will make much more impact. Oh and I almost forgot. Spend on Photography and Photoshop courses.

People still need some sort of lens don't they?
Why the rant?

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On photo Free Tree in the Winter 2 challenge (5 comments in total)

Great photo!

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On article The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching (168 comments in total)

Prefer natural but I think it's ok to take off some blemishes like pimpels.
Reminds me of glamor shots.

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On article Leica M9 Hands-on preview (21 comments in total)

Yes.. should be a review by now. Probably not too many users but a lot of people that would really like to read it anyway. Need some Leica lens reviews too.

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On photo Humming in the Humming Birds challenge (5 comments in total)

Looks like a 5 star shot to me.

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On photo Boathouse on Oland in the Typically SWEEDISH. challenge (1 comment in total)

Very nice!

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On article Leica launches M9-P professionally targeted rangefinder (100 comments in total)

I would rather have a regular M9 but many Leica shooters don't want the attention of the red dot.
If it cost about 5K I will get an M9 but way too overpriced for now.. I'll stick with my M8 for now.
For all the haters.. sorry but considering size/weight the M9 is as good as it gets for what it does... street/portrait/landscape. Certainly has it's faults though.

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On photo Apple in the Food: Starts with "A" challenge (6 comments in total)

Amazing picture.

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