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On article Canon EOS R review (3299 comments in total)
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Thoughts R Us: Good reviews provide balance and perspective. This unfortunately lacks perspective the most.

That Touch Bar is treated as the main item of the camera; that's laughable. First, it will work for some. Second, even if it's bad for someone, it's just one feature.

No mention of the control ring on the RF lenses: perhaps it's because this is about the camera only, but that's one problem about considering a camera outside of its system.
But that one feature alone is an advancement in controls and ergonomics and is loved by all who use it.

So here's the real first impressions: it takes great images, has great lenses, has the usual Canon build quality, but none of that matters because of the multi function control bar.

Here's a better review from a working photographer:

All cameras take great pics. It’s about how well the camera lets one do it, not whether it can take great pics.

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On article Canon EOS R review (3299 comments in total)

$190 for a adapter that costs under $10 to make, and maybe even just $1. When others essentially have the same feature built in at no additional cost.

I will never complain that Apple charges the most for adapters again. Their adapters are cheap by comparison.

My mom wanted a printer cartridge for her canon laser last week. Canon charges $82 for one. I bought two generic ones that work perfect, they were $25 total, or about $13 dollars each.

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On article Canon EOS R review (3299 comments in total)
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ShaiKhulud: >The required adapter for USB charging will run you an additional $190
Good ol' Canon, the only company out there that is forcing you to buy a lens hood separately.

User936, all phones now have glass faces. They have for years. And apples is state of the art strong, just as everyone else’s is. Youre blaming apple for something that’s universal. Silly.

$190 for an adapter. That’s disgusting. Probably costs them $1 (one dollar) to make.

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On article Canon EOS R review (3299 comments in total)
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photosen: I think the images say it all. The touch bar thingy will just take some getting using to, and will probably prove to be fine. Seems like a very fine alternative to a 6DII.

USB charging, 4K, IBIS... Who cares.

All cameras take lovely images. It’s not whether it takes lovely images, it’s whether it can get the pics you really want or need.
The Touch Bar May end up impeding many pics and seems silly, it doesn’t appear to do anything more than what a dial can do more precisely.

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On article Canon EOS R review (3299 comments in total)
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Hautedawg: So it's the least capable camera yet somehow still costs more than competitors in it's class, just like with the 6DII

I honestly have no idea how Canon stays in business.

All cameras these days take lovely pics. Phones with puny sensors can take amazing pics these days. What matters more is whether the camera allows you to get the pics you need.

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On article Canon EOS R review (3299 comments in total)
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Thoughts R Us: It's a glass half full or half empty type of situation. I'm somewhat shocked that so much of the impression is driven by that multifunction bar. I haven't used one yet, it does seem like a good idea, but it might not be the best executed yet...but it seems that the main complaint of the reviewer is that item, and that to me seems a rather unbalanced perspective. It's one feature and it can be disabled. It may not be ideal, but come on, it's not the whole camera, and yet so much of this first impressions review makes it seem that it's the main thing.

For the glass half full, from everything I've read, one of the most outstanding features of usability is the adjustable control ring on the RF lenses. That could be a game changer, and most likely will be in the long run. My guess is that in a few years everyone will want or expect that feature from all manufacturers, since it is convenient.

You’re not making th case that the bar is great. Dials can do the same thing with better precision.

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On article Canon EOS R review (3299 comments in total)
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racin06: The EOS R is "owned" by the Fujifilm X-T3.

Carol is right. Leeroy Jenkins!

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bigdig4101: Has anyone noticed the language, "essentially it is 5 prime lenses in one", Its NOT going to be a smooth zoom. It really will be 5 prime lenses in 1. So you won't be able to get 17mm.

Sure you can. That’s how people talk about fast zooms.

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There is a pic with a guy showing his face smoother with the iPhone XS that ALSO has a map in the upper left.

The map is also smoother on the iPhone XS. Evidencing that faces aren’t being targeted, but rather it’s just a hdr thing being applied to the entire pic.

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Jason: I noticed this when I made the change from my iPhone 6 to my current iPhone 7. I actually exchanged a the first 7 I got, thinking my mushy photos were the result of a misaligned, unfocused lens. Turns out, iPhone 6 photos look better in some ways than iPhone 7 photos. Sounds like Apple needs to add some settings to turn down the noise reduction.

Are you sure?

The iPhone 6 cameras are substantially inferior to the 7, esp the selfie one. The 6 has a 1.2 MP camera, the 7 has a 7 MP camera.

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On article Panasonic S1 and S1R: What we know so far (893 comments in total)
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petterf: So Nikon followed by Canon won the mount/flanged competition.
What ever anyone else creates - the optical performance and image quality possible on a Nikon and Canon will always lead the way for the next 10-20 years. :)

Nikon dominated DSLR and SLR markets with a crummy closed mount for decades. This mount is a lot better than that one.

And this new group will have some 20+ lenses in a couple years, and maybe more than 30 in that short time. Numerous already exist. Sigma is a volume lens producer and they’re fully on board. Panasonic says they’ll add 10 more lenses by 2020.

This system will prob have the most native lenses of any full frame system, except perhaps Sony. That’s really all that has ever mattered.

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Photo_Genius: 1449 USD for the top model is just insane!

That comes with 1/2 a terabyte of memory. Which is more than a lot of laptops.

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Loro Husk: The hardware, especially the A12 Bionic, is impressive as usal.

What i really don`t like is the generel comittment to big screen sizes. Why don't they bring a 5,2 inch iPhone with the size of an iPhone 6 OR smaller! WHY NOT??

My understanding is that though some people like you complain about the big screens, the bigger screens sell better and they also help **sell more apps and services.**

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crashpc: For sake Chr.... It´s a smartphone. Pockets, fingerprints and such. Why don´t they put lenses little deeper to cover it a little bit?
Ah, I see, to scratch it soon, so one must buy new device.
Not commenting on camera performance or price...

You’re complaining about a problem that essentially doesn’t exist. The lenses don’t scratch. They’re protected by sapphire. I beat the hell out of my phones and no lens scratches. Ever.

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On article Fujifilm X-T3 Review (2480 comments in total)
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zchannel: Wow, finally a mirrorless that checks all the boxes. I've held off on mirrorless DSLRs ... until now. I use a handheld gimbal for commercial real estate video I do for clients of my video production company in Denver (https://www.zchannelfilms.com) and up till now use a 5D on it because I need the full frame. But that sucker is very heavy for a small gimbal. This might be just right.

What’s wrong with sony A7 family or a GH5 for your biz? Both of those are smaller than your rig, do better video, and wouldn’t need a gimbal (which this Fuji will also need for video).

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Richard Murdey: In the context of the EOS 650 the new model does start to make a bit more sense I admit. As a test frame to introduce the mount, the AF system, and the new body and control layouts, it is designed to work to a median level of performance without striving to excel at anything in particular. More targeted models will come later.

The thing is though EOS was quite revolutionary when it came out, it really changed the camera industry. Canon's FF mirrorless doesn't really bring anything new to table, they are just putting out a competitive alternative to systems already sold by Sony and soon Nikon.

Still, look at how the EF-M system went from ridicule to leading the APSC mirrorless market in about 3 years. It would be unwise to underestimate them.

They might be leading the market with sales. But not with innovation or features.

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EcoR1: There is a one big mistake that people are making with these camera comparisons. Don’t try to compare this new Canon with a Sony A7 iii. Compare it to older Sony A7 ii. Similar battery life, one cardslot etc. Of course the Sony had IBIS even then and now you can buy the camera at 1000$. When thing are put into right perspective the new Canon R sounds like a robbery at 2300$.

Native lenses tend to be far superior for focusing. I don’t know about on these systems.

Link | Posted on Sep 5, 2018 at 23:26 UTC

EOSHD, a video-centric site, is scathing in its preview of this camera as a video cam. Good points made.


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DuckShots: Disappointing. Will be a disaster for Canon. Heavy, ugly and expensive. F28-70 weighs a ton. How much sharper can it be than the 24-70. I am 71. I travel. Wanted a lighter camera and lens. $3,500 for a new camera, I have a 5D IV, and a 35MM lens seems steep, with no real advantages. Big deal, flip screen. I will wait for the Leica Q2.

If you’re 71 and travel why not look at the mature systems from Fuji or M4/3? You’ll be able to take your camera more places with something smaller and more discrete, and all the systems take high quality pics. Some also have features more advanced than some of the canon offerings. Why not just try one out?

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Joachim Gerstl: Wow! Nice camera but the real star is the 28-70/2. This is a wedding photographer’s dream lens. Very cool debut.

I can’t imagine someone running around and shooting a wedding with this. This plus the camera is gonna be 6 lbs.

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