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Thoughts R Us: Here's that guy who's been miles ahead of most in his coverage on the video features of the R5...he has a new video out showing how to optimize the standard 4K mode on the R5 to get very close to the 4K HQ in terms of quality. Instead of complaining he gets to work solving problems and delivers the results. BTW he was also the one who discovered that using the Atomos Ninja without the cards is the way to get virtually unlimited 4 HQ from the R5.

If I were hiring someone for a video project he would be the one as opposed to those who whine about the gear.


Thoughts R Us. People are tired and bored with your comments. You seem to be taking the attacks on this camera personally. You keep saying the same shrill stuff over and over again, you’re not getting likes on your comments, but the people challenging you are. Move on to something else, I know you’re bored but it’s getting old.

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SafariBob: I don’t quite understand how this is an issue for anyone actually interested in cinematography or 8k, I mean how many Hollywood takes are over 15 minutes?

Anyways, I have a question, for landscape cinematography, if that combination makes sense? How do you avoid the “video” look. And in particular, why aren’t recent bbc documentaries liberated from the deep focus lack of contrast look? Is it so difficult?

I guess you don’t understand how people shoot video. Maybe you should read up on it.

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ralas: This thread should be locked now. Seattle based DPreview pronounced Canon R5 unsuitable for pro video productions due to overheating. Reviews from the sunny South found the camera more dependable than Sony A7s3. Digital Photography Review looked at the video part of R5 in specific environmental conditions and for a specific user- one that needs to record very long takes and cannot afford a backup camera. This "poor pro" would be best off with Panasonic S1H. There is a huge number of potential semi-pros or enthusiasts that do not shoot one-take-movies or/and can afford a backup body. Or they shoot in sunny, warm environs. For high-end drama productions R5 is a godsend B-cam. The discussion below became acrimonious and ad personam. DPR should end it. And perhaps open their eyes and minds wider to the world of film productions in their many aspects.

I don’t see this as B video cam at all, it’s too unreliable for even that. There are better choices.

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pentaust: 1971 comments. Trying to read through , going down the list, to get something out of it. In the end, all this sounds like chicken drama talk I'm afraid. Maybe it was the goal of the article. In any case, I wonder how many of who actively commented, actually do record professional 8K videos for more than even 10 minutes. There should be a few of them recording for publishing vlogs in youtube (mostly delivered in FHD) and the rest is just brand fanatic talk bouncing back between Sony and Canon, like supporters of football teams do, sterile talk. The professional , most likely doesn't have time to chitchat in forums that much.

Lots of people shoot a combo of photos and video. Like at birthday parties or weddings. You shoot some photos for a bit, then record the blowing out of candles or similar. It’s not about 8k so much as even shooting 4K. The lower quality 4K that doesn’t overheat is the stuff of cameras 5 years ago and nothing to write home about. The rest of the 4K modes overheat and can be unusable even if the camera has merely been on for an hour shooting pics. Basically, if you shoot video at all, which a lot of people do (youtube has billions of videos, and many are now doing in 4K) then these aren’t really amongst the better choices out there. Which seems ludicrous for a $4000 camera in 2020.

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EthanP99: Gerald Undone reports r5 r6 ibis wobble... It gets worse

Randfee- Gerald knows his stuff. If he’s complaining about it it’s prob something that deserves to be complained about. He’s not wedded to any one system. He has high praise for other canon products. Just not this one.

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DFuller299: Been running my R5 through the paces. Shot with it never powered off for close to 3 hours doing some of the heat-intense 4K120 / 8K RAW clips (maybe a couple min or so), some 4K60, stills, left it on while going to another location and shot more. Only then did it give me a warning of 0 time on the 4K stuff. I didn't check the 4K30 but I *could* still keep shooting photos.

I got literally, exactly, 35 minutes of run time on the 4K60 as per Canon, and I shot for over 3 hours on 4K30 before the batteries died (even beyond DPP's length). Took it outside with new batteries then did a huge RAW burst to see if it'd overheat on photos, no issue.

Yes it does have its limitations for sure, and it's nagging that you do have be aware of them, but for a stills camera first with some occasional and careful video, I think this will work out. Of course rumor of a low bit-rate firmware update may really fix this too so we'll have to wait and see. Still working on my review video though.

I have a hard time believing you. This doesn’t reflect what trusted reviewers are getting.

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deep7: I believe we are in a transitional phase in terms of camera equipment. What we essentially have now is a number of manufacturers holding on to a basic camera shape, which was designed to accommodate two film spools and a mirror/prism assembly, neither of which are actually included! Then they try to make this design work as a high quality video camera, while keeping it small and light. This is the true downside of a competitive marketplace, where manufacturers compete on specifications, not usability.

The surprise here is that people expect miracles that push the laws of physics but don't, apparently, want to give up the dinosaur camera design (which is NOT the ideal for stills either!).

What would be very interesting would be a comparison test to see how the large Panasonic S1H, dedicated video cameras and these lightweights fare in heat management under the same conditions. Can dpreview provide that?

ThoughtsRUs: of course other cameras have been subject to this much scrutiny. The Panasonic S1H just works and doesn’t overheat. It’s a video beast. No surprise pros use it. No surprise it’s Netflix certified. The price is about the same as the R5 too. And it’s been around for a Whole year already.

You seriously sound like someone from canon marketing who is trying to defend his decision to mandate the novelty video specs to a skeptical canon board.

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dellfonic: "It should be noted that Canon did not design either the EOS R5 or R6 to be professional video tools, nor does it primarily market them as such."

BS. We all know that their marketing pushed their luck by stating that it could be used in a pro environment. The randomness of recording limits and cool down times makes this camera a huge risk and honestly a joke in these environments. You mention nothing about external recording to an Atomos Ninja V in PAL 4K HQ 25P STILL gives you a 35 MIN LIMIT! ONLY when I switched to 4Q HQ NTSC 24P with no CFEXPRESS card installed (as proven by NOLIFEDIGITAL on YT) I got over 3 hours recording. So, you need to report that PAL is restricted, probably because the EU plan on introducing a temperature limit for consumer products which the R5 will surpass. The one time in my life where I might say FUEU

It’s a $4,000 camera. That alone should mean it’s for pros. A camera at this price level should be built like a tank and not suffer overheating like this.

Most hobbyists can’t afford that. Why are so many people defending canon here? I’m baffled. I don’t get the whole brand Hyper-loyalty thing. Pro cameras, eps in 2020, shouldn’t have novelty features which are really what the quality 4K and 8k video features basically are: novelty features that will work sometimes. The line-skipping 4K is like 1080p.

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Badison: This is a great explanation of the analysis. It’s working as designed, but that may not fit use cases or expectations of some it sounds like.

The one thing I think is interesting is why this issue is such a big deal hype wise in the industry. Other companies have released products with significant controversial issues. Is it because of the nature of the issue? The fact these are high end models? Does it have to do with the larger user base of Canon users and anticipation? Is it related to how Canon marketed and created hype (since they put a large effort into it clearly given the PR done leading up till now and after)?

It’s a very interesting topic and product, but I’m wondering if there’s something unique about this product launch compared to other controversial camera launches. (Maybe many are locked in more due to the pandemic? Haha)

Orem: the R5 and R6 seem to be built so that the interior is fairly insulated from the exterior. So heat is being trapped inside and isn’t able to escape, and thus why it takes so long regardless to cool down even when placed in a refrigerator. Software won’t fix this. It’s a hardware issue.

It’s the opposite of the new Sony gets hotter faster when in the sun, but it cools off quickly. It’s not as insulated as the canons.

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King of Song: Pure Stupidity….must be me?

If you buy a Bugatti Chiron and you run it at top speed the $5000 worth of fresh Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires will last no more than 18 minutes. If you drive it at 60 mph they will last about 350 hours. If you need to travel at 300 mph for long periods of time, better take a bullet train. It’s wheels will last 100,000 hours at the same speed the Bugatti’s tires will last only 18 minutes.

The fact that a small body, mirrorless stills camera, without a fan, can actually achieve 8k video is as phenomenal as the Bugatti reaching 300mph. No other car can do it, no other stills camera can do it.

If you need to make a full length 8k movie, don’t use a Canon R5.

In my opinion the Canon R5 is phenomenal, but clearly I’m not as smart as the rest of you. Please forgive my lack of IQ.

It’s more like buying a fancy graphics card because you play video games, only you find out the awesome graphics work for just 20 minutes at a time at best. And then you have to switch back to 6 year old settings that any old crummy graphics card could do.

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sohus: The bottom-line is very simple:

Canon made a mistake. They went for the marketing headlines of "8k video" and now everybody just focuses on the overheating.

Apple would have never implemented a feature like this. Either something works reliably, or it doesn't. They should have stuck with the video modes that work well and make sure they are extremely reliable.

I can see the market for 8K but no way there is a need for that now on a primarily photo oriented camera product.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

Typical manifestation of Canon's philosophy: product features dictate the product, not the user experience (which is leading at Apple, Google or any other Silicon Valley company).

The OP is right. And no, you wouldn’t really like the option to do 8k or quality 4K even if it bricks quickly. It’s just lame. I’m stunned at the number of people defending this. It’s bonkers. The ability isn’t even possible in a variety of conditions. Which is lame.

It’s like buying a high end graphics card for a computer only to find out the high end specs work only briefly at best, but you can put the settings to low for an infinite amount of time. People buy this stuff for the flashy specs. I

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AbrasiveReducer: Even though I know nothing about video and care even less about it, something tells me this problem will be solved fairly quickly. Canon has too much at stake and an oversight like this is surprising.

On the other hand, maybe Canon will go out of business as DPR readers predicted Fuji would, following the unbelievably horrific green orb catastrophe which nobody even remembers.

It’s a hardware problem. It wasn’t designed with heat in mind. Why do people keep thinking canon will easily solve this?

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WJaekel: I think it's primarily the cumulative heat and the long cool-down time that may be problematic even for occasional HQ video recording -not the recording period per se. It's wrong to expect the R5 to be a HQ video cam for longer sessions though the advertising may have contributed to that expectation at launch. I personally shoot stills for 90% of the time with some shorter video if needed. However, if I shoot stills in a hot enviroment, i.e Africa, all day long and want to switch to an intermediate 5-10 min video, I don't know if the cumulative heat would prevent even that or causing the camera to shut down very soon. If I cannot use the cam for 30min or so even for stills by then and thus i.e. miss some unique wildlife scenes, that would certainly be a no go for me. So there's a lot of uncertainty for occasional video shooters, too, if the R5 reliably can be used for that kind of scenarios. I will certainly wait for more real life reports before I decide to go for the R5.


Stills shooting can prevent one from shooting quality video. If the camera is on for an hour you likely won’t get more than a couple minutes of high quality video, and you might not get any time at all.

The lower quality video that can still be captured When the camera overheats Is nothing special. Every camera today can shoot at those lesser rates. Even the DP review noted the dramatic difference in quality between the bricked 4K and the low res 4K.

Recognize the failures of this thing for what they are. Demand better. Panasonic has proved with its S1H that proper engineering can fix these issues. Canon was lazy. They wanted the best in the tiniest package even if it was supper crippled. Without a lot more they could have made a much better and more capable camera.

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Marshall Dinowitz: It's pretty clear that the bottom line on all of this fuss is that the R5 is likely to be a great camera for 99% + of users for stills, and for the occasional, or even pro, short 8K and longer 4K video. That means that almost all of the overheating concern is a non-issue for almost anyone considering getting this camera, except pro videographers that were hoping for 8K.

No. It’s not a good hybrid camera. For example, if you are taking pics for a kids bday, and want to switch and take some nice video when the candles are blown out, your out of luck shooting at 8k or good 4k. You can’t switch taking pics to taking vid. Which is what a lot of people do. For example, weddings. Or shooting events. People shoot hybrid all the time. This camera is crippled at that.

Merely having the camera on for hour can prevent the camera from shooting 8k or 4K. It’s a big deal. Billions of people watch YouTube too. And tons of YouTubers shoot using quality cameras, esp once they start making money off the platform. If you think youtube isn’t anything special, you don’t understand YouTube. Im a teacher and parent, every kid in my classes the last several years watches YouTube All the time. Kids devour youtube. Canon doesn’t have good hybrid cameras. It’s a HUGE deal for younger people. dismissing YouTubers is naive.

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Trepverter: Canon’s main issue was hyping the video features too much. I shot 15TB of still photos last year with my 5DS but I don’t think I shot more than five minutes of video at one time. For still photographers like me this would be a great choice. This seems like an issue of a company marketing the wrong features to an audience, more so than an issue with the camera.

If your gonna keep saying that most video is shot on phones you should be honest and recognize the same with photos.

But YouTubers tend to shoot with quality equipment, esp once they get successful. And it’s a massive market. Maybe youtube means nothing to you but just about every child in the US watches YouTube every day. Suggesting it’s all silly content makes you sound old and Naive. And self righteous. I’m a school teacher. Every kid I have taught over the last several years can tell you who their favorite YouTubers are. Every kid. They don’t watch TV. They also watch Netflix, and if you want to make content for Netflix your cheapest video camera is Panasonic’s S1H mirrorless. Which shows good engineering can dissipate heat. Man, how easy would it have been for canon to make the body a little bigger and with quality heatsinks so it could better dissipate heat effectively. The cost would have been minimal!

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bodeswell: Why isn't it "enough" if they work as promised? Enough for what? Use cases that weren't promised?

The c300iii isn’t just one level above this. Lol. The Panasonic S1H is more like one step below the c300. This is a couple steps below at least.

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Vignes: Thanks for the effort, DPR. Much appreciated. Looking at other test i.e. Gerald, Dan... for me this is acceptable. Good on Canon to be upfront and providing a guide on this.
For me the R5 is in the 40ish Mpx FF group (priced > USD$3K) and offers some great features like 12/20 FPS stills and good AF. Tony N has done some test on AF and it looks very promising. The video spec in this group is all kind of there with R5 offering more compared to others in the 40ish Mpx FF group. There are many Canon stills shooter whom wants a 40ish Mpx body from Canon and Canon has delivered. But the starting price is the highest.
For those whom want higher Mpx FF than the 40ish Mpx FF group and want to work on larger files - Canon still don’t have an answer for higher Mpx to compete with A7R4.

The R6 doesn’t look as competitive in the 20ish Mpx FF group due to the price but the 12/20 FPS is appealing. The video spec in this group is usually high. The price ‘drop’ in this group is quite aggressive.

You know you can’t shoot 8k or nice 4K videos if you e been using the camera to shoot pics without letting it cool down an hour or more. The times given are for a cold startup where the camera has been shut off for a considerable while. Like maybe an hour or more.

Which is common. Lots of people take pics and then switch to shooting video to record special moments. Like maybe you’ve been shooting pics of your kid at their bday party and now you want to record in nice 4K or 8k them blowing out the candle. You might not be able to do that at all.

Other cameras are so crippled like this. Why not get one of them

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medon78: Since you spent some effort on testing the cameras in depth regarding heat management, would it be asked too much to put some other cameras' figures into an extended version of this article?
E.g. current Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji, maybe even Olympus ;) recording times.
... for giving people a reference this would be useful.
My only 4k capable camera (Olympus) gets warmer after extended recording session, but never over-heated, so far.

Gerald tried to shoot video after taking just a few pics over the course of an hour. The notice he got was that it was already overheated when he switched to video. I don’t know of any other camera so crippled. And that’s prob why he ended up tearing the thing. Cmon, stop pretending other cameras are broken like this.

The Panasonic S1H doesn’t overheat no matter what, apparently. It’s a video beast. Shows what proper engineering can do!

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chriswy: Well at least this thing can take 8k for 20 minutes, and there is no other choices in this price range that can achieve it. Some are bashing it as if their MILC can take 8k, while in fact they cannot.

Well, that’s from a cold start with the camera having just been switched on. If you’ve been running it for a little amount of time, even just taking pics or merely having it on, you’re not gonna get that.

Did you consider that maybe no one else is shipping 8k because they don’t want to ship cameras that brick so readily when using 8k?

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On article DPReview TV: Canon EOS R5 review (935 comments in total)
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Scottelly: I'm seeing a bunch of people complaining that Canon marketed this camera as having 8K video capability, while it overheats if you shoot long videos or shoot a lot of stills and then switch to video to shoot 4Kp120 or 8K. Did anyone REALLY think Canon would not make a big deal about the fact that their new camera can shoot 8K video? I mean that is a HUGE big deal. What other camera can do 8K video? I don't know of one. Why WOULDN'T anyone who launches a camera capable of that make a big deal of it? NO OTHER CAMERA CAN DO IT! It's REVOLUTIONARY!

I want this camera just for its 8K capability, but even without the 8K capability this thing is awesome! With 45 MP (more than any previous Canon mirrorless camera), fully-articulating rear screen, amazingly good IBIS (and I don't think Canon offered IBIS before in any body, did they?), and super-fast shooting capability (up to 20 fps), the R5 is a photographer's camera. Supposedly the new 45 MP sensor offers great dynamic range too. Wow!

You want this just for its 8k ability? That seems silly. It’s not a great video camera if it overheats so easily. Merely having it on for an hour can cause it to not shoot 8k. That seems silly. If Sony made a camera like this you’d call it what it is. Don’t let canon off the hook for bad design.

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