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Photo_Genius: 1449 USD for the top model is just insane!

That comes with 1/2 a terabyte of memory. Which is more than a lot of laptops.

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Loro Husk: The hardware, especially the A12 Bionic, is impressive as usal.

What i really don`t like is the generel comittment to big screen sizes. Why don't they bring a 5,2 inch iPhone with the size of an iPhone 6 OR smaller! WHY NOT??

My understanding is that though some people like you complain about the big screens, the bigger screens sell better and they also help **sell more apps and services.**

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crashpc: For sake Chr.... It´s a smartphone. Pockets, fingerprints and such. Why don´t they put lenses little deeper to cover it a little bit?
Ah, I see, to scratch it soon, so one must buy new device.
Not commenting on camera performance or price...

You’re complaining about a problem that essentially doesn’t exist. The lenses don’t scratch. They’re protected by sapphire. I beat the hell out of my phones and no lens scratches. Ever.

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zchannel: Wow, finally a mirrorless that checks all the boxes. I've held off on mirrorless DSLRs ... until now. I use a handheld gimbal for commercial real estate video I do for clients of my video production company in Denver (https://www.zchannelfilms.com) and up till now use a 5D on it because I need the full frame. But that sucker is very heavy for a small gimbal. This might be just right.

What’s wrong with sony A7 family or a GH5 for your biz? Both of those are smaller than your rig, do better video, and wouldn’t need a gimbal (which this Fuji will also need for video).

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Richard Murdey: In the context of the EOS 650 the new model does start to make a bit more sense I admit. As a test frame to introduce the mount, the AF system, and the new body and control layouts, it is designed to work to a median level of performance without striving to excel at anything in particular. More targeted models will come later.

The thing is though EOS was quite revolutionary when it came out, it really changed the camera industry. Canon's FF mirrorless doesn't really bring anything new to table, they are just putting out a competitive alternative to systems already sold by Sony and soon Nikon.

Still, look at how the EF-M system went from ridicule to leading the APSC mirrorless market in about 3 years. It would be unwise to underestimate them.

They might be leading the market with sales. But not with innovation or features.

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Elonlukatski: Tony youtube is slobbering all over this camera and says he will be using it for the Vlogging camera. After ranting like mad lunatics against the Nikins for their single card slot. Telling us Professionals can’t use them. Nikon should have paid them off like Canon just did.


Not th best for video.

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EcoR1: There is a one big mistake that people are making with these camera comparisons. Don’t try to compare this new Canon with a Sony A7 iii. Compare it to older Sony A7 ii. Similar battery life, one cardslot etc. Of course the Sony had IBIS even then and now you can buy the camera at 1000$. When thing are put into right perspective the new Canon R sounds like a robbery at 2300$.

Native lenses tend to be far superior for focusing. I don’t know about on these systems.

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EOSHD, a video-centric site, is scathing in its preview of this camera as a video cam. Good points made.


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DuckShots: Disappointing. Will be a disaster for Canon. Heavy, ugly and expensive. F28-70 weighs a ton. How much sharper can it be than the 24-70. I am 71. I travel. Wanted a lighter camera and lens. $3,500 for a new camera, I have a 5D IV, and a 35MM lens seems steep, with no real advantages. Big deal, flip screen. I will wait for the Leica Q2.

If you’re 71 and travel why not look at the mature systems from Fuji or M4/3? You’ll be able to take your camera more places with something smaller and more discrete, and all the systems take high quality pics. Some also have features more advanced than some of the canon offerings. Why not just try one out?

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Joachim Gerstl: Wow! Nice camera but the real star is the 28-70/2. This is a wedding photographer’s dream lens. Very cool debut.

I can’t imagine someone running around and shooting a wedding with this. This plus the camera is gonna be 6 lbs.

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Edmond Leung: How long can Sony survive in the camera industry? One year or two years?
Most likely, Sony will quit this market shortly; just like Samsung did.
What are the residual value of Sony cameras and lenses after they quit this market? Good luck to the Sony users.

I think Sony’s doing pretty darn well right now. Excellent lenses, great bodies. And they iterate rapidly, and I’m sure the next batch of the A7 family will respond powerfully to Nikon.

I don’t think this camera is particularity interesting. That’s just me.

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Elonlukatski: The magic of the new Nikon is the Z mount. This will be paying huge dividends as the lenses come out. Nikon will be a one to design and build lenses with far superior optics to anything Sony can do with their smaller mount. We don’t know what Canons has coming but they might be in the same minutes boat as Sony. The things people are so upset over right now like the single card slot and maybe some focusing issue can easily be taken care of in firmware or in the next body. I think we will see a more robust Pro body with dual cards slots coming when the Pro 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8 lenses come out. Nikon will be working in the firmware right now for the Z6 Z7 cameras.

Superior in what way? There are some exquisite lenses available on the Sony.

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josh bailey: Why is it whenever a company is doing bad in the news, most people have the urge to comment on why as if they are all knowing? Backseat drivers lol. It reminds me of a "told you so" mindset which only covers up insecurities so the ego can have its quick fix.

I’m not surprised they want a buyer. They can’t compete anymore

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matt_j: My parents still use my Xiaomi Redmi phone (Android, with the MIUI customization). It is now 8 or 9 years old and still running the original battery. It lost some juice, for sure, but still gives them a full day of light use. The phone still has regular, automatic firmware updates and if it wasn't for the fact that I jumped into a swimming pool with it in my pocket (the screen has had a slightly yellow tint ever since) I would still use it for development purposes.

Sooo (Fry from Futurama meme) the iPhone 6S battery deteriorates how much 3 years after launch? Please... Apple users you have brought it on yourselves by being so gullible and buying everything by Apple regardless of price and number of extra dongles one needs to buy to make it work.

My kids use my old iPhone 4s still. It’s fine too. I replaced the battery once.

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bootshoe: Why can't Apple reverse this update so Model 6 works fine again???
If they can make it slower, they can make it faster too.

Because then your phone will likely crap out in other ways. Like shorter battery charges and random shutdowns. Apple thinks one is much more preferable to the other. Maybe they’ve even done a study on it.

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ChickenBalls: hmm...
no micro SD slot, gets slower with time, no AMOLED

It’s the battery tech. Batteries wear down over time. In any phoebe. Either a company throttles the performance as the battery slows down or batteries won’t last as long and unexpected shutdowns will eventually occur. It’s the same with any company.

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jmahood: I'm looking to replace my D300s in the near future, possibly with the D500. But in the image quality page (7), the D300s is not included in the drop-down for comparison, in spite of the fact that the D500 is being billed as its replacement. It would be nice to compare the image quality of what I have with the D500.

Maybe you want a look here. Big difference between the two.


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dgmessenger: 'the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever.'
With a 1.2mp 2007 front facing camera. Lol!!!!!

Maybe some don't take selfies. But tons of people do. Most parents I know take selfies with the kiddos when all are snuggled. Apple should have totally upgraded the front camera.

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From image 9 "No mention is made of Panasonic's excellent 'Depth from Defocus' (DFD) technology though, so we expect focus to be solely contrast-based."

I don't think any of Panasonic's lenses mention DFD. It's a camera body thing, not a lens thing.

"Basically, the camera has to have a detailed understanding of the lens' bokeh, across the full range of out of focus conditions, at all focal lengths (in the case of a zoom lens), and all apertures....By interpreting the change in bokeh from one "look" to the next, the GH4 [or whatever DFD-capable camera you have] can calculate how far it needs to move the lens, to get very close to the final focus setting."

Quote taken from this description of DFD:

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