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chashoff: For Whom????
The xt-4 platform should be capable of absorbing all the tech upgrades that would come with the Hx-2 or whatever this super-APSC machine will be called

Why in heaven would they pick a multi-ton item?
Who will buy it??

Fuji has a large variety of cameras for all needs, except they all have mediocre autofocus by current standards. Lol. They should put more money into that and less into weird and heavy cameras. I’m speaking as an owner of a new Fuji system too. I agree with OP. A lighter XT4 body style with a better grip would make for a more compelling camera body.

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mferencz: I would make the prediction that if 10 years ago Fuji came out with a X mount FF and beat the tide in mirrorless they would be in position number 1 or 2 right now in the pro camera business. They could have made that huge leap like Sony did. Not that the APSC system they have is not an accomplishment, it is. I see the Xmount 10 years ago as a missed opportunity.

Not if their autofocus for FF became the same as it for apsc now.
sony put a TON of money into becoming what they are now. Including putting a ton work into their excellent autofocus.

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tedolf: Can someone explain to me why X mount succeeded and m 4/3 failed?


Panasonics lack of phase detect focus. And m43 sensors seem to get the new tech after FF

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LenRivers: Perhaps with Fuji’s medium format and aps-c , why not full frame ? With Fuji never say never. I remember when Fuji said IBIS would never happen or medium format or more then 16 mp cameras
Either way it is what it is ….

Because the FF market is highly competitive w 4 existing formats already.

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On article Nikon Z 24-70mm F2.8 S field review (492 comments in total)
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Thoughts R Us: BTW, I just want to say that the photo by Chris of the silhouette of the fisherman in the water is outstanding.

Now we can get back to the debating :)

Yeah. It is.

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David610: When does the upgrade become discounted? I want it but not at that price. I am happy to pay for hardware but the software should be cheap or free.

I got the full Version 21 with an upgrade to 22 for about 50% off on Nov 30. It was a one day special. It was maybe $160 for the full version, that was the day to buy it

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nunatak: To me, the most interesting part came after the author's blind homage to Apple's press release, and after wiping away all the superlative drool from the described performance improvements to the Adobe Suite and FCP.

My own (paid for out of pocket) specimen arrived a couple of weeks ago. while not the finely tuned souped up 'prop' Apple gifted the team @ DPreview, it's still probably the most significant performance enhancement to any MacBook I've seen since 2015, and in my case has already improved my overall workflow dramatically. Kudos to Apple for getting it right — but not so sure about all the contrived "what we didn't like". no UHS-III? really — why not whine about no CFexpress?


These are pretty minor quibbles.

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brighter_summer_day: Also obviously these are very impressive new machines, but why on earth would you compare the 64GB version with 32GB RAM laptops? If this is a serious comparison that makes no sense. Any serious Windows laptop can be upgraded to 64GB RAM, so why not do it for these comparisons to make them more fair? The prices would still be well under the 64GB Max.

It’s probably just what they had.
And the differences are likely nonexistent.

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I replaced a battery once in an older iPhone. I was stunned the phone worked when I was done. Screws the size as fleas, and other minuscule connectors had to be managed. It’s not something I would do again. It was exceptionally difficult.

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kwa_photo: I have the new M1 Pro 16" base model (10 core CPU, 10 core GPU, 16 core neural engine, 16GB unified memory, 512GB SSD). This thing is incredible compared to the old Intel and even my family-used M1 iMac. Everything is so much better. Screen, very bright and best I've ever seen. Keyboard, back to the good old days of excellent Mac keyboards! Return of SD card reader, thank you! Processing power, wow, just wow....and no more beach balls. Battery life, simply amazing so far. Removal of the stupid Touch Bar that I had on the 2019 15", thank you, glad it's gone. So far, so good and amazed with this base model 16" beast.

The mac laptop has a higher spec display. More pixels, more nits, etc.

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User1234567890: With so many people doing home office, they still need to buy webcam or even using 📷 as one because 💻 in 2021 have 2MP or even less than 1.

The 12MP 1/2.6" used by iphone 12 is not even $8. Why cant we have it on 💻?

Because the phones are a lot thicker than laptop
Screens. Super thin screens have less room for cameras.

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Gesture: Let's face it. This may be one of the most important cameras in the history of photography. Cementing Nikon's legacy and rebirth.

Or it may not be. Same said about the Sony A1 and Canon and so
Many more. It’s just the next step. Nothing more.

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On article Nikon Z fc Review (2107 comments in total)
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Auricom 007: I've never noticed how boring the fuji looks sitting next to the ZF-C. It's almost like the engineers/designers over at fuji forgot to finish it. Sad really.

Someone has some serious envy. It’s ok. I know bashing the look of some random Fuji can make one feel mighty. The X-T3 is very much the same camera, yet it’s not even in DP reviews comparison here. Did you even notice that? There’s also an X-T4 it could have been compared to.

This was a stupid camera for Nikon to make. They have almost no native crop z mount lenses. Z mount is an afterthought for Nikon.

Nikon has some messed up management. This was not the camera they should have made.

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On article Nikon Z fc Review (2107 comments in total)
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miketala: This is literally the same camera as the 3-year-old Fuji X-T3. Am I missing something? Seriously.

So im right. It’s basically a Fuji X-T3 in a Nikon body 3 years later. Yeah, some small differences.
It’s not a troll post. Im straight up. Different sensor, different focus algorithms, but really not much difference at all. Except a small lens catalog versus a large one.

Using adapted lenses sucks. You only do that if your hurting for native lenses. Fuji’s native catalog is quite larger than the nikons.

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On article Nikon Z fc Review (2107 comments in total)

This is literally the same camera as the 3-year-old Fuji X-T3. Am I missing something? Seriously.

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BobT3218: The two comparison images were shot at different resolutions but why were they printed at different resolutions?

Maybe so they are physically the same size?

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On article Head to Head: Adobe Lightroom Classic vs Capture One 21 (385 comments in total)
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ottonis: Bottom line:

1. An AMD- & 3060- based laptop for 2 grand beats the much touted but similarly priced Apple M1 in virtually every metric, and puts the Intel-based MacBook to shame.

2. LR imports faster and C1 exports faster.

That's about it. Nice little test and great for what it is.
This was not about quality, presets, handling, color profiles, subscription or whatever. Just a speed test.

For someone with relatively slow hardware, ultra high-resolution RAWs and tons of pictures to process, these speed metrics actually matter much more compared to someone with a 12- 24 MP camera, who is taking 120 pictures per year and using a 12 core CPU alongside the latest and greatest GPU.

You don’t need to spend $2000 for a M1 mac. You can get the M1 Mac mini for like $700 or less on sale. Or an M1 laptop with 18 hour battery life for $900. More ram adds maybe $200.

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dwarven11: Wait for the M1X Macbook pro.

I’m shocked at how the M1 MacBook Pro (same specs as the iMac here) with 16GB ram and no dedicated vram can hang in there so well with a 32 GB Intel machine with another 16 GB dedicated vram. And the Mac laptop gets from 4-10 times the battery life - no exaggeration. And the M1 laptops are a year old.

I’m also shocked the machine reviewed here gets maybe 2 hours normal battery life doing real work. When my old laptop started getting that kind of battery life, it was like 6-7 years old, and I wanted to toss it out the window.

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Patrick Dodds: Can someone explain why the shadows converge?

Converging shadows on earth:


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On article Fujifilm XF 50mm F1.0 R WR field review (306 comments in total)
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quatpat: Wow, you guys from DPR have seriously never checked if you may have a faulty lens? These samples are so much softer at f/1.0 than about any other review out there that it is hardly possible that the lens you used is within specs. Why not check out if your lens is fine before posting a review with blurry samples?

It’s not sharp until f2.8. And If it’s a matter of sample variation, that means Fuji has garbage quality control.


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