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mosswings: Yes, the interface is new, but all the NIK-provided local adjustment U-points and scripting are gone. The file structure is now similar to Lightroom's (sidecar for all editing commands), and it responds quickly, but it's not capable of doing that much. In its present form it won't attract Lightroom users, or even CNX2 users. This seems like a rushed beta release to me. It's not really competitive with 3rd party tools. There's a lot that Nikon needs to do between now and the putative June release.

june is probably when Nikon can no longer sell products containing NIK technology, so they're pushing this out the door instead, after having decided to abandon the higher end of the image-editing software marketplace. face it, they probably have nothing to replace NIK with, and all their major competitors are so far ahead that there ROI just isn't there for Nikon.

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Marcin 3M: I hope it will allow the use of Nik and OnOne filters soon.
Not tried it myself (yet), but it seems to be fine app - if with these features will remain free.

i found it send the .NEF files directly to NIK plug-ins, but from there they can only be saved to .tiff. i suppose one could bring them back to NX-F but what's the point. i'd rather open them in NX2 (which, by the way, can still be "registered" in the "open with" dialog). in any case, it's a definite step backwards, basically a statement that Nikon is no longer interested in competing in this sector. it's a repackaging of ViewNX into a NX-lite guise, while offering almost no additional functionality (except the NIK thing, and that may be just inherited from that "sillypix" program). not the end of the world, but it will complicate matters, i think.

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On article AP cuts ties with Pulitzer-winning photographer (166 comments in total)

obviously, contreras should've lifted the shadows on the camera instead of cloning it out. then viewer would think, 'Oh sh!t, the shooting was so hot and heavy, dude dropped his camcorder." instead, we're left with this nothing image of a guy with an AK, scooting down a rock, and a pulitzer-winning photog loses his contract with AP. bad judgement. the guardian story on this showed some other contreras work that is pretty ballsy. he didn't need this controversy. anyway, we all pretty much know that the agencies are broadcasting/publishing propaganda that promotes the home team's side. it's been done to death in syria. this kind of journalistic scrupulousness is a bit hypocritical when looked at in the bigger context.

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fascinating cultural artifacts, both for who the snaps depict, but also as reminders of the US south during the '60s.

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Segaman: Interesting, i,m going to think twice about buying Nikoń´s D600, maybe just going to wait or get in the meanwhile a D7100

i've considered buying a refurb D600 for $1499 at the nikon store, and feel reasonably sure it has been rehabilitated if it had oil issues. even if a bit on the grungy side, however, i wouldn't be deterred. my D700 sensor was frequently in need of cleaning -- which i am perfectly willing to do!

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On article Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows (1391 comments in total)

from the front and the top, it looks pretty cool, but from back and sides it really seems to be more of what we're used to... i was looking for -- and hopeful -- for a more stripped-down, unobtrusive, street shooter's machine. this appears to be a bit both more and less than that. of course, handling and output are supreme; what difference does its styling make, really? so i'm still hopeful, perhaps a tad less optimistic. still, what we know is a lot less than what we don't. talk of the D4 sensor is presumptuous and a bit fanciful, IMHO. and the price cannot exceed that of the D610, or else it will find its niche as an also-ran in the crowded marketplace.

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attomole: "the communities smartest eggheads" hmm...

i'm glad they aren't the community's stupidest eggheads.

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Too bad the zippers always break after about a year. I still buy 'em, though. They aren't as overpriced as most of the other brands (this is at my local, brick-and-mortar retailer).

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Mr Punch: Be very wary of buying kit like this from manufacturers who don't have a track record of producing 'pro' monitors.

I bought a Samsung XL20 - something that looked like a good deal, very much like this - a few years ago. When I made the jump from XP to Vista and upgraded the rest of my hardware, I found I was locked out of the hardware calibration because Samsung never updated the drivers or calibration utility.

I know they're expensive, but NEC and Eizo monitors are hard to beat.

wish what you say about eizo was true: i have one of their lower-end CD displays, and it didn't -- and won't -- get updated win8 drivers, so i can't use colornavigator -- just the old CE version. bummer...

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On article Picasa web is now redirecting to Google+ (44 comments in total)

as far as i can tell, it's only if you're a person; if you're an entity, they don't take you there... i actually tried to migrate an organization's gallery i maintain over to google+ because of unlimited storage, but could not do it (although storage has increased from 1 to 5 gb). when given the option to migrate my personal gallery, i jumped at the prospect (although that was shortly before the increase, otherwise i would've stayed put).

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