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On article Photographer revisits images of Vietnam War (89 comments in total)
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(unknown member): But were his lenses sharp in the corners wide open?

HaHa. Thanks for the sarcasm. I hope your comment helps some on here realize how silly pixel peeping really is.

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On article Ethics of prize-winning photo debated (151 comments in total)
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Alejandro del Pielago: The Mr Pellegrin's portfolio is excellent.

This is photojournalism; here, image AND information work as one thing. Beside, it`s a portfolio; so pictures could be seen almost like frames in a motion picture. Then, the photos should be seen like a part of a whole.

The subject is real, he´s the owner of that "real" gun. The procedure of the report described by the subject himself was standard (

No doubt the description is not accurate, but it`s not absurd if we read the Pelllgrin`s allegations. Yes, it was a mistake, but it does not destroy the kernel of the story.

And I don`t like some tones of the subject: "Oh, I was so naive...".

It looks like he accidentally hit the shutter button while mounting the camera on a tripod.

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On article Ethics of prize-winning photo debated (151 comments in total)
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argyrotype: If I'd taken this pic, the next step would be the "DELETE" button. a 2 on the 10 scale....

I was about to post the exact same comment

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review (533 comments in total)

I have erected a shrine to the Canon 6d. The first sacrifice has been a Nikon D600. I pulled out it's still beating sensor at the steppes of the shrine. The oil and gunk that spilled out was truly a site to behold. Let us pray that that the almighty 6D was pleased.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review (533 comments in total)
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tmurph: This is a fine camera but so is the Nikon D600 and also the Sony SLT-A99 and so on.
This "my camera is better than your camera" school of thought is getting a bit boring, and yes I'm reading between the lines here and again yes, everyone is entitled to an oppinion but comments like..."makes the A-99 look like a P&S" just beggars belief. Go to a good photography gallery and
before you enter you're asked to try and identify the cameras used and you will be there all day because there's no way for anyone to tell what equipment the photographer used.
Todays cameras are amazing pieces of technology, end of.

I think many on hear are sick and tired of the losers who weir their camera brands like some sort of badge of honor.

They usually have no real talent as photographers so they have to justify the thousands of dollars spent by saying they have the best.

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parkmcgraw: Having buildt my own digital devices and many lens systems in some cases making the element groups, do not from the specifications, understand why this lens, a minimalist design composed mostly of plastic should retail for so much money.

A lens with less manual control, more dependent on power and with the removal of the aperture ring, less of a professional tool.

■One “F” Low Dispersion (FLD) glass lens...

All the elements are small in diameter, easy to work, not too hard to polish.

■A floating inner focus...

The lens has some close focus capacity, nothing new.

■Super Multi-Layer Coating...

Nothing new.

■A HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor)...

Nothing new, or expensive.

■Rubber incorporated...

Compensation for using low stacking tolerance plastic.

■Thermally Stable Composite (TSC)...

Better plastic, but still plastic.

■A rounded 9 blade diaphragm...

No pats for doing what you should.

■A newly developed USB dock...

Marketing gizmo, no value to optics. Additional $10 to the BOM?

Economics my friend. You don't base your pricing on manufacturing cost. Its the perceived value placed by consumers who are willing to pay this sort of price and all the camera and lens manufacturers need to maximize their profit margins. They are for profit businesses after all right.

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On article Hands-on with Nikon V2 (455 comments in total)

I liked the look of the V1 but they went from no grip at all on the V1 to this over compensated monster grip which removes any chance of making it pocketable.

Greif! something in between would be nice.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 sample images (288 comments in total)
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a l b e r t: The Fuji XE-1 + the upcoming 23mm f/1.4 lens should match or exceed the image quality of the RX-1 for half the money.

Ya with an EVF and interchangeable lenses no contest for me.

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On article Photokina 2012: Interview - Stephan Schulz of Leica (195 comments in total)
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AnHund: PhaseOne IQ180 has a sensor size of 53.9x43.4mm making this so called medium format sensor quite small. But maybe size is not so important anymore?

Now that is a true medium format size sensor. I use medium format film cameras and their is a very true difference regarding size. Larger sensors (or film) creates shallower DOF, stronger subject isolation and a more 3D real world look. Like the difference between APS-C and Full Frame but more so. Its not just the resolution or IQ.

But that sensor goes for around $50K yikes!

I would love to see a lower resolution 10-20mp (hopefully means cheaper) Sensor that is true 6x6 or 6x4.5 format.

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The Nex Hassy is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Revolting is a good word for it but even that fall a bit short.

This one has potential though and I can see some of my precious 500c/m in its design. A chrome and black covered A99 would be cool. The price would probably not be so cool.

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The designer should be shot.

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On article Nikon announces D600 24MP enthusiast full-frame DSLR (235 comments in total)

Looks Like a great camera but why 1/4000 max shutter speed? Forget about using fast glass outdoors without an Nd filter i guess. Pretty sure 1/4000 is still fast enough to stop most action though.

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Stollen1234: seriously for $2800 i mean for that price you get Canon 5D II or almost 5dII with all the features...

The price point is high indeed but this is a first of its kind.
Sony isn't competing with m4/3 or any other mirror less system with this camera. It is a direct chalenge to Leica.

People said Sigma was nuts when the original DP1 (first true aps-c compact) was released at $600

Link | Posted on Sep 12, 2012 at 15:22 UTC

No viewfinder but an optical viewfinder may work nicely attached to the flash mount. Still for the price it is very hard to justify such a purchase for most. Perhaps in 5 years such an instrument will be affordable and more common.

I would also assume such a camera with interchangeable lenses would be just around the corner.

Good job Sony!

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I would love eat this camera with some fafa beans and a nice chiante vfvfvfvfvff... lol

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qwertyasdf: Actually the sensor size of the 645D is not 645 right?

Right. The sensor is about twice the size of a 35mm sensor(44mm x 33mm) but still about 2/3 the size of a true medium format 645 film size(56mmx40mm).

I would love to see a full frame medium format camera or back. even at a lower resolution.

Full frame 6x6 or 645 at a lower resolution 10-20mp at a reasonable price would be amazing!

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JackM: 55 seems like a random number for full framers.

And how is the DSLR version distinct from the existing Planar 50/1.4?

Would a 55mm lens reduce the slight distortion seen in 50mm close up portraits?

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ZAnton: another highly overpriced lens for a few techno-geeks who collect that crap and never shoot?

It's easy to disregard or hate something you don't undertand ZAnton. jsis you are right. However, give a great photographer a point and shoot and you will still get great images, but give him/her a full frame camera, a fast prime lens and be amazed! Furthermore, great image quality is not only solely based in resolution charts, so don't tell me about how horrible Zeiss IQ is unless you have used one.

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ZAnton: another highly overpriced lens for a few techno-geeks who collect that crap and never shoot?

Stick to your 18-55mm kit lens buddy. You have no clue what you talking about do you.

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Who needs a mirrorless. Now I can fit my 5d in my fanny pack haha. Actually an amazing lens.

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