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The Squire: Prediction: So you can't control anything but aperture and exposure comp today? I guarantee Sony will bring PlayMemories Pro to market in 3 months, charging £9.99 for an app that adds ISO, S, M and Raw shooting and, i dunno, 3 more dodgy scene/effect modes.

So, $509.99 for the same thing with RAW? That'd actually be worth it...

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Kipplemaster: I think this product represents an important development in photography. From the invention of photography until fairly recently, images were composed from the limited number of positions in which the photographer could comfortably see the viewfinder. Since the introduction of digital photography and articulating screens, composition has been freed up somewhat and we now see shots from a very low level and above the photographer's head.

In my view the point of these gadgets is not just to improve the photo quality of smartphones but to vastly increase the potential compositions available to the photographer. With a 25-250mm equivalent lens which can be positioned practically anywhere at any angle, bad composition is unlikely to be down to limitations in the equipment. There are already remote cameras (GoPro etc) but these may be the first with decent quality for stills photography.

Well yes, if you ignore 1) most of medium-format where WLF is standard, 2) various 90-degree-bend attachments for the purpose. But certainly most of the (d)SLR phase has been so limited.
Otherwise I agree - the ability to use a much larger screen to compose, remotely, is very appealing.

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I must admit I don't think I've really suffered GAS that badly.

But it occurred to me recently that any upgrade should be justifiable in terms of one's own photography - if you can name 3 ways in which it'll allow you to do what you want better, then it's an understandable upgrade.

Note that this puts the photographer in the driving seat, not Canikon's marketroid department.

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On article Book Review: Shooting in Sh*tty Light (32 comments in total)

Continuing the grand tradition of judging the book by its cover... it's not the censored `shitty' that puts me off, it's the composition with that block of white stuck out of her head in the top-left corner.

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I don't see how the ad-supported model will work. They've put the most appealing price right on the method that folks can avoid having to pay for at all, trivially.

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OK, who's up for embedding a pair of MP3s in their EXIF/IPTC and in the JPEG data (via steghide) as well?

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On article Luxi turns your smartphone into incident light meter (43 comments in total)

You can do just as good a job with half a ping-pong ball for $0.10.

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Sheesh. A couple of days ago I thought the D7100 looked the most boring of incremental updates ever (apart from the sensor, it's lacking updates I want and the new AF-system doesn't affect me). Now this.

I've had two Nikon dSLRs in my time; it seems they're doing their best to ensure there won't be a third.

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