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Derick59: What a load of rubbish. Use what's available at your camera store that will suit your pocket and gear.

All these heads are designed to do the same thing. a milli-micron this way or that won't change your photo.

Stop reading. Go out and take photos.

I'll bet that you own a local camera store! I avoid local camera stores because often someone, who know less about cameras than me, pushes the stuff that makes them the most money.

As a local camera store owner, you should be reading these reviews so that you can provide your customers with up to date information.

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John Jennings: I shoot primarily landscapes and architectural with an A6000. When it comes time to upgrade, should I head to the A6300 (or A6500), or sell my APS-C lenses and go to the A7 II? Thoughts?

I have both and A7RII and an A6000. No question that the A7RII is the better landscape and architecture camera with a better bundle of lenses for this purpose. This doesn't mean that the APS-C isn't up to the task, but it is not a good for the task. On the other hand I prefer the APS-C for birds and wildlife. I am thinking of buying an A6500 to get the stabilization and better buffer. The buffer is an issue on the A7R II, but wouldn't matter much for landscape/architecture.

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ecka84: I would buy a mirrorless camera (system):
- when it will deliver as much utilizable stuff as my DSLR (which I believe is underutilized for my needs), at a lower price, because there is actually less stuff in it (no mirror, etc.) and it is cheaper to produce. (makes sense?)
- or when it will have more of the right stuff, for the same price. Paying more for less is not my nature.
Now about the stuff I don't need:
- don't need a heavy tank-like build that could kills someone if I accidentally drop it.
- don't need crop sensor.
- don't need the smallest, gripless (with joke-sized battery), body possible to put it in my pocket for some reason (which I'd never do anyway).
- don't need different memory card type mixing. SD card is fine ... till it dies, so it better be 2 slots (I prefer CF), and a fast data transfer solution would be nice (USB3 or WiFi), because all the card swapping is killing those poor little SDs.
- don't need humongous "fast" zooms. I just don't. F4's are fine.

Oh wait, they have already done all those things with mirrorless cameras. Certainly you can buy a full frame mirrorless Sony with "more stuff" especially given the price difference than the full frame canikon counter parts. The entry level mirroless systems blow away the entry level canikons when it comes to features, except that they don't have view finders and that does kind of suck. Heck, last year I found some blow out deals on A6000 cameras via Amazon for under $400 with the kit lens. A bunch of students in my college level intro photography class picked the A6000 up for that price. Unfortunately it can't be found for that now but still it does more and has more "stuff" than DSLRs in its price range.

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mas54: As soon as Sony starts using optical viewfinders instead of tiny tv sets, I'll be interested.

I bet you still use a typewriter and a landline :)

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PaulPhilly: Help - advice needed. Using my new a6000 tonight at a wedding; indoors, dim lights. The continuous shoots were SO SLOW, waiting for the flash to engage. How do I shoot continuous photos in areas that require flash? Thank you

You need to get an external flash. Flash speed is all about the specs on the external flash.

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