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On article The Lexar brand makes a return (156 comments in total)
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Marty4650: Yes... the brand name is back.

But that doesn't mean the company with the long legacy is back. At least not unless they hire the same talented people who did all those great things in the past for Lexar.

This would be like the people who currently own the Kodak trademark claiming that they made all the inventions and innovations that the people at the old Kodak made.

You can buy a trademark, but it is much harder to buy a legacy. You pretty much have to earn those.

Bring back XQDs please......Sony is the only provider of these cards, and as a Nikon owner, I like to be able to have selection of different brands.

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On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1113 comments in total)

I really held out for the 6D II, but am disappointed. I have flipped over to Nikon for cropped sensor as is, and will now have to do so for full frame - Will miss Canon....

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sts2: Good testing DPR, now that's something you won't find in the brochures or the regular spec-based reviews!

Shame, shame, shame on Canon for putting this sensor on the market. Let this be a warning to any wedding or event photographer who doesn't always have the luxury of using flash or shooting in consistent lighting situations.

I"m totally shocked to see these results - I"m disappointed with Canon, and since switching over Nikon this year, I don't have any regrets. I was considering the new 6D prior, but got tired of waiting and so I jumped shipped. I'm glad I did.

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suitlife: odd, bee shot is plain jane boring macro bug shot

I don't think I will ever understand how some images get judged and marked as 'winners' over the ones that aren't.

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Toselli: The winning image is spectacular, but am I the only one who sees that it's slightly tilted?

That is the same observation that I saw - I think it should have been corrected prior to submission

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Prairie Pal: Released just to keep Thom Hogan off their backs. ;/
But seriously I think this is a welcomed lens, given the VR.
At Cdn$450 I'm not expecting spectacular IQ, but we may be surprised.
I agree with another comment that it's a great alternative to the Olympus 9-18 in that it may keep the APS-C wide angle kit compact enough for a lot of people to keep their stake in Nikon ground.

But the 18-55mm AF-P lens got great reviews for IQ being a 'kit lens' , so don't rule this lens out. I sure hope it delivers.

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