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Craig Hartley is an editorial photographer based in Houston, Texas.

I am a three-time Pulitzer nominee and serious photojournalist. I was a staff photographer for the Houston Post until it was nuked by the Hearst Corporation in 1995. Bitter? Nah!

These days I offer cutting-edge digital photography and transmitting services for editorial, public relations, corporate and graphic arts clients.

AWARDS: Bachelors, Masters degrees in Photojournalism. First place National Headliners, two first place from Associated Press, first place from United Press International, participant Missouri Workshop & Poynter Institute.

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  • Replied in No.
    NO. No, no, no. If you are going to build a system, pick a good one and stick to it. Even change systems completely if someone suddenly comes up with a breakthrough that blows all others out of ...
  • It's not just disqualifications. The newspapers and wire services I've worked for have a zero tolerance policy on cloning and such. You get fired for the first offense.
  • Depth of field is always a headache when doing closeup work and, beyond stopping down, there isn't much you can do by changing the focal length of the lens. The 100mm is one of the very best, ...
  • Replied in backup camera
    While I'm looking at this from a pro's viewpoint, I always recommend using two matched bodies for several reasons: 1. You don't get stuck in the annoying situation of trying to decide the "best" ...
  • You should look at Zenfolio designed especially for photographers, both amateur and pro. There is a reasonable yearly fee, templates that you can modify and you can use the site for sales if you ...
  • SWEET! I've heard nothing but good about the new 16-35 f/2.8L III. If I  had the need for f/2.8 on a wide angle, I would buy this lens first.
  • When I go on vacation I take the 16-35 and 70-200 and a 2X. I have some great lenses, but I genuinely never felt the need for anything else for landscapes.
  • I've been using SSD desktops and laptops for 6+ years (honestly, I forget) and never had a hiccup. Just spitballing ideas, I wonder if the BIOS is corrupted--perhaps someone more clever than I ...
  • Honesty, I've avoided iTunes like the plague. Just too big a headache and too intrusive. I get my tunes from Amazon Music and have never had a problem--typically I download the MP3 and also keep ...
  • For news photos common darkroom techniques are considered necessary: burning, dodging, color and contrast correction, cropping are accepted by everyone. Anything else, especially cloning, will get ...
  • Replied in Good business
    Not really. There are similarities in that both use cameras and work for a living. but serious news (disaster) coverage tries to educate the viewer about an often widespread and complex happening; ...
  • For what it is worth, I did my Masters Thesis on Ethics in Photojournalism. If this was a news photo I would say absolutely not. Full stop. But this is an illustration and not being sold as ...
  • Only Canon knows. These days they seem to drop support for pro-level lenses and bodies that are barely out of warranty. In order to push new sales, I suspect? But I wouldn't worry overmuch. The ...
  • Replied in Good business
    You're too cynical and I never think about "business" when I'm working a disaster scene. It is a matter of trying to capture representative and truthful images of a much larger scene--doing my job ...
  • I stopped uploading fresh images into my gallery several years ago because I refuse to install flash. Too buggy, too insecure, too many "updates."
  • Getting good interior shots is kinda tricky. As others said, I would wait for an overcast day and park in an open area so you get lots of light flooding in. Afterwards I'd use a bit of post ...
  • Thank you. I see the error of my ways now and will make sincere attempts to only shoot images worthy of this lens from now on.
  • Replied in Yes. Full stop.
    Education is never wasted. I'm glad you are doing well and hope you continue to do well in the future, but things change constantly and a good education provides a firm foundation for future ...
  • If it is light rain, use a golf umbrella. It's pretty awkward, but provides great protection. The 5D II is not very weather sealed, but the 70-200 is decent, especially the later versions.
  • I've been using the Manfrotto hexagonal quick release plates since they were called Bogen. I use them on my tripod, monopod and Super Clamps and never had a slip or failure. There may be better or ...
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