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Nikoncanonfan: No this isn't a win, he doesn't understand social media it's all about free sharing I wouldn't have anything to do with him in that scene

Sounds like you don't understand anything about commercial use.

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MrTaikitso: I have a Note5, and it's outstanding, so cannot imagine how awesome the 7 is, being it's a generation or two more recent. The battery issue is a non event now, they have put a different smaller one in. Am waiting for the Note8, but if it's too expensive or has any silly flaws, will track a Note7 down. Cameras in the Samsung's are outstanding.
We shot some of these videos on the Note5...

Well, it will only be available in Korea with a limited production. So unless you live there it won't be available. Not sure the airlines will allow it onboard, though the last few times I flew in May they didn't even make an announcement about them nor were they checking phone models.

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CosminMunteanu: 2000 usd for this camera? in 2017? 😒

$100 less than it's predecessor, but with improved features.

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Vegetable Police: Just put that full frame sensor in my Panasonic G85 please.

It isn't that simple...

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No mention of WHY there's no Android version, I'm guessing there's a technical issue preventing it - hopefully temporary. Otherwise it seems silly to ignore just over half the market in the US.

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pkcpga: I wish Olympus would come out with a m4/3 or 1" sensor rugged camera, something Sony rx100 sized but durable and waterproof.

I bought a Nikon AW1, and returned it. For one, the selection of AW lenses was limited and they did not have VR. For another, I found using a camera with only an LCD to be very inconvenient. This is important for me, as I wear glasses for distance. So, I was peering under my glasses to look at the LCD. No bi-focals, I always take them off when doing computer work or reading.

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stratplaya: The 4x3 aspect ratio makes the photos look a big too square IMO. Can that be adjusted, or than cropping in post?

In fact this has been the standard aspect ratio for digital compacts since the beginning.

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entoman: YAWN
I can barely contain my excitement....

@Stollen1234 - another FW update with new features isn't likely. It hasn't even been 3 years since the release of the 7D II; it's becoming far more common for higher-level cameras to go between upgrades. The 7D was an exception rather than the rule.

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Diver2: Amidst all the A9 killing everyone else and (all the really good stuff untold) shooting itself in the foot with poor buffer, crippled video perf., poor touch screen implementation and no fast tele lenses to go along, everyone seems to overlook that in fact we now FINALLY have two comparable entities for sports- and (especcially) wildlife shooting: the Sony A6500 with the new Sony 100-400 and the Canon 7d mark II and the 100-400 mark II (and why not throw the good old 400 5.6. in the mix just for fun). Being both a Canon and Sony shooter (as many I guess) I would suggest all those youtube-testers to now bring us a neck on neck comparison between the two. So far no combo from Sony has even come close to even my (really) old 7d mark I and the 400 5.6 but that may have changed now. No adapters needed for this test. Just the usual stuff: AF-tracking, accuracy, IQ, low light etc. Would be of interest - I'm sure - to a lot of entusiast wild life photographers.

How does an article about a Canon FW update become a comparison to the A9? Nowhere in the article is there any mention of the A9.

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Juck: I know this is nuts, and I apologize in advance, but I love my 7d II. It murders all other APS-C 'sports' cameras, regardless of age,,, the tracking on the Sony, Nikon and Samsung competition don't even come close. High FPS and Megapixels don't mean a damn if 30% are out-of-focus.

@BarnET what about his nuts?

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entoman: YAWN
I can barely contain my excitement....

What "important known problems" should a FW update for the 7D ii address?

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On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1908 comments in total)

Kudos to Sony! Competition is a good thing.

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hwzjerry: Is there touchpad af with your eye to the viewfinder?

How would you touch the LCD with your eye to the VF?

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Jay Ellbee: So...still no word from Mr. Tokura on a successor for the now very long in the tooth EOS 6D? Or hints of a full frame version of the M5 or M6? Moving more affordable full frame bodies into the enthusiast market dominated by APS-C cameras (which have improved tremendously in even the past seven years but still can't quite match image quality from a top notch FF model) would do a lot to boost not only Canon's sale of cameras but also the lenses required by a FF system. I've used Rebels in my personal travels for the past five years but after having photographed with a 5D MII and 5D MIII along with a 6D at work, I'm ready to move up to a FF system for myself - but I'm not eager nor able to splurge $2-4k in order to do it. There's a market here for lower cost FF ILCs which Canon isn't tapping, but which could pay off extremely well for them (especially considering Nikon's recent woes).

There wasn't a question specifically about the 6D successor, and they're certainly not going to volunteer any information on an as-yet-unannounced camera.

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bokane: "Right now the M5 is a more expensive 80D that's worse in most ways, bar size, weight,"
Size and weight were crucial in my recent purchase of it.

"But please, give us 4K at the consumer level."
I don't use video at all - surely there are many like me who would resent the extra cost (and size and weight?) of accommodating 4K?

How much size & wt do you think 4k is adding, considering it's mostly software?

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS 77D (450 comments in total)
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pacnwhobbyist: I am a huge fan of Canon's cameras but I don't get why this camera exists. Too close in price to the 80d and not that much smaller. They coud've just released thr T7i and called it a day. It just causes confusion, IMO.

80D <$1000 is possible if you get a refurb from Canon, and it still carries a 1 yr warranty.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS 77D (450 comments in total)
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NicoPPC: Looks interesting. Now it fails some weathersealing and better lens!

Get the 80D for weather-sealing. Better lens? Buy the body only and get whatever lens you want.

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Mariano Pacifico: When G9X was released it was $429.00. With additional incremental IS and Digic VII which were available at the time G9X was released now cost $100.00 more just like the RX100 series ...
Instead of waiting for a year for micro-incremental addition, why not give us consumers build-your-camera option like cars and Nike running shoes? Give us option for:
1. Lens
2. OS
3. Metal or Plastic
4. Waterproof or shockproof
5. FPS burst
6. 1080k or 4K

Common guys, these are available. You have it in your closet. We also know for very small increment you add $100.00. So, why not give it to us as an option so we do not have to wait for years and years.

A modular cam that you're asking for will cost significantly more than $529.

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On article Canon is selling a gray version of the Rebel T6 (147 comments in total)

Sorry, but that is one ugly camera. It looks like they got halfway through the design and just...stopped.

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What a relief, it's so embarrassing to have people see my plain black external drives.

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