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Roland Karlsson: Affordable?


You can get a RB67 on eBay for $400, with lens and back.

A Goodman Zone with handle and WITHOUT lens and back costs $140. When you have bought a lens and a back you are at $400, or more. And then you cannot even check the focus of the image.

This is a totally unnecessary camera.


The pin hole camera has its charm though. Not cheap, a scura 6x6 with finder costs $100. But, I can relate to this product. Might even consider it. Even though I would prefer something bigger than 6x6 for a pin hole. Why is it not 6x8 ?

What an unimaginative unexcited financial bean-counter way of thinking about this— it’s about the entire artistic process for artists.

It’s a 3D printed medium format film camera! With a growing community!

You realize that there are hobby furniture makers making tables, chests etc that are considerably more expensive than store bought?

Wait till your hear about custom made guitars.

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(unknown member): Been saying for a long time the future is Ai and Panasonic LUMIX is headed down that road.
Also be aware the lens has everything to do with it. Need a good motor / firmware (yes lenses are computers too) and a macro is not going to focus as fast as a wide angle.

The future is AI? “ I’ve been saying it all along!” This statement reminds me of a scene from WKRP in Cincinnati where a supposed cutting edge guest proclaimed that “the future is computers!” The staff just rolled their eyes at the obvious statement of reality. Dude, AI is NOW and it has been for quite some time.

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Noah M: While just a kit lens, the 20-60mm kit lens makes a lot more sense for video than most other lenses. Often 24mm isn't wide enough and so you end up buying two lenses and spending a lot more for basic video.

Panasonic seems to understand video with ILCs a lot more than anyone else.

Except for the whole sub-par continuous autofocus compared to literally all other full frame cameras, yes I suppose you could say Panasonic gets it. Lol. (It does appear to be better than the Sigma FP!)

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GSD_ZA: I can only assume those masks are for keeping photographer's saliva and snot off sensitive photographic equipment. There can be no other sensible explanation.

Yeah it’s not like there is a global pandemic going on right?

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Jhaakas: Photos look dark and not that great, subject and scenery choices could have been better. They might be technically perfect but lack in color and brightness, perhaps the weather. I would prefer Canon or Sony for the colors and IQ.

Or... you can work on the craft of photography and effectively address the concerns you have. A Sony or canon would provide better subjects or scenery??? lol

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On article Nikon Z5 sample gallery (220 comments in total)
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HJVN: To anybody still complaining, that this little gem of a camera is too expensive, let's try to remember two facts.

Fact 1.
The US price of the Z6 when it was launched, was: $1995 (body only), $2599 w/kit-lens (w/24-70 F4 lens)
The price of the Z5 when it is launched is: $1399 (body only), $1699 w/kit-lens (w/24-50mm lens)

In the space of two years, Nikon manage to cut the price of a FF mirrorless camera by $600 or by $900 for a camera with a lens.

The "old refurbished" D750 sensor is still capable of taking stunning pictures and the D750 cost $2300 when launched 6 years ago.
So same sensor, but in a $1000 cheaper camera.

Fact 2.
This camera is the cheapest FF camera (mirrorless or DSLR) Nikon has ever introduced to the market.
The D600 cost $2100 and both the D610 and Z6 was $2000.

Why are people still complaining?

It’s the internet. People on the internet don’t want you to be happy.

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Ixoye: A smartphone for the same money is probably a better buy than this camera.

It is truly astounding how people’s opinions are so easily manipulated by marketing. That comment is hilariously incorrect in terms of photography, and I suspect that a significant percentage of people who purchased whatever Sony A7, Nikon Z, or Canon R are taking pictures that do not require image quality above that of the Sony rx100 series. But hey chalk up another win for camera companies who target sandal-sock-wearing suburban dads with huge expensive intrusive cameras and lenses.

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Quiverbow: I can never understand why people who do not own any Olympus gear, or have no intention of buying any, seem fit to post negative comments (and they are invariably negative) about the company and what it may or may not do.

I don't own any Sony/Canon/Nikon, etc. stuff, so any articles about their cameras or lenses or anything else mean nothing to me. I certainly wouldn't post anything deriding those products. I own Olympus gear and you don't, so what do you care?

Because for many posters on this site shadenfreude is their dopamine fix

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