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I'm curious to see if D500 will have any advantage in writing.

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Sarah Terra: Does it work in my D500, and if so...take my money!

Need the second slot to be fast too. I like to have two images at the same time for peace of mind..

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I wonder how this compares to the Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6

Nikon is a great lens with excellent sharpness and balance. I've tried it and it's sharper than my 80-400. But I returned it just because of bad AF. It's not bad, but for BIF, 80-400 is way better. If Tamy has better AF than 200-500, I will get it and keep 80-400 (this is my favorite focal length because I like to take 'Animalscapes'). When you need longer focal lengths, this is better than 200-500..

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It's all depend on how the compartments inside the bag are arranged. Based on demo, the camera just go into a hole. What about couple of lenses and other accessories? How easily we can take the camera and take another lens and change the lens? I will wait and see..

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Biggs23: This is pretty much what I expected based on early reports on the choices made by Canon. They've made a good first step into a higher quality sensor but will need time to refine it to the level that Sony/Nikon produce. It seems like, for its intended audience, this camera is a miss, but we'll have to wait and see on that front. It will be very interesting to see how the autofocus performs. If it's not at LEAST as good as the D5 I suspect there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Canon side.

Definitely not a miss. I'm very curious about AF. I don't care too much about cross type at f/8. I have no plan to use a 2X on a f/4 lens. I know it's important for some. I'm curious about AF accuracy and speed with f/4 lenses.

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ozturert: And if high ISO results are better than D5, then this is a winner

It's in the second page.

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Treeshade: What is D4 used for? Sports, wildlife, journalism. It has to be durable, reliable, focus fast, shoot rapidly, and produce consistent results.

To this date, D4 and 1Dx are still unchallenged in those area. So... expect nothing new but incremental update.

Expect improvement in AF. Since they mentioned improvement in IQ, I'm curious. I want to take wildlife in moon light :-)

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ttran88: Wow can't wait to get this in Canon mount and shoot it with the A7RII.

Very interesting. So the only canon piece in the setup will be the mount. No one can find out you are a Canon guy :-)

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On article Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera review (92 comments in total)

Thanks for the review. I incidentally started looking into Note 4 with a different aspect for serious photographers. It can be used as location backup device without much hassle. You can buy a Micro USB On the go (OTG) like this ( and connect your regular card reader to this and connect to the phone. Transfer your images to your phone from the field. You can view your images during breaks and sort them out. It's one of the best portable storage with best screen on the market :). I started doing it with Note 2 and going to upgrade to 4. It will be great if dpreview can try this and add to the review. I initially thought the phone should be rooted to do this. But it happened to be nothing need to be done or download. Just spend 5 bucks with your regular card reader and you are ready to go.

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On photo White Egret Vs Snake in the -Animals in Combat- (Full Colours Only + Border) challenge (21 comments in total)

Unbelievable shot. Congrats!!

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