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Born and raised on the plains of middle America (on a farm). Love of nature's beauty was instilled in me at an early age thanks to my parents and family and our annual vacations to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

My early years in photography: Started shooting B&W photos with a cheap Kodak Instamatic while in high school for the photography club; bought my first SLR (a Pentax KX film camera with 55mm f1.8 lens) as a sophomore in college (1977); while a college student, worked on campus for a photographer processing B&W film and prints.

Then the demands and rewards of career, marriage and children took over, reducing my interest in still photography.

In 2008, upon turning age 50, and after years of frustration with the limitations of a P&S camera I owned, I purchased a Pentax K200D, regularly visited the Pentax SLR Talk and other forums here at DPR to learn as much as possible, and began getting serious as a still photography shooter. Another couple cameras (a Pentax K5 and K3) and multiple lenses later, here I am updating my bio. Looking forward to the days and years ahead as I continue to learn how best to capture nature's beauty through the gift of modern day photography.

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  • Place your two CPL's so you'relooking through both simultaneously, then rotate one of them.  You should see the light passing through go from maximum down to black for each 90° of rotation.  If ...
  • Last I knew, PS Elements license can be purchased without all the onerous strings attached.  I'm not 100% certain, but I strongly suspect that PSE, being an Adobe product, also has lens ...
  • Here's a link to their page that compares flare of HD versus smc coatings: https://www.pentaxforums.com/reviews/hd-pentax-limited-primes/aberrations-and-flare.html Daryl
  • I don't think I would pay the extra.  I own the green version and like it for its starbursts.  The HD version lessens that affect based on what I've read.  I believe that Pentaxforums.com did a ...
  • Impressive.  It appears that spherical imaging has a multifaceted future.  Seems like the 'R' video only camera has great industrial, business teleconferencing and security system potential.  I ...
  • Wonderful and inspiring photos, Chris!
  • Thanks Joe. I owned the 50-135 and had the first lens replaced under warranty, and the second one repaired, also under warranty after around one year of usage, both failures due to SDM.  Optically, ...
  • Joe - With respect, I'm not sure the DA*300 deserves this level of derision, as I haven't heard many complaints of SDM failures for that particular lens over my nearly 10 years of following Pentax ...
  • For your info/comparison, here is a link to a brick wall test shot (40mm f/4) taken with mine before I sold it ...
  • Created discussion thread Adorama K-3II Sale
    According to an email I received Friday morning, Adorama is having a 48 hour sale which includes this deal K-3II .  Thought I'd share for those who might be interested. Thanks, Daryl
  • The DA* labeled lenses are reportedly designed to have more robust weather and dust sealing than the WR designated lenses.  Here's a link with more details Ricoh Imaging Link .
  • If you want a faster zoom and don't need to go too wide, you could opt for the Pentax 24-70 f/2.8 which was designed for full frame but should work fine for APSC.  Just throwing out another ...
  • Thank you, Nic.  I have enjoyed the SHC experience for several years in a row, now, and am hoping to do it again next spring.  I find it refreshing to see this amazing and animated feat of nature ...
  • Same to you! Daryl
  • You're welcome.  A number of your shots have stood out to me over the years. Thanks for the compliment.  Visit the Platte River countryside around Kearney, Nebraska in March and you'll see (and ...
  • It certainly can be done Greyser, who earlier replied, has captured quite a number of great shots throughout the years. That said, I'm sure he deserves much more credit than the gear he shoots with. ...
  • That would be a very interesting comparison, Phil.  Hope you find the time to do so. I have the DA 10-17 and will probably sell it now that I have the K-1, but I'm not entirely sure yet what I'll do. ...
  • Nicely done, Phil. Great compositions. If I remember right, you shaved your DA 10-17 fisheye a number of months ago. Have you given up on it now that you have your new Samyang fisheye lens?
  • I'd contact Amazon asap  explain the situation and see what they recommend.  If you bought it new, you should have the proper documentation.  I suspect that it may be a returned lens for who knows ...
  • Did you do any post processing to these?  If so, I'd bet that you accidentally used your clone tool against your wishes. That's my 2 cents worth of thought. Daryl
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