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If you are going to all the trouble of making it by welding together lots of steel plates, why a silly inaccurate amalgam of various Leica models? If it is meant to be either a) Ironic or b) Humorous, I think it has missed its target by a country mile. I will suggest to my son, who is a development engineer at a 3D metal printing machine maker, that they scan my M4 and turn out a few copies in polished titanium at a discounted $50,000 each.

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I wonder if the ZM Leica M mount excellent lenses designed by Zeiss and made by Cosina will follow the classic SLR lenses out of production. I cannot imagine sales are booming.

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I wonder if it is possible to test sensor and "standard" lens performance as a pair. With say the 50mm/f1.4 ASPH Summilux on the M10 (not a lens I particularly like, due to what I regard as excessive edge contrast but a very good performer optically) and the Nikkor 50mm f1.4 G lens on a D850. I suspect that the ASPH Summilux might pull the M10's performance up a bit in comparison to the Nikon D850.

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I have ordered a CL with the standard zoom kit, as with advancing age and arthritis, I find carrying the SL and 24-90 for a whole day, a real burden. However, no sensor cleaning or dust detection setting in the menu is a major disappointment. The sensor cleaning on the SL, although not as sophisticated as some, works very well and I have only had to clean it conventionally two or three times in the two years I have had it. Very poor decision on the part of the design team. I am afraid it is head in the sand time, as sensor cleaning is not even mentioned in the manual.

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From a personal POV (and I feel guilty for saying so in the light of 425 redundancies), I hope this does not delay the development and therefore re-introduction of Ektachrome. Although now that I have "discovered" the excellent Agfa Precisa CT100 reversal film, Ektachrome assumes less urgency than it did.

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Come on guys - make your minds up. Firstly this and that piece of electronic equipment not allowed in cabin baggage and not you don't want it in the hold either. If you want our business, you will have to come up with something more sensible than you have to date.

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Big company = bullies. Suing someone generally results in only one lot of winners - the lawyers. Grief for everyone else.

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This impressive lens plan from Hasselblad, if adhered to, rather puts Leica's glacially slow progress with SL lenses in the shade. So far, two years after the release of the SL, we only have two additional lenses (the 90-280 and the 50mm prime). Further lenses have been announced but are not available as yet and projected release has been put back.

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Admirable venture but will it offer anything that Leica does not offer at the top end with the M7/M-A/M-P film cameras, Cosina in the mid range and Lomo at the economy end.

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If they want it to be a success, employ an outside design house. The T38 tank school of design no longer cuts the mustard with a $1000+ camera.

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Looking at the damage, I suspect something sharp and heavy penetrated the case. Even a hard case like the Samsonite I use and any amount of bubble wrap/polystyrene, might not have protected against that. The problem nowadays is having to fight with cabin staff who want to take away your cabin luggage and put it in the hold. I now say: 'Fine but I will need a letter of indemnity for the £20,000 worth of Leica cameras and lenses in it before you take it away" To date they have always given up and moved on to the next mug/budget flight victim.

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I hope that the funders of PETA will have a serious discussion re the continued employment of their director(s), who authorised this absurd law suit. If I was a funder of PETA (I am not and never will be), I would consider suing the director(s) concerned for wasting the fund's money in a rash and inappropriate manner.

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I am sure it is very good but with it mounted on a 4/3 MFT camera, you lose a lot of the USP of those cameras, which is their compactness. That is why I dumped the 12-50 Olympus lens for my EP-5 and went to using the tiny 14-42 Pancake III. I feel if I was going to carry around the 12-60 on an MFT body, I might as well go for a full frame digital with the appropriate lens. OK the Leica SL and 24-90 that is my normal FF is a lot heavier than an MFT with the 12-60 but it is quite a bit better as well.

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Do we need yet another 100 ISO B&W film? I really doubt it. Ilford, Kodak, Foma, Adox, Rollei, Kentmere, Agfa and Fuji plus I suspect other niche players. Surely these must cover every requirement from ortho to low contrast, extended red sensitivity, UV sensitivity, panchro and so on.

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I really don't "get" this current fad in Germany to reintroduce mildly modenised versions of mediocre, slow, antique lenses, such as this Lydith and the Leica 28 Summaron. I could understand it if they reintoduced modern versions of the sought after lenses, like the 8 element 35mm Summicron of the early 1960's and the 85mm/f1.5 Summarex, one of the world's all time great portrait lenses. It all rather smacks of trying to separate a fool and his money and is thus a very cynical exercise.

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On article Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras (820 comments in total)

I would avoid the cheaper version of the Mamiya 645, the "J". It does not have a removable back but instead uses film inserts for 120 and the now obsolete 220 film. These inserts are not only inconvenient but also often do not sit precisely square in the camera, resulting in out of focus diagonal corners. I suspect the problem is with the cheaply made inserts rather than the camera so it is pot luck as to whether you get the problem or not. My 120 insert was poor but the 220 was fine, while you could still get 220 film. The version with the removable back does not suffer this problem.

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On article Fantastic footage of fjords with the DJI Mavic Pro (53 comments in total)

I have been to Norway various times both on holiday and on business. I have yet to see blue skies like in the video. Fog, rain, sleet yes, sun and blue skies not so far.

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Looks very expensive for an MF lens, compared with say the excellent Zeiss ZM 25mm/f2.8 Biogon. You can get good quality adapters from people like Leica and Novoflex for most mirrorless cameras for this lens. I actually prefer the Biogon to my previous 24mm/2.8 Elmarit-M for yacht and house interiors, as the Zeiss is noticeably more rectilinear than the example of the Elmarit that I had.

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On article Re-make/Re-model: Leica Summaron 28mm F5.6 Samples (197 comments in total)

I wonder why Leica chose the Summaron, rather than the less flare prone but equally tiny Hektor 28mm/f6.3? This lens was made from 1935 to 1955. Uncoated pre-war and coated from around 1948-ish. The later f5.6 Summaron (1955-63) always seemed like a retrograde step to me, although I am sure it was technically, somewhat better. However, even the modern copies seem a bit flare prone, hence I assume the mega hoods Leica made in period, which rather defeat the object of a tiny lens.

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Big payday for baggage handler thieves in the offing. Yes I really want to put two or more Leica bodies and maybe £20,000 worth of lenses into my checked luggage. For a start they are only insured as hand luggage and additionally as hand luggage, I can ensure that the sensors are placed vertically to reduce the risk of getting a dead pixel en route from high energy particles. For Leica, the camera has to go back to the makers to have the sensor remapped if that happens. I have in the past used Emirates or Qatar for all my long distance flights. I do wonder if this is all protectionism driven, from the US and European flag carrier airlines, targeting the middle east carriers, rather than being security based.

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