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  • Ok I had to leave this thread due to the intensity of the comments.

    Could someone calmly please explain what’s in the bump at the bottom of the adapter. Is it actually an af motor or a tripod...

  • The advantage of old Nikon f mount lenses is that they are numerous, high quality and dropping in price on the used market.

  • Not arguing, but couldn't you just cover it if you don't want to see it? Or must it be movable?

    I liked the movable screen on my old D5200, but only for Macro and Astrophotography. Can you use a...

  • It's a cinematic look. An artistic tool which has existed a little while before social media, or even digital cameras or monitors. And, when used well, captivating, transcendent. It's also in...

  • It's like asking why a mid size truck doesn't have a convertible roof. Or why are houses so expensive in San Francisco. Why would you put a flip screen on a large camera like this? You would...

  • I've never had a GR, but I'm really excited to see everyone's results with it, online!

  • @srados That may be, but I doubt many people use the words X70 and monumental in the same sentence. Having said that, it looks like a good camera. If there was a fire sale price on an X70 (like...

  • I understand. I like Fuji Colors. To minimize the oversaturation, stick to "Astia" (soft, which is a little saturated), or NS or NH. I find Provia (Medium) good 99% of the time.

    On a...

  • Guess here as an RX100 and X100T user. The RX100 has a 1" sensor, IS, and zoom. It's got fast, reliable AF, and the camera's small. While it won't replace the image quality of the X100 series...

  • When you need to put it in Manual and use focus peaking, how well has the XF10 worked for you?

  • How is their built in flash performance ? The RX100 also has a leaf shutter, but flash is pretty bad.

  • I don’t doubt it. So, why doesn’t Fuji add its best af to this small camera and make it a hit? Sony’s RX100 has excellent af, and Sony isn’t afraid of hurting its other lines sales.

    I agree. Slow...

  • This is worth calling out. One of the redeeming features of a Fuji fixed lens camera is its leaf shutter sync and flash

  • 28mm is the most common camera viewing angle. It’s the most common mobile phone viewing angle.

  • Only on xtrans sensors. I don;'t think that's great that they did that, but that's what they did.

  • I'm talking to whoever is interested in a small OVF in a compact camera. Thanks for your input.

    As far as Fuji cameras go, the X-A/X-M series are ILC's without EVF/OVF, and they also have the...

  • I assume you meant EVF. The OVF i n the X100 is big and not practical. In a camera this small, I can't imagine it would be any better than the long antiquated side-mounted OVF's in 20+ year old...

  • Is it a leaf shutter?

  • I would like the X70 better, as far as controls. Since the XF10 is newer, I assumed it would be an upgrade in the functionality that they carried over. Faster AF is a big reason to upgrade FUJI...

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