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Photomonkey: I see the new spec fad is sensor size. Doesn't matter what real world performance is sensor size is everything.
Let's see.... first it was megapixels, then noise, then hi ISO performance, then DR, then DOF and now sensor size.
Yes, I understand the differences but at bottom the focus is on specs not real world enjoyment.

I just took delivery of a P7700.

So far its performance is amazing. It's as good, possibly better than many APS-C dSLRs of only a few years ago.

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The ISO range is pretty interesting to me. The standard range is 100-6400, with 12800 listed as the boost. That seems to indicate this 24 MP sensor may not be quite the high ISO monster that the 16 MP unit in the D5100 and D7000 is.

Personally, I have no idea what I'd do with 24 MP at this point. 12-16 are plenty for me to feel comfortable cropping if necessary. The size of the 24 MP RAWs is also likely to start taxing my laptop's ability to process them, and that's one item I'm not looking to upgrade at present.

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Lexar SD cards of the same capacity and speed are far better values for your dollar than Samsung's offerings.

I'd much rather see Samsung back up their big talk about being a "player" in the CSC space. That means getting new NX lenses and bodies to market on time and improving availability of some existing lenses.

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Good luck shooting macro or telephoto handheld with that tiny grip.

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Thanks for doing this.

I especially liked the shot-to-shot time and AF tracking segments of the video. I'm a little envious of the Nikon's write and cycle times after shooting my Pentax Kx in RAW for the past few days.

The size comparison with the Panasonic G3 was pretty startling...the Nikon is about the same size with the significantly smaller sensor. I also don't care for the simplified mode dial on the Nikon. I will be curious to see how the Nikon 1 vs Pentax Q comparison turns out.

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snake_b: Too bad Samsung hasn't come up with anything other than gimmicks in their compact line.

Nothing to replace the EX1, nor anything to replace the WB2000.

Don't forget the fact they're utterly wasting the potential of the NX system to push stuff like this.

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canon-a-holic: Samsung is such a maker of fad cameras, I wish they would get serious about their quality like they do with their appliances, home entertainment, and computers. I find their products a bit trite and not never pushing the envelope with serious photography enhancements...give it to Samsung to figure out yet another way of taking a picture of yourself.

Couldn't agree more. They have absolutely huge potential in their NX MILC system and they are completely squandering it to push junk like the MV800!

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DuckShots: Well written, informative and inspiring. Building the scene. Have to learn this. Need to know so much to produce creative works. Not my look, but that's the point. I need a look. Sadly, every time I see what others do, I want to throw my lens into a fire and take up reading. Maybe not this time. Thank you very much.

You're not the only one who sometimes feels that way about lenses and reading!

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