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PatrickP: I'm not trying to be a snob, but if my daughter (or yours) fork out three grand of depreciating-like-no-body dollar for a once-in-a-life-time wedding, and you see the pro photog using a OM-D EM5, what would you think?

The photog might well be super duper skillful, but one would have a hard time wondering how much better the pictures would look if the same shots were made with a Nikon or Canon full frame. 2-3 stops better dynamic range and high iso noise characteristics. Whether it is a D700/D3, D800, D4, 5D2/5D3, 1DX, it doesn't matter. Given the aesthetic qualities are the same, you still cannot beat the law of physics. large sensor takes in more light and pictures do look better.

The m4/3s and NEXs has made themselves into very fine cameras. But would they be up to heavy duty pro use one day?

Damn, and to think our wedding photographer showed up with a 40D. What does that say about him?? What does that say about us???

Yes, you are a snob. Clearly some spoiled rich kid is your best choice.

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