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Professional photographer for over 35 years in commercial, industrial and technical imaging. Currently the Director of Imaging Technology for the Art Institute of Chicago.
I hold B.A. and M.S. degrees in Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.


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On article Throwback Thursday: when studio lenses retire (203 comments in total)

2008? Not really much of a throwback. Maybe if you're 20 or so. I got boots older than 2008 I still wear. For all practical purposes, this is a modern lens and it's not going to look much different than today's equivalent. I like the idea for the article but how about putting a real vintage lens through its paces. You can start with a Pre-Ai Nikkor-S Auto 50mm f/1.4. Now you've got some vintage throwback rendering to see and to write about.

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2162 comments in total)

Thanks for the preview and I look forward to the full review. I'm still enjoying my original A7 so I'm in no rush. The A7 is still a very fine tool and I have no regrets with my decision to go with Sony. None. I'm not interested in video but I do like to make big prints so I see this camera in my future. I'll just wait till the early adopter premium expires. I'll keep the A7 for a backup and it's small size. With the FE 35mm f/2.8 it's a wonderful street shooter.

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On photo Art nouveau in the Nature's Delicate Beauty challenge (28 comments in total)

Beautiful color and composition. Bravo!

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LouMeluso: Wow, I need boots to wade through this guys BS. Canon should have cut this guy years ago. Nothing like getting your head handed to you by Sony to get you off the dime on mirrorless. At least they have the good sense to use a Sony chip in the G7X. I predict we'll be seeing more Sony chips in Canon cameras.

Of course I meant to say, silly me, I predict we'll be seeing more Sony's latest technology chips in Canon as we see in Nikon 800 series. I forgot where I was for a minute. Yes, Sony has been providing their small, everyday chips to Canon and other camera makers for a long while. From the looks of the G7X, it seems the chip was not the only thing copied from the Sony RX series.

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Wow, I need boots to wade through this guys BS. Canon should have cut this guy years ago. Nothing like getting your head handed to you by Sony to get you off the dime on mirrorless. At least they have the good sense to use a Sony chip in the G7X. I predict we'll be seeing more Sony chips in Canon cameras.

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I applaud the reach for new ideas. Unfortunately this looks like a reach. Sort of a anti-Monster's University theme. Photographers, like other artists, are desperate to find ideas and style that set them apart.These aren't to my taste but commend the creative courage to try.

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On article A look inside Sigma's lens factory (89 comments in total)
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Rytterfalk: Beautiful!

Beautiful video production, beautiful visuals, beautiful lenses. I love my newer Sigmas! They have come a long way from cheesy third party starter optics to a premium brand. Well done.

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On article Challenge of Challenges: vote for the best shot of 2013 (121 comments in total)
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PERCY2: I'm getting Submit Vote Error and how will i know if my vote has been successfully submitted?..


Ah, whine and moan! A favorite pastime on DPReview. A nice selection of images. Congrats to all that were picked and THANKS to DPReview for sponsoring the contest!

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Ian: I was reading this article as a serious piece right up until I saw the name Ken Rockwell listed as an expert - LOL.

It's easier to be passionate over a camera than it is to be passionate over picture making. Anybody with a credit card can become part of the "fan club". It takes no talent, no commitment, no real effort. Most good photographers don't care much about equipment, just results. You can learn chapter and verse about a camera and sound smart but your pictures will tell more about the photographer than what gear they own.
That's not to say cameras aren't interesting machines but I find the most fervent fans are simply gear fans. Not all that interested in photography, they identify themselves with the qualities of a "brand" and thus a bad remark about the brand is taken personally. Nothing wrong with having a camera hobby. Pretty harmless but also sad in a way if they never understand the difference between being a photographer and being a camera owner.

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The title of this tome is an immediate turn off to me. I'm not sure why the authors felt use of a pseudo-sanitized vulgarity in the title was appropriate but it is lost on me and marginalizes whatever good content that may lie within.

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On article CP+ 2013: Interview with Canon's Masaya Maeda (490 comments in total)
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Rachotilko: Really surprised by the answers given by Mr. Maeda.

Especially given the popularity of their own G15, Olympus OM-D, Fuji X10 and Sony RX100. Even the Nikon 1 is doing quite much better than EOS M.

OTOH, it is exactly 1/2.3 that is about to die, in my opinion. It's only saving grace (compared to smartphones) is telephoto. I don't think that suffices.

OT-Not for nothing, but with all their photographic savvy you'd think they'd spring for a professional portrait of one of their top executives. I've seen passport photos and damp wash cloths with more personality.

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Model Mike: Guys, you have a nice lightweight cruiser - please don't turn it into an overweight battleship.

For example, the idea of pre-classifying posts into Q and A - it's one of those ideas which sounds good, but is too open to misuse, willful or otherwise. A more intelligent search function could do the job of finding answers just as well or better without complicating the posting process.

As for the idea of the questioner 'rating' the answers - the questioner is not necessarily the right person to 'rate' an answer as he/she is by definition not an expert. And it fits badly next to the crowd-sourced ratings.

Kudos to DPR for striving to keep the forum system fresh. Some of the ideas are pretty good, but please remember KISS - keep it simple.

"The biggest problem with DPReview forums is the lack of active and swift moderation."

Ditto. The troll factor here is very high and I've avoided these fora because of it. I hope the new moderation makes good headway. If so I'll participate more.

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