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I make short films and take still images for business. That includes people, products, services and locations. For sales, demonstrations or training.


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On article Readers' Showcase: Documentary and Street photography (108 comments in total)

Lovely shots from a very talented photographer. I wonder if the trolls who see little value in them would care to share their own work. It would help us all to see how great photography is created ;-b

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On article Quick Review: That Steady Thing (70 comments in total)

Why not just rest the monopod against a wall?

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Only taking pics since 2012? What a talent!

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Learn from camcorder design. That's always years ahead of still cameras.
Have an electronic viewfinder which tilts and swivels.
Sensor unit which rotates from horizontal to vertical without changing the body position.
Pistol grip.
Modular groups of buttons which can be positioned in various places on the camera to suit right or left handed people.
Built-in TTL wireless for dedicated flashes.
Built-in wifi for remote liveview shooting and to send shots straight to laptop or cloud.
Tilt and swivel LCD with option for large high-res version for studio and video users.
Full frame Fuji-style sensor (no antialias filter blurring) with max 20mpx and improved low-light and dynamic range.
Autofocus working to -5EV and doing it quickly and accurately.
Autofocus sensor array covering field of view and with at least 80 cross-points.
One standard lens mount for all cameras.

Could we have the new camera next week, please? ;-b

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On article Portraiture exhibit that omits the subject (46 comments in total)
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Dan Wagner: "The translucent composite" is a fancier name for a double exposure. I think Weingarten's double (or triple etc) exposures are colorful and pretty in an abstract way. However, I'm calling "The King has no clothes" on this series. To get press and make sales at galleries some photographers are playing the gimmick card. When photographs of Avedon's caliber are shown, gimmicks are not necessary. Personally I like craft. I like real. Photographers after a certain period of time can fall victim to delusions of grandeur. And unlike many critics, I'm not afraid to back up my position by showing my own work http://www.danwagnerphotography.com Cheers.

I like the idea of using places important to a subject to represent them but agree that "art" often is bs to hide a lack of ideas or craft. Your portfolio shows excellent examples of high quality photography without gimmicks. Thanks for adding the link.

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On article World Press Photo announces 2012 contest winners (168 comments in total)

Competitions usually lead to conformity but that shouldn't take away from the humanity in the images which have been chosen. Those who carp about the lighting or composition might be better using their time to learn from the masters. The problem for the whiners is that learning is much more difficult than sneering.

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On article An introduction to OLED (64 comments in total)

Let's hope that the ability to "step further away from the traditional idea of what shape a camera has to be" will help buyers to accept that camera don't have to look the same as they did during the film and mirror era which now looks like becoming history. Film already is but the shape of cameras doesn't show that there are plenty of options in shaping cameras and, perhaps making them modular. Why not, for example allow the shutter button to be on the left if that's what a left-handed person wants. The connection with the taking of a picture is electronic, after all, so it could go anywhere. The OLED screen could be detached, thus allowing the user to place the camera on the ground and check the view without lying in a puddle. Camera users must learn to be less conservative although the criticism of the new Pentax K-01 suggests that we're a long way from accepting even mild departures from the norm.

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On article Lytro Light Field Camera first look with Ren Ng (224 comments in total)

Whatever the merits of the technology it's refreshing to see a camera which isn't shackled to the styling of a film camera. Most cameras don't use film and don't have mirrors so the format of film-era cameras can be discarded. The styling may be novel but it recognises the principle of form following function. Do the fans of DSLRs drive Model-T Fords? That's unlikely, but they want to use cameras which haven't changed shape since those days. Wake up, boys and look at how comfortable video cameras are to hold.

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On article Photo Tip: Five for Five (111 comments in total)

Anyone who has joined a photography club will have heard comments like the snarling negativity so prevalent here. Most amateur photographers don't want to hear about or think about how to make creative decisions; they want to slavishly copy popular cliches. They are technicians who fear the new and meaningful so it isn't a surprise that they foam at the mouth when a well-meaning author points out their failings. Most of the posts in camera forums, here and elsewhere, are nit-picking bile produced by boy-toy lovers whose example photos (usually of sunsets taken from a car window) enervate but never educate. Keep up the good work of educating but don't expect many thanks.

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