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That is first ever windows crash without "BLUE SCREEN". Congratulation.

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photomedium: So...$2k -$500 discount by XMAS right before the thick dust on the inventory cements the boxes on the shelves.
And this is assuming that the camera is an absolute killer scoring >95% on DPR with no rolling shutter, and all the video goodies of the upcoming pana G5.

Are you ready for $2499 price of G5?
With $$$ progression lately that should be the correct price for it.
If I guess right EM-1MKII will be pretty good deal.

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Actually Olympus might be N:1 in the world again. Introducing of the new body to drive the price of their 3-year-old model up.

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Just wake up and saw that today is April 1 for Olympus.
Great specs other ways,no doubt about that.
Will be great gift for Christmas 2017

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Not bad but it is too flat for me no curves and shadows-like in real life.
Biggest problem -you have to take pictures with all old cameras .How we’ll be able to compare models and images otherwise?

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I’ve been proud owner of D90, D700 and 15 Nikon lenses. Unfortunately my D400 dream became nightmare. So far I can’t see a reason to switch D700 with D600.D90 is another story. I’d like to have 24MPx sensor with 1.5 crop 50+ focusing points, fast burst, 5-9 steps exposure bracketing + MORE SEMI-PRO futures. Why not -macro shooting engine for capturing let say 6-9 images with different focusing points and simple stacking software.
Probably a lot of us will enjoy macro photography at higher –better quality level, don’t we?
Wild life shooters will be happy too – no need of 1000mm lens + they will keep some $$$$ in their pockets.
I’ll be glad to have 2,3-5X macro lens too.

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