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Anastigmat: The A mount croaked many years ago. Used A mount lenses from independent lens makers are a lot cheaper than the same lenses in EOS and Nikon F mount. Consumer demand for these lenses are very low, and it is not surprising that Sony will be discontinuing them.

It is actually a good thing because Sony lenses will now be designed exclusively for the E mount. Since the E mount has a shorter sensor to lens flange distance, the rear element can be closer to the sensor. Leica has taken advantage of this in their M mount lenses, by designing wide angle lenses without adhering to the reverse telephoto design that SLR camera lenses have to resort to. It now means that we will likely see sharper wide angle lenses from Sony and Zeiss for the Sony mirrorless cameras, shaper than is possible for wide angles designed for DSLR cameras

This might depend on where you live - over here in Germany, Anastigmat's statement of A-Mount equivalents being cheaper holds true, at least for Sigma's ART series.

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On article Leica APO-Summicron-M 35mm F2 ASPH lens samples (57 comments in total)

I am not at all part of the Leica ecosystem and can't judge/predict buyer behavior, but I'd be surprised if many people can justify to themselves the 7000$ or so price difference between this and the new Voigtländer 35mm APO LANTHAR. Being from a different company, it of course has a different optical design, but it shares most features and advertised capabilities. With that said, both need to be subject to thorough testing first.

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here's hoping they make a 50mm 1.4 g at some point, priced at a bit more than 1000$. I think that would be a sweetspot of size/price/performance. This thing seems more like a statement about their mount.

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On article Leica announces APO-Summicron-M 35mm F2 ASPH (420 comments in total)

So soon after the announcement of the Voigtländer 35mm f/2 APO LATHAR; at an eighth of the price, it will be a compelling competitor if the image quality is up to par - if the 50mm of that line is in indicator, odds are in Voigtländer's favor. But: we won't know until these lenses land in capable, independent photographers' hands. Looking forward to that!

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il_alexk: Would it not better for Pentax to use all their amazing design capabilities to design amazing glass for other mirrorless mounts? L-mount, FE, FX, Canon, Nicon. If 7Artizans can sell a Leica glass at ~$500, Pentax surely can do a better job at $1500. if Sigma can do it, surely Pentax can do it too.

All this great work for a dying mount that even struggles to release products announced long ago. I used to love Pentax, it's sad to see it going nowhere.

I was also under the assumption they're going nowhere - but I'm happy to be proven wrong. Outside of Ricoh's GR line being well-received, where IS Pentax headed?

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Melindra: No AF means it's for static subjects or make do with a very low hit ratio.

Most likely heavily compromised resolution (even if you nail focus) and contrast both wide open and stopped down.

I imagine the transmission across the frame wouldn't be much better than an f1.2.

Poor build quality etc.
It's a hard pass, mostly for the lack of AF and the fact such a fast lens has no place in a world with clean ISO50K output. If the T stop is 1 stop faster than, for instance, the Sigma f1.2 35mm, which it won't be, you're saving virtually no noise at the expense of a significant number of oof files.

The viability of the concept, it's just not there.
But noobs will purchase, because 0.95 ;)

you initially complained about "poor build quality" in your original comment, so I'd say burden of proof is on you moreso. still, I'm somewhat at a loss as to where either side could source reliable proof of laowa lenses being as reliable or less reliable than first party lenses.

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On article DPReview TV: Nikon Z7 II review (253 comments in total)

I'm gonna have to watch the review later, but the gallery looks promising - some nicer, "warmer" images this time, and a nice Christmas-y touch. Those shadow pushes show that the Z7M2 is well capable of pushing them beyond what you need - these already look unnatural to me, and as such I'd tone them down a bit.

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Thank you for this article! Can we see one on "micro-contrast", "3D pop", "character", etc.? I'm really unsure about the topic myself and you're someone whose assessment on the topic I would trust.

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BackToNature1: So how/what can we do to fix/mitigate it other than better lens choices?

you would have to decide if it even bothers you - as a photographer, it's not a detraction when choosing a lens in my opinion.

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That was fast.

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On article Have your say: Vote now for best zoom lens of 2020 (141 comments in total)

aw, man - it's hard to pick a winner between useful wide angle and useful telephoto zooms.

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this is making me notice that I don't have heated opinions about camera bodies this year. all the flagship releases were pretty good, though I have to say looking in from the outside the z ii cameras feel a little underwhelming as an update - maybe user experience proves me wrong.

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The best gift for photographers is always cash because we're always saving up for something expensive - but for how obviously gimmicky it is, I suddenly REALLY want one of those shutter huggers. That sure would change how people feel about me pointing my camera at them!

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I'm very happy about lens comparisons between mounts - this is crucial for people who haven't yet bought into one system, and as such it's only logical that reviewers barely ever bother.

Dry sarcasm aside, I hope we continue to see these with different kinds of lenses - the 24-70s, of course, but also the 24, 35, 50 and 85mm prime options of each system, for instance.

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