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On article Fujifilm X-Pro2 versus X-T2: Seven key differences (358 comments in total)
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chriswilliams10: I guess my thoughts would be why would anyone choose the X-Pro2, and at $100 more, no less. What is happening to X-Pro2 sales upon the announcement of the X-T2?
Fuji will have to lower their price on the X-Pro2 if they want to sell anymore. Even there size and weight are not different enough to be a compelling reason to choose the X-Pro2. It's simply that the X-T2 can do everything the more expensive camera can, and then some, including 4K.... I'm seriously going to watch for reviews on the X-T2 and consider that camera. Hope it doesn't shutdown from overheating! Look's like Fuji has limited clip length to keep that from happening.. I guess, also, to watch for sales on the X-Pro2, especially for stills folks only..

As I was clicking through the slides I thinking the same thing @chriswilliams10. Before checking the prices I was thinking "well the Pro must be cheaper" but nope, the viewfinder is its only "advantage" apart from looks, and that is purely a personal thing.

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StevenE: People question m4/3 format for good reason when we see lenses like this at US$1300.
This is equivalent to a FF 24 f/2.8, which can be had for Canon at US$550, less than half the price and it is smaller and lighter. Even more significantly, you can get a FF 24mm f/1.4 from Sigma for US$850, that's a US$450 savings, and there is, and likely never will be, a m4/3 equivalent to that!
So, although it has it's uses, micro 4/3 is a compromised format

"This is equivalent to a FF 24 f/2.8, which can be had for Canon at US$550"
But this is a (panasonic) Leica lens not a Canikon. You expect to pay more for a better quality lens.

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On article Benchmark Performance: Nikon D810 review (1984 comments in total)
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tbcass: Why did it take so long for this review to come out? Why is it "semi professional" considering that it's a camera a lot of professionals use?

I'm guessing file size? For certain professionals who have to process a lot of files I can imagine the slightly longer prices times could be a turn off compared to a D4s file size. A couple of seconds per photo across a couple of thousand photos could add up to a lot of time.

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leecamera: Just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's overpriced. T those that say they are I feel they've never actually shot seriously with a Hass.

These things are beautiful optics, with a smaller market than DSLR. Both of these things have an effect on the price.

If I am more expensive than the next photographer, does that make me necessarily overpriced...? Not if I do it better.

This site, whoever it belongs to, charges for photography work.

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2481 comments in total)
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veroman: All of the sample images seem to be VERY soft, lacking the detail and clarity of even my Olympus E-P5. Is it me (my eyes)? My computer? The Fuji?

I thought that too, but upon opening the images at full resolution I realised they are nice and sharp.

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bildsee: Quite disenchanting that overprocessed hdr images are still winning such contests.
Not all of them. I really like the images by Xuejun Xia and Carole Drake.

Is it "HDR'ed" or just excessive shadow lifting? Same thing?
Xuejun Xia's is probably the pick for me too. I can't explain why though :-)

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EskeRahn: Now this sounds wonderful!
This MIGHT be the solution for the thinner and thinner mobiles, with more and more processing power...

It would have to be a focal length based on the "pinhole mask" distance from the sensor wouldn't it? Then, depending on how "flat" you need to the camera would determine it's focal length?

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On article Hands on with Sony's a6300 and G Master lenses (289 comments in total)
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GCHYBA: To me there are 2 kinds of camera, one that fits in a pocket, and one that doesn't.
If it doesn't, I'd still prefer an SLR for the better grip, and a real viewfinder. Just an opinion.

Declaration - m4/3 user and EOS borrower :-)
GCHYBA - I understoand that OVF are great but they show what you see, whereas an EVF shows you what the sensor "really" sees.

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Alex Efimoff: The first photo hurts my eyes and brain - such a bad example of HDR.

Agreed, very artificial looking. Shame, tone down the editing and it could be a very good shot.
The rest of the photographs are really good.

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On a photo in the Sample gallery: Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 300mm F4 IS Pro sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Pretty sharp for a 300mm at 1/200.

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naltar: inward facing camera to see what's inside your fridge? I thought it's what the handle attached to the door attached to the hinge attached to the fridge is for?

@tkbslc When do ever not need more beer?

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Model Mike: Great that it uses an LR-friendly Bayer array, but looking at the stadium shot, the patterned quality of the noise frankly looks pretty awful. I wonder if that was down to ACR?

To my uneducated eye, the out of focus areas look like movement, not so much noise.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Review (494 comments in total)
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VictorLegendre: Just what the world needs, another fugly retro-styled camera. I much preferred Panasonic's modern styling to Olympus' retro. Meh!

Gotta agree with Temporel here. The OMD line has retro styling. This G model looks quite unique especially with its boxy flash housing. The previous G series had quite a
"curvy" Canon/Nikon DSLR look to it.

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Neez: I actually want this over my galaxy s6 because of the micro SD slot.

Gotta agree with Osa25. My 16Gb S5 filled up very quickly just with apps. I am glad I am able to put in a 32Gb micro SD to store photos and videos.

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On photo Pool in the Hot Girl Cold Water challenge (1 comment in total)

Cold water?

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On photo Lanikai Beach in the Hot Girl Cold Water challenge (1 comment in total)

Cold water?

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qwertyasdf: IMHO, rather than going premium, M43 might be better to go cheap
from what I see, many M43 owners are very happy with CCTV lenses.
They are willing to put anything that can bend light on their cameras

just make some CCTV quality lens with large aperture.
and print some DOF control crap on marketing materials, I'm sure the lens will sell.

m4/3 is perfect for my situation. I want a decent quality, pocketable camera with the capacity for different lenses. With a pancake attached a pen becomes pocketable but then has the flexibility of an slr with a couple of decent lenses. Saves me a lot of $'s only having to buy one camera. I don't need a high end compact and a dslr to chew up my budget.

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filipe brandao: I really don't understand why dpreview is clinging on to a marketing catch word ("mirrorless") instead of promoting a more clear classification of cameras.
Classifying these cameras as "mirrorless" is the same as saying a pencil is a inkless pen. Its confusing and forsakes a hole history of photography in which most of the cameras didn't have mirrors in their system. One should ask why isn't leica m9 included in this group.
Cameras have always been classified by how they allow the photographer to view/focus on the subject and their format. Any effort in this direction would help to clear the marketing confusion in which we roam.

I reckon they should use CSC (compact system camera). I think one of the companies (Olympus?) likes to use that term rather than mirrorless.
Another I have seen is EVIL, Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens?

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