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On article CP+ 2014 interviews: What we learned (94 comments in total)

I have Fuji's XE2 to travel and Canon's 5DMk3 for "serious" work. The principal difference is weight (try doing a fashion shoot with a 70-200 on a Canon and see if one arm is longer two hours later) but the Canon is more reliably responsive. When (not if) the Fuji folks get the X series to the 5D's level of speed and responsiveness, it will have the killer camera for stills.

Now the 4K/8K video option is also interesting. The still photographer can just capture a few seconds of input and select from hundreds of high-res images. Yes, I think there will be a new paradigm soon where stills and video merge.

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cgarrard: Gotta say I love the puns, I'm really in touit. Maybe we ought to collect all of them together in one package and provide a link touit. They are the go touit lenses I hear.


Do I need a touitter account?

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Daniel from Bavaria: Ok, nice lens. But I'll stick to my Fuji 60mm lens.

1. I own it aleady
2. It's not that pricy
3. IQ is lovely, cannot imagine the Zeiss is realy better
4. it is a bit brighter and longer AND much smaller and lighter
5. for me 1:2 on APS is most of the time good enough

But choices are always good to have.

I really think that on the x-mount side with the really good Fuji lenses it's a tough run for Zeiss.


@Nexguy: what is pointless, the lens or Daniel's comment? I too have the Fujinon 60mm and like it.

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Nukunukoo: Oh why didn't you guys even go at least F2.0?

The large aperture (2.0 or bigger) is favoured by some portrait shooters, and this lens is aimed at that market in addition to macro people. I do own Zeiss lenses for my Canon 5D2 and I wholeheartedly endorse them.

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Third parties already do this magnetic thing, to attach wide angle lenses for example. I have one.

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On article Backstory of Phantom Flex4K video shot at 1,000 FPS (91 comments in total)

Thinking along the lines of Moore's Law, this camera should be available for less than $4000 in a decade. If you listen to Kurtzweil, it may be much sooner than that. We can widen Cartier-Bresson's decisive moment into seconds... Imagine revisiting slo-mo classics like a prizefighter's punch to the face, a bursting balloon, a car crash, all in incredible detail.

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On article Want to remember something? Don't take a photo (183 comments in total)

on topic, see http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/5433585970/photos/2783199/130422e140

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On article Want to remember something? Don't take a photo (183 comments in total)

DpReview is mostly for photographers, many of whom are quite comfortable with their equipment. I'm guessing that the study used a more cosmopolitan cross-section of people, who may not be as interested in the photographic aspects of their picture-taking as denizens of this site. So opinions expressed here are somewhat skewed. As a photographer, I find that there is often a close link between what I remember of a place and what I photographed there.

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Sam Carriere: Gee, just imagine what these people might have accomplished if they had been using cameras.

Same thing.

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jcmarfilph: Seriously? Credit goes to overdone filters and PP to mask mediocrity of these images.

Did you submit yours?

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Anepo: How the hell did the second image from the bottom win an award? Its garbage the third from the top is also crap

You mean the snowstorm? I love that. It's not about resolution or camera stuff, rather about feeling. I think the composition is great too.

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On article Focus Stacking in Macro Photography (131 comments in total)
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chrisnfolsom: absolutely beautiful and informative - I am waiting for this feature to be automated as with the panoramic features now currently in most new cameras... I know to "purists" that would be wrong - I still make my own pans, but it is so damn easy working with the automatic tools and they get your pretty close. I even on occasion use my phone to take pictures/document *gasp* ;)

Yes wouldn't it be nice to have the camera adjust the focal distance automatically! Just tell it to take say ten shots at such-and-such an increment, that would have the advantage of removing human interference, touching the equipment. Cameras already control focus distance in AF using motors, so this is doable. And inevitable. But in the meantime all praise to people like Erez who take the time an care to work with available equipment. Excellent article.

I have photo-stacked immovable objects like pianos, and am awestruck that Erez does this in the field with live subjects.

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As to privacy, just wait for Google Glass:


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videoguy12: This is a total gimmick by a guy without talent.
As mentioned before, Winograd, Friedander and others are much better.
Currently tho, is the great work of David Bradford, featured on CBS Sunday Morning, and his book 'Drive by Shootings'. He worked as a cab driver in NYC and during his shift he shot photos with a simple Olympus Stylus Epic film camera and the photos really depicted the 'heart' of the city.
Tergo is terrible. How about photos shot from an armored vehicle. His threatening vehicle could easily be shot at with the shooter claiming 'self-defense' and he would win under Homeland Security act.
Tergo is probably a former paparazzi without any conscience or values.

Talent? Maybe not photographic, but look at the amount of verbiage he has generated, even in this forum. He may have a future in advertising.

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veroman: An old, tried-and-true choice of subject matter (street shooting) with better lighting. Subjects are interesting, though ... indicating that the photographer knows how to edit his work. I do question, though, the "surprise attack" approach. I'd be pretty upset if it happened to me. The drive-by technique appears to me to be a complicated issue from a privacy standpoint.

Why doesn't he use daylight?

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sdh: Am I the only one finds "street photography" generally insipid and uninspiring? This just takes it to a new level of tastelessness.

And I agree with AbrasiveReducer. Well-conceived street photography lets us look at ourselves and maybe learn something. However this truck monstrosity is not the way to do it, IMHO. I think it's a way for Tergo to get his 15 minutes of fame. Would he dare put a 35mm lens on his camera and go talk to someone? I agree with Ornitho1 too. And see Provia_fan's comment below.

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