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John M Roberts: It's tough for me to consider pre-order without some review or trial though your gift tagged onto it would be interesting,. Will is quite impressive. I usually shoot Nikon but also use Fuji so I have not read how this might do with X-Trans files that can be finicky.

I own a Nikon D7000 and an Olympus Stylus 1. I'm sure that Luminar supports the Nikon RAW files, yet what about the Olympus.

Also, I won Photoshop CS5 which - quite frankly - I rarely use, probably because it's just too daunting for a novice. However, I'm a quick study so...if I start using Luminar as a novice, will it continue to suit my needs as a serious amateur shooter?


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On article Enthusiast compact camera roundup (185 comments in total)

Interesting - and frustrating - that dpreview has yet to do a full review on its second choice enthusiast compact, the Stylus 1, and yet is all over the Fuji X30: four articles on the F30 already.

Nothing against the X30. Just wondering as to why the OS1 has been pretty much ignored despite its wealth of pluses.

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Just want to add my voice to the chorus of those current PS users who will be looking elsewhere up the road. I have always been unhappy with the way Adobe forces one to upgrade by simply refusing to add new cameras to its existing software once the latest version is introduced.

Since I don't have deep-enough pockets to fork over hundreds of dollars to Adobe every year or so, I certainly don't want their hand in my wallet every month.

I'm sure Adobe is completely unconcerned about users such as myself defecting to other photo software companies; I'm just as sure that at least some of those other companies will welcome my business.

No software is so perfect that it's irreplaceable.

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G15 review (334 comments in total)

Love your extensive camera reviews.

Having said that: what is the shutter lag on the G15?

I own a G10 and its lag is one of the cons in an otherwise terrific compact.

Sooo...one important performance spec for me in deciding whether to upgrade is how much shorter, if at all, shutter lag on the G15 is compared with the G10.

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On article Coming soon: Lens Reviews to return to dpreview.com (272 comments in total)

Can't wait for the lens tests to start up again. Hopefully the new Sigma 18 - 250 macro (testing screen shot above) and the Nikon 18 - 300 are at the top of the review list!

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On article Practical HDR, Second Edition (54 comments in total)

Good review.

Each of us has different learning needs/wants and we respond to different texts.

I, too, researched a number of HDR books before choosing Rick Sammon's HDR Photography Secrets for Digital Photographers.

Interestingly - since I've rarely found the Dummies books valuable for my learning style or needs - Robbert Correll's High Dynamic Range Digital Photography for Dummies is a solid and comprehensive book for beginners and intermediates.

My regular go-to HDR site is Trey's, which has a wealth of information and images.

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