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  • No one really complains about their IQ at Base ISO. All FF have fantastic IQ at iso 100. This is no different for K1 mark II its as good as the competition at base iso, some would say better some...

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    Looking around at the studio comparison tool with the new DPR files I must got to admit the K1 Mark II looks pretty good. In terms of noise it may very well be the best. Sharpness looks good too. ...
  • A few things are pretty clear. 1) DPreview seems to go out of there way to find flaws in Pentax cameras, bigger faults in other cameras seem to be passed off as no big deal. 2) There is very little ...
  • Well the IQ looks very good, as is expected. I can't imagine ever needing more than 36mp. If sony could soup up this sensor with some faster read out speeds that would be sweet.

  • Thanks for sharing. 6400 looks very good 12800 looks good enough. Great portfolio btw.
  • Nice images, very nice subject. Both lenses look great. Do you have a favorite between them?
  • Might be a good place to test out the new AF of the K-1 II. I watched the race (on television) it was pretty exciting.
  • I suppose everyone who doesn't want a mirrorless camera must be an idiot?

  • Is it? and its silver not black? Did the perpatraitor come foreward? I do not think Asahiman would intentionally decieve us so maybe the image is a Fake but there could be some truth to the rumor ...
  • It was never implied that this image had anything to do with the K-1 II. Members here infered that all on there own. Its pretty obviouse that it is an APSC camera.
  • Something doesnt seem right here, my wife used the K-5 and K-3 at many dance events with various lenses and rarely were they out of focus. It was honestly a non issue. I think you may have had a ...
  • I really dont mind TCS reviews but they are first and foremost a Camera Store and you can't expect them to be impartial. The high iso of the KP is very good, is it as good as they hoped? ...
  • Maybe Ricoh let this one slip just to check for leaks. Ooops
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    Nothing like getting a new toy to play with. I went from the K-5 to the K-3 which is better in pretty much every way except for the battery life. The k-5 was a beast wrt to the battery life. You ...
  • Created discussion thread Pentax users
    I just want to make a quick rant, it's not a bad one though. On one of other recent threads I read several comments about how pentax users are insecure. I really haven't seen this on this forum in ...
  • Great photos from a beautiful place. I like number 2 and 3 the most. I do miss the Rockies, but missed the ocean more when I lived out west.
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    Fine. If you rescaled to D850 to match resolution the K-1 they might look very similar. The D850 wouldnt look any better though. That is really the main point I think. Is the D850 under rated. Hell no.
  • True but not what is happening here in this video. Difference between these two sensors is negligible in any meaningfull way. Both sensors have their strengths. The speed of the D850 is the reason ...
  • Here's another on posted by OGL over there. At f/1.4 no less. Seems that a few copies may be out for testing.
  • Created discussion thread first sample from DFA* 50 1.4 Forum member from Pentax Forums found this on the Ricoh Facebook page
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