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    They'll stand up for you just like the looters did for businesses that are black-owned, right before they looted and trashed them.
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    Of course I recognize that reporting is done with a bias.  It shouldn't be, but it is.  It's no longer reporting when the bias enters in, it's an opinion piece.
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    The ubiquitous smartphone has changed everything - we see things now that we never would have without someone nearby with a smartphone recording.
  • Not sure i'd agree with that.  For example, in the old days I think it would have been very difficult to label Walter Cronkite as a liberal, conservative, Democrat, or Republican.  It wasn't ...
  • Replied in Huh?
    We all have our biases, journalists included.  However, the job of a journalist is to report the facts.  Those who become journalists because they feel strongly about injustices, should seek ...
  • Sorry to hear this. I bought my first SLR from them, a Minolta X700. Bought a couple of others after AF arrived on cameras and then bought my first DSLR from them. A class operation. They did a ...
  • Headed? We're already there. White actors no longer voicing black or other minority animated characters. Only a minority politician can adequately represent minority constituents. White privilege? ...
  • Beautiful, just beautiful.  Hope you and your have fared well and are healthy.
  • Great job and congratulations! A nice recognition of your talent
  • Wear a jacket or photo vest onto the plane and pack as many lenses and other gear into them that you can.
  • Replied in KR is fine
    IMO, his credibility takes a hit when he reviews gear without ever using it.  Maybe he doesn't do that anymore, but he did many years ago.
  • Mighty nice collection of photos.  That shot of the dragon fly in flight - those have always eluded me.  I've got plenty of them when they're not moving, buy none like your shot here.
  • What I remember most about Venice is that it was the most crowded place I've ever been to. S these photos makes me wish I could see Venice this way.
  • Much better names than Yugo and Trabant.
  • These reviewers are under an NDA with Canon.  If they violate it, Canon will no longer provide cameras.  I highly doubt this guy would violate the NDA and jeapordize his chance to ever get a ...
  • I had one experience with Tokina customer support about nine years ago. I bought a 16-50mm AT-X lens that I was not quite satisfied with - it was soft. I had it for some time so I could no longer ...
  • With the small volume of Sigma cameras that are sold, it makes no sense for a third party to make a compatible flash. Only Sigma flashes are TTL compatible.
  • I am 100% certain I'm getting one.  The problem is that my wife is 100% certain I'm not.
  • The USPS is not a private corporation.  It is an independent agency or the executive branch of the federal government. The employees are federal government workers and all buildings (except the ...
  • @Robert890, count me in as "one of them in the crowd". I rarely use the screen on my EOS R to compose and have no real need to be able to do it with my Sigma SD1 if I could. We all have our...

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