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  • Another large factor, IMO, in Trump's election was a vast number of voters giving the big middle finger to the establishment in the party - they were tired of the party deciding which candidate ...
  • What people are you referring to that are determined to not let history repeat itself?  Antifa?  Antifa are the real fascist thugs.
  • Replied in California
    My wife and I recently moved from Long Island to Johnson City, TN.  No traffic problems here.  However, before deciding on this area, we checked into the areas around Nashville.  We were in ...
  • I have no personal experience with nor will I ever.  The prices they are charging should be an indicator that they are not legit, they certainly are not an authorized NIkon delaer. ...
  • I had ticket-in-hand and was refused entry into a couple of places in Manhattan and one on Long Island because a DSLR is a "professional" camera.  I was in London in 2009 at the Hammersmith Apollo ...
  • Replied in 3rd Party lens
    I was referring to OEM as the camera manufacturer, just as in automobiles where an OEM item is one that comes out of the factory.  A lens branded as a Sigma, Tamron, or Tokina is not an OEM ...
  • You have an axe to grind against people of faith? Have you been wronged by a Hasidic Jew and choose to judge all of them by the actions of one or a few?  Seems to me that you won't patronize a ...
  • Ditto for me.
  • Replied in 3rd Party lens
    There are some 3rd party lenses that surpass their OEM counterparts in image quality, quite a few. There is the risk of compatibility when a new camera comes up, as Leonard mentioned.  All 3rd ...
  • Replied in SPOTS!
    Sensor cleaning is not as difficult or as risky as some think. As noted in other posts, try a rocket blower first, it's easy and just may dislodge the dust. If that doesn't work, there are several ...
  • I just flew from NC to NY this weekend.  I had a camera with attached lens in a case inside of my carry-on duffel bag.  I did not have to take the camera out for inspection.
  • Hoping that our paths cross again.  I still think about you and pray that your body is made whole.  The mind is still sharp, that's for certain.
  • Lovely photos, nice that you were able to get away to SC to shoot these.
  • Created discussion thread Photos From our New Home State
    My wife and I recently retired and have moved from Long Island to Tennessee. We are officially tax refugees. While our new home is being built in Kingsport, we are staying in an apartment in ...
  • You could be right about a design flaw.  I charged the two batteries again to test.  Each battery seems to work individually in the grip.  The LCD shows battery power at full three bars for each ...
  • Created discussion thread SD1 Camera Grip Problem?
    I got a second-hand PG-31 grip not long ago, in excellent cosmetic condition, appears new.  I had a chance to use it today, I've moved recently and all my time was taken up with packing.  I had ...
  • Thanks for posting, I enjoyed viewing these. Nice that you got a shot of the canal while a boat was passing.
  • When can we see some of the photos?
  • Commented on article Sigma SD Quattro H Review

    I don't think so Woodyz, we take our cameras out all the time. You don't see us because, relatively speaking, there aren't many of us Sigma camera users out there.

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