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This looks like a promising product. What's bothering me, though, apart of the price, are the physical dimensions. For comparison: I still own a Nikon 2.8/180 ED IF. It has impeccable image quality, but slow screw-driven autofocus, and, of course no stabilization. On the other hand it weighs in at approximately 750 g , filter size is 72 mm. And it is a full frame lens! – In the Micro 4/3 universe there is a gap between tiny, plasticky consumer lenses and big premium Pro gear that is excellent, expensive – and big in relation to sensor size. One of the few exceptions is the 1.8/75 from Olympus, not cheap but very good and not huge. I wish there were more options like this in the tele range. Perhaps something like a 135/3.5? – In the meantime I keep using my 2.8/100 OM with adapter.

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For us mere mortals it would have been much more useful to compare the results of the 50 $ Camcorder with examples costing, say, 300, 1000 and 3000.

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Now, at last, the American way of warfare has entered photography. I guess this drive-by people molester will get his ”share“ sooner or later. His only achievement so far is that he has a proof if he tells everybody ”I saw Jesus at Hollywood Blvd“!

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Dan4321: You follow one rule, but break two others. For instance, the cropping in the second photo cuts off part of the woman's hand. The third photo I think involves some nudity, so it should probably be labelled *NSFW* (or the whole article labelled that) because while we may not mind the nudity, someone looking over our shoulder in the workplace may.

In the modern world where photos are rarely printed and often viewed on screen, in a movable window, the rule of thirds is such a big deal anymore.

NSFW? –– OMG! There’s more nudity in the Vatican museum!

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These color versions are ridiculous!

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This is the first time I hear about this trick of adjusting sync timing for operation at higher shutter speeds. It absolutely makes sense. I wonder why the camera manufacturers like Canon and Nikon are not able to achieve that with their own hardware, or am I missing something here? – All the connections between camera and flash unit are present in most cases. This might even be done by some firmware tweaking. The SB-900 has a firmware update feature. I don’t own one, though. Comments, anybody?

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