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munn1: Pretty impressive! My only complaint is that as with most of these drone videos, they feel they have to spin & twirl to make it all about the drone, & the footage goes by so fast you really don't see that much of the subject. Slow it down & it could be a very interesting video showing something that very few people would see otherwise.

Slow down, yes. This is what you can at YouToube, fortunately. Any older person wants to do that. Movies consisting of 1.5 second sequences drive me crazy. Youngsters who grew up with this madness can stand it, but I wonder what people are really able to process from what is racing by in front of their eyes. Emotion, yes, details? no.

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Like it or not, they know exactly what they are doing. Either you sell by quantity or by quality. Add perceived quality and prestige, and there you go: you sell to the rich guys who keep getting richer all the time. Customers of elite brands like Vuitton or Leica buy BECAUSE these things are expensive and everybody sees what they have been able to spend.

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PhotoKhan: If they really wanted to stop the importing of counterfeit goods in the long term they could simply not charge the obscene amounts they charge for batteries and other low-tech accessories.

...Because, you see, Canon, whenever an item classified as "counterfeit" but actually just diverted from the same place where the "official" items are made reaches the market, from its price, we immediately know what your markup is on those items.

While I agree with you that original accessories are being overcharged, you must differentiate a bit. While a lens hood ist more or less a bit of plastic in many cases (not all, though), a battery can be cheaply made, with falsely claimed capacity and lacking protection circuits, or a quality product that you could use safely, just without the license. I had both, not Canon, but it’s the same with other brands. If I want quality for less, I buy used.

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dan_darkroom: Shoulder bags are not a new invention and the Amazon bag is not the same at all. But it does give PEAK some good media exposure, specially with the word "amazon" in it.

Things don’t just exist, they are being developed. If there was no innovation, there would be nothing there to copy.

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Here is my secret tip fo a screwmount camera: in 1973 or 1974 I bought a Fujica ST-701, a manual M42 mount camera that I liked much better than the Pentaxes. Its body was smaller and lighter, he viewfinder bigger and much brighter, the metering system better, mechanics impeccable. The standard lens was excellent too. I sold it to a friend who kept and used it for many years to come.

In the late seventies I switched to Nikon. My favorite was the FE which I still keep, even though I don’t do analog any more. Now I am happy with Olympus OM-D…

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jhorse: Voting for non-digital cameras for beginners, especially when beginners are more likely to be of the younger generation, in digital era seems pointless and irrelevant.

I don’t think you are right. It is not a matter of generation. A better camera remains a better camera, even afte all those years.

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kobakokh: Nikon very carefully looks to Chinese market... Then we have 780 instead 760 or 770... Great! 800 series was also numbered for Chinese market where Nikon and probably all other manufacturers have a near 30-50% of their income... When Canon created his 5D mark 4, it was mistake, even with Latin "IV" writing, in China its not popular camera anymore, when I asked to some 5D3 users about upgrade their cameras, most of them answered they will wait for 5D Mark 5. I predict this Nikon D780 will got success in China and also in another Asian countries.

It’s about the Chinese obsession with certain numbers and their alleged meaning…

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I am an Olympus user with an E-M10 II. I had the Oly 45/1.8 for years, it is tiny and good. Minimum distance should be a little shorter though. When I managed to get an affordable 75/1.8 I found it to be significantly better fully open in terms of sharpness and bokeh.

Since the angle of view the 75 renders is a bit too tight for many subjects I found myself constantly switching between the two. As any user of primes knows, the best things happen while you are busy switching lenses. I was so happy when the Sigma 56 came out. I bought it, sold both the Oly 45 and 75 on eBay and even had some cash left. Less to carry and less to switch.

I am extremely happy with the Sigma ever since. I only stop it down for more depth of field, not for quality. I use it for many things—portrait, closeups, landscape and whatnot. Focusing is fast and precise, handling is better than the slippery Oly 75 because of the rubberized ring.

Lens shade? Metal from China, 55 plus 58mm, which I never take off.

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trebledee: Not touching another PD product. I was sucked unto buying a Messenger bag. It can't even stand up on its own. It rolls forwards in an attempt to spill the contents, every single time.
The movable geometric dividers are a joke and you can't fit more than a compact in it.
Adjust the strap to anything but default position and the immovable shoulder pad is off centre, causing the bag to continuously slide on your shoulder.
It's ok as a posing laptop bag when I'm wearing my 3/4 length trousers, riding my fixie to the latest cool coffee shop. That's about it.
Their design department needs to look at function too, it's bag design, not rocket science.

Maybe you are right with each and every point you make, but you seem not to get the message of the article you are commenting on. What you can see here is that PD are learning from their customers and are constantly improving their products. Did you contact them early on about the issues you have with your bag? THAT is the way products keep getting better, at least when an attentive and innovation-friendly company like Peak Design is involved. Their attitude is way more hepful than yours.

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Give us more tools to produce fake news! You cannot trust pictures since long ago. Completely fabricated videos are the next big thing. We can see now that our lust for Hollywood style illusion is enabling unlimited opportunities for lies and manipulation. Special effects presumable created for innocent fun will be put to use in crime and crooked politics. We must be aware that we cannot believe anything we see on a screen. Not funny at all.

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2nd Wind: "Audun carefully positioned this tree branch, hoping it would make a perfect lookout for a golden eagle. He set up a camera trap and occasionally left road-kill carrion nearby. Very gradually, over the next three years, this eagle started to use the branch to survey its coastal realm". This is not a wildlife photo no more than a studio portrait is a candid. That said, the photo does seem to be a compilation of images. Dramatic, perhaps, but ho different than a hunter who baits his kill which happens to be illegal in the USA. Notwithstanding the details of the shot as a disclaimer, I would have disqualified this photo, but seems anything goes nowadays.

Apart from that, the image looks strangely artificial.

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Shiranai: Cinematic grade LOL...
Its as cinematic grade as my LED dog collar.

Maybe the RGB, but does your dog collar have tunable white at 95 CRI?

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vesa1tahti: Sensor size IS the answer !

Well, for me, image quality is not the issue anymore, ISO capability and DOF equivalence vastly overrated. Ergonomics is the one thing to further improve, most of all the user interface.

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Thanks, Sigma, but 280 g for a 56 f/1.4 is NOT really lightweight for me. It might be more economical to offer the same design for a DX and a M 4/3 camera, but it is not a perfect fit for the smaller format. Olympus’ own f/1.8 lenses are REALLY small and light. They show the same advantage as the OM system back in the day.

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(unknown member): I don’t understand this type of ‘landscape photography’.
Go to a place which means nothing to you, with which you have no connection or understanding, to replicate tens of thousands of decorative images that already exist.

It’s always seemed to me that landscape photography (both rural and urban) is about the land, and the photographer offering his / her unique insight.
This sort of photography seems a bit like trophy hunting; like a dentist paying thousands of dollars to have the guides plonk a drugged lion five feet in front of him saying ‘shoot it now, before it dies [Bang!], well done – you’re a real hunter now”

So where is the value in these images? Maybe:
“€7090 for participants registering from September 1st, 2018”
“The guides are always available to help with carrying the equipment“
“A 67% refund (excluding deposit) will be given up to 75 days prior to the workshop starting date.”

Just my frank opinion on this…

Lets face it; like many others, this an adventure for rich guys. I admit I envy them a bit. For anybody offering any kind of service, catering to the rich guys is the about the only way to go. Sad, but a reality.

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Aleks7: nice pictures, but is it really necessary to photograph the very same trees over and over and over and over and over and....???

I guess so. To take advantage of the location as well as the rapidly changing conditions is a natural reaction for any alert photographer.

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A Leica is both a tool and a luxury item. Leica is doing well since it is selling expensive, prestigious products to rich guys while the rich get richer year after year. Without those customers Leica would have been long gone, and that would be a pity for the craftsmanship.

I do not envy people who can afford a Leica but despise those who buy it to put it away in a glass cabinet or a safe, never to be used as a tool.

I do envy the engineers who can develop premium products without compromising quality. In the mass market they would be under the thumb of marketing departments that want „features“ and perceived – instead of real – quality.

There are working professionals, and there are people who LOVE taking pictures too but have the privilege of not having to pay their food, rent, gear and expenses from what they earn with photography. Both can afford their Nikon and Canon cameras and lenses thanks to others who keep buying because they think a better camera takes better pictures.

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This looks like a promising product. What's bothering me, though, apart of the price, are the physical dimensions. For comparison: I still own a Nikon 2.8/180 ED IF. It has impeccable image quality, but slow screw-driven autofocus, and, of course no stabilization. On the other hand it weighs in at approximately 750 g , filter size is 72 mm. And it is a full frame lens! – In the Micro 4/3 universe there is a gap between tiny, plasticky consumer lenses and big premium Pro gear that is excellent, expensive – and big in relation to sensor size. One of the few exceptions is the 1.8/75 from Olympus, not cheap but very good and not huge. I wish there were more options like this in the tele range. Perhaps something like a 135/3.5? – In the meantime I keep using my 2.8/100 OM with adapter.

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For us mere mortals it would have been much more useful to compare the results of the 50 $ Camcorder with examples costing, say, 300, 1000 and 3000.

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