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whawha: If it needs the squeeze through small places why not make it small enough in the first place?

@Photomonkey and you need a ladder.

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blink667: It's a photoshoot with a woman dressed as a cosplay character holding a fake gun and "concerned beachgoers" call the police? Too many literal minded people on this planet.

Isn't Bruce Lee's son got shot during filming?

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And I thought manual was hard. :)

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Mariano Pacifico: DELAY is marketing ploy. Do not fall for it. How can photographers snap up and whipe it off the shelves when DPR has not even reviewed it.

Exactly how many DPR members/subscribers have read of the review and how many of them would upgrade or buy Tamron 17-28 f2.8?

Doesn't make sense at all. Somebody has to give us a skinny on this.

Brand marketing.

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He is not happy designing new emoji and credit card? :)

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Does it come with a $1k stand?

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This is not safe at all. People are killing themselves just holding the phone. The last scene in the video, more people will knock themselves out and fall off the cliff. :)

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surlezi: (SR5) Yongnuo will also announce new 35mm f/1.8, 35mm f/2.0 and one 24-70mm FE lens this year!

From Sonyalpharumors


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Then good news. There will be more 3rd parties lens for Sony and with the competition, Sony will drop the price of their lens. :)

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APenza: I’ll never eat frog legs again. Enjoyed looking at the photo until I finished reading the caption.

I am hungry! :)

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M Chambers: A little kid crying? Wow, that's the shot of a lifetime! Move over Abraham Zapruder, this is history in the making.

Right now there are little kids crying at Disneyland. That's what they do.

Kids are crying at Disneyland are spoiled little brats. The kid in the picture, she was just scared.

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Can't wait to see a blackhole.

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Even the chinese government lied to us. The earth is flat. :)

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Mormegil87: How does the eye and face detection works when they are multiple subjects? Does it detect and track all the faces?

You can do face registration and set priorities

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Fid: Image #3 says 800mm f/4. How has this been done?

Telescope and and tracking

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I will take 5 and 9.

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Do you have to pay $10 to shoot time lapse? :)

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