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Tical: Lenses are manufactured by Nittoh, sensor is manufactured by Sony, flash system is manufactured by Nikon, why the hell it is called a Hasselblad is beyond me.

Hasselblad has always outsourced lenses and flash systems all the way back to the beginning.

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Tons o Glass 0 Class: I'm sure there will be at least a few people who will buy a $7500 camera body and a $555 adapter to gimp their Canon glass, just because they can.

I think Canon makes at least a few nice lenses, no?

Link | Posted on May 27, 2016 at 20:06 UTC
On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (397 comments in total)

A minor correction; you say that "generally big top plate shutter speed files didn't show up until the OM series of 35mm cameras" but that is not true. OM seies cameras had their shutter speed dials at the lens mount and the dial on top was for changing the ASA setting.

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On article History Repeating: Olympus PEN-F Review (1063 comments in total)

They should have gone full retro and turned the frame 90 degrees like the original F.

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Frank_BR: I think 10mm is a new record for rectilinear ultra wide angle lens for FF. Congratulations, Voigtlander!

Zeiss made Hologon 8mm f/16 rectilinear lens for the Contax G series.

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GThomp: Not impressed - chromatic aberration and edge softness at f7.1 is completely unacceptable especially considering the price of the lens. I'm getting better IQ from my old cheap 18-105mm on my D7100 but perhaps the bokeh is better and the 16-80 has a larger max aperture. Have looked at samples from other sites and they tell the same story - way overpriced and certainly not a classic lens

How does your 18-105 compare at 16mm and f/2.8?

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I have an original trioplan in Exakta mount that I can adapt to my V1. I think I paid $25 for it on eBay 15 years ago. Even with modern glass, coatings and mount it's still an old triplet design and $1700 is insane.

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On article Going solo: DxO introduces 20MP 'ONE' connected camera (127 comments in total)
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adengappasami: 599. AM i reading it right. And did they think about how frequently apple changes that charger port or connector port in that phone.

But again if you can buy the phone and watch, 599 is not a big dea.

The iPhone used a 30 pin connector from 2003 to 2012 when they changed to the current Lightning connector. I count that as one change. Does that define frequent?

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Ribbit74: Based on the picture, it looks like the camera needs to sit flush against the lightning connector on the phone. Meaning it isn't going to fit if you have ANY sort of case on your phone. That's a major design fail. Even my Seek Thermal camera has enough of a protrusion to at least work with Apple's own cases.

As a 6 Plus owner, I can tell you there is no way I am going to carry my phone without a case just so I can use this camera. My phone is a tool that I carry and use in my work as well as in leisure and the thing is just too damn slippery without a case on it. I appreciate the slim design of the phone as it allows use of a good protective bumper case and still fit in my pants pocket.

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On article Richard Franiec offers Canon PowerShot G7 X custom grip (112 comments in total)
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ThatCamFan: I do not trust a piece of tape to not fall off with time breaking the camera.

Ok, a lot of people have this fear but I can tell you first hand that to remove one of these grips from my V1, using the recommended method of sliding dental floss between body and grip, I practically cut myself with the floss! There's no way in hell that the grip is ever going to fall off by itself.

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On article Just Breathe: Portraits of adults with Cystic Fibrosis (13 comments in total)
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papa natas: Just a little remark here, please. And I'm quoting your text:
"..Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting children and young adults."
The disease is not Universally commonly fatal.
Cystic Fibrosis is the most common lethal generic disease among...

It is universally considered fatal because there is no cure currently, only therapies. Of all people with CF that have died, most died due to complications of the disease. However, Due to large number of genotypes, varied symptoms and ongoing research, people with CF are living much longer with every generation.

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On article Sony Australia releases a3500 with new kit lens (132 comments in total)

It's what Sony needs to compete with all of the Nikon D3xxx models out there. The typical buyer of this product doesn't know a DSLR from a mirrorless; if it looks like a nikon...

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HeyItsJoel: I'll never understand why Nikon insist on starting their kit lenses at 18mm when the ideal length to start is @ 16mm (~24mm fov).

you left out the 18-135

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On article Just Posted: Pentax Q7 Real-world Samples Gallery (136 comments in total)
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PaulSnowcat: I cannot understand... Nikon 1 gives much better quality with the same price and size... Why bother buying Pentax Q?

The N1 system, which I own and like a lot, is much larger than the Q system just as the N1 system lenses are smaller than mirrorless APS-C systems. All systems are compromises in some aspect and it comes down to what you need a system to do and what you are willing to accept with those compromises. For me if the Q had an EVF like the V1, I would jump ship for the little guy in a heartbeat, but I know adding that EVF would ruin the looks/size for many. Just my 2 cents.

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NancyP: John Milich makes a DP2/1Merril L bracket with grip, for those who want a more compact, tailored L bracket than available in "generic" L bracket kits.

No affiliation, just a DP2M owner who likes L brackets for single-row panorama work.

That's a cool looking and practical grip too, especially for the tripod users. I welcome any exposure to products like this whether from a press release or users post. I also see no conflict with DPR. We get this site for free and I feel they can do whatever they want.

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Daniel Roos: seems like a real rip off of Nikons SU-800

SU-800 operates via infrared signals like Canon's and is not as reliable at distances or around corners. Odin is radio controlled so doesn't have those limitations

Link | Posted on Sep 4, 2012 at 21:38 UTC
On article Nikon addresses 1 V1 and 1 J1 flaws with firmware v1.2 (41 comments in total)
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GeorgeZ: Nice to see an update.
Of course one has to ask why it took them 10 months to do some minor tweaks.

If I'm not mistaken this is the 3rd set of firmware updates for the system, or at least I have done a total of 3 since I got my V1 for Christmas. A lot of camera models go their whole production life with no firmware updates while owners moan about the lack of customer service. I for one am quite happy with the latest updates.

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On article Richard Franiec creates accessory grip for Sony RX100 (116 comments in total)
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Hobbit13: Is Richard Franeic family of one of the DPReview owners? He gets loads of attention, but is only one of many accecoire makers out there. And an expensive supplier to!

DFPanno, If you check the Nikon V1, Canon and Olympus forums and search for "Franiec grip" you will find a lot of unsolicited praise for the products and none of them were purchased via Amazon. Conspirational? Maybe you do need a tinfoil hat.

Link | Posted on Jul 20, 2012 at 02:39 UTC
On article Richard Franiec creates accessory grip for Sony RX100 (116 comments in total)
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DFPanno: I'm not sure what these grips are for other then to pull the camera from a vertical case.

I find that I:

Pick up the camera
Put my wrist strap on (I recommend the Olympus Adjustable)
Manipulate the camera and controls with thumbs and index fingers.
My right middle and ring fingers are at the front of the camera bracing it.

Where does a grip come in?

The only time I would see is if you walk around without a wrist strap but at $700.00 that's not me.

I guess other people handle their cameras differently.

This kind of grip fills in the void under the ring and middle fingers so you need less pressure with the finger tips. I have one on a V1 and it makes holding the camera a lot more secure, particularly in portrait orientation. But naysayers always know better than those that actually use a product.

Link | Posted on Jul 19, 2012 at 12:54 UTC
On article Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview (376 comments in total)

I have always liked Pentax cameras; I had a Spotmatic way back when and used an MX with several "M" K-mount lenses for almost 30 yrs. I have periodically toyed with the idea of chucking my Nikon gear for a K-5. But I have to say this latest thing is the Pontiac Aztec of the camera world!

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