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silentstorm: I looked through the specs and am surprised that this new flagship (supposedly) is not doing 8K video. C'mon, there's a 50MP sensor and other flagships have been doing 8K for 3 years already.

The 8K video is a must-have now for flagship phones, doesn't matter very few have a 8K TV at home to view.

I guess there are no technical limitations to prevent this phone from shooting 8K and this feature could well be offered in a future update.

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On a photo in the Sony a1 sample gallery sample gallery (2 comments in total)

So much better than the ooc jpeg.

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CaPi: Video... It's everywhere.
I would really like to know how what percentage (non business) customers use that regularly outside of YouTube.

Count me in. All the best memories from my family were shot on a Canon 814xls and later with a Panasonic S-VHS camcorder. When we are watching these little films, we feel so happy and, in comparison, the photos taken at the same time look lifeless. Now we have everything in one single affordable body with a quality and ease of use simply beyond imagination 30 or 40 years ago. What a great time to be alive ☺

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Adam007: I don't understand why these images are so poor. Some of the prompts do invite surrealism, but others are straight forward. If the computer can recognize "giraffe", car" and "walking near", why does it spit out such a phantasmagorical impression?

A couple years ago, I read of a machine that could output images based on the subject's thoughts. The subject would be asked to imagine, for example, a giraffe walking near a car. While the results were comparable to this, I thought they were flat-out amazing. Here, I'm at a loss.

I was about to comment on that too. In the experience where they tried to visualize thoughts the results were really poor, more like color blotches far from the original image. This here is more like Dali surrealistic paintings. This is maybe how computer dreams will look like ☺

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ecka84: They should implement the algorithm into cameras.

Simply allowing to double the frame rate for smoother playback already makes it a great tool in post.

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I was about to post a similar comment ☺ DPP is perfect for raw extraction that you convert to tiff and import in another photo editor if you want ultra precise or more radical modifications. Once you get used to the program, it's super easy and very effective. I've been using it since the eos5d2 and it became much more powerful overtime but the image quality has always been there.

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On a photo in the Canon EOS R5 sample gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Effective highlights recovery.

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On a photo in the Canon EOS R5 sample gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

That boost in exposure is a big improvement compared to the standard color profile. Great result.

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On a photo in the Canon RF 800mm F11 IS STM sample gallery sample gallery (7 comments in total)
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Max Thunder: Well done.

Following and correctly framing birds with long telelenses is not easy even with an optical vf so evf lag could make things much more difficult.

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On a photo in the Canon RF 800mm F11 IS STM sample gallery sample gallery (7 comments in total)

Well done.

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MikeRan: Any idea of the implications of the dual base ISO bit? Is it a dual gain sensor that they previously hadn’t implemented in software? ISO3200 is five stops down from ISO100. That’s a lot of second stage gain.

This could correct the dip in DR around 3200/6400 ISO compared to other cameras with similar sensor like the Z6 or the S1
Great review here:

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On a photo in the Sony Xperia 1 Mark II sample gallery sample gallery (2 comments in total)

That tele works pretty well. It handles the harsh lights of the scene and there's no oversharpening leaving some room for further editing and possibly even better results when raw will be made available. I read somewhere it is actually cropping from a sensor that has a larger pixel count.

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Photodog2: Canon needs to work with a display manufacturer to get reasonably priced 8k or even 6k monitors and TVs out on the market or now the bottleneck is the presentation media. In stills, electronic presentation media has been the bottleneck for over 10 years.

Snapper - pixels dimensions are only reduced by half though there's a fourfold increase in pixel count. With a viewing distance of 3m, I could see individual pixels on my old 50" FHD but I can't see any on a 65" 4K.

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On article Ins and outs of ISO: where ISO gets complex (153 comments in total)

"Again, thanks to bobn2 for his pre-publication check of this article to prevent overly casual use of the word amplification"
This must be slightly sarcastic 😎

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Ed Ingold: Storage is a minor challenge compared to the infrastructure needed to handle UHD, much less 6K and 8K video.

Nearly all video deliverables are electronic, largely via the internet and the Cloud. This is true for professionals and hobbyists alike. Everything I use is capable of 4K, but I find very little market for it. HD is still the standard of exchange, and even so high quality (16 MHz) HD for streaming can take a long time. I can deliver large projects quicker on BD discs by snail mail than over the internet.

Interesting insight into the reality of pro-video.

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If the screen is as good as they claim - mk1 wasn't -, if the picture and video quality is up to their reputation, if the sound from the stereo speakers and the minijack output is as good as the specs suggest, if the SD 865 is as fast as with other phones, if battery life is decent then, no matter the design or the selling price, this is the phone to buy for the real tech enthusiast.

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JEROME NOLAS: Why no data?

No ISO settings indeed.

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On the 200% crop, tiles on the roof and leaves of the tree show much cleaner details, more natural colors and less harsh contrast without the AA filter.

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On a photo in the Tamron 20mm F2.8 Macro sample gallery sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Interesting dof vs fov.

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On a photo in the Sony a7R IV sample gallery sample gallery (22 comments in total)
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dpfan32: too much bokeh. when you look t this picture it's like you have a bad sight. there is almost nothing sharp. yes I know: the eyes should be sharp. but look at this: only one is sharp...

You would then prefer this one shot at f/5.6 or maybe even f/8.

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