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  • Thank you dj_paige
  • I can't get a file to go into a Lightroom catalog. Lightroom says the file is already in the catalog but I can't find it. Al
  • Jandi09 Yes!  There is an answer.  I sent the lens to Tamron in New York.  They fixed it and had it back to me in a little over a week.  They asked for a copy of my receipt or warranty number. ...
  • Forum I went to the link suggested by dj paige.  It worked.  Thank you all.  I'm sorry for being so snarky. Al
  • Once again NO! I actually found something that works by hunting and pecking.  In Library module go to "FILE", "IMPORT PHOTOS AND VIDEO".    I can't believe it but it worked. Al
  • Mark K W No, no.  Sometimes it works sometimes it dose not, I am like a cat chasing it's tail.  I just can't get this thing to work.  If it works it undoes all the things I did before. Adobe is the ...
  • Benross Doesn't work. "Seems to me" answers seldom do. Al
  • Created question thread Lightroom catalog problems
    I am completely frustrated with Lightroom catalogs, it has to be the most complicated thing on earth.  I don't know what evil mind conceived of it.  I am trying to move a catalog from one external ...
  • Created discussion thread 80D HDR from Creative Scenes
    I have tried doing HDR from the menu but, I have not had good success.  It is probably due to my skill level.  Until I learn more I am using HDR from creative scenes on the mode dial.  For me, it ...
  • Added 4 photos to their gallery
    x non HDRx creative scene HDR standardx creative scene HDR standard after photoshopx after photoshop non HDR
  • Hello Spika I also sent my Tamron 16-300 to be updated to work with my newly purchase Canon 80D.  They did a good job with the update. Tamron wanted a copy of my receipt or a warranty number. ...
  • Pete Thank you for the videos.  Great sound!  You have about convinced me that the AT8024 is the mic for me.  That jazz band is terrific.  It looks like you are creating some good stuff with your ...
  • Pete Thank you for your answer.  Does it mean that the marching band will go from on speaker to the other when you watch the video? Al
  • Thank you all for replying to my question. That Sennheiser MKE 440 sure seems like the thing I need. The Audio Technica AT8024 also sounds like a good choice and $100 cheaper. The AT8024 may even ...
  • Created discussion thread Stereo microphones for Canon 80D
    Years ago I bought an Audio Technica ATR25 stereo microphone, I used in on a mini recorder.  The sound was amazing!  When I put on head phones and played back the recording, I turned my head in the ...
  • Created discussion thread Microphone records a radio program
    I was learning how to use my Audio Technica ATR25 microphone with my new Canon 80D.  Everything was alright until I dropped the microphone.  Now, instead of recording my voice talking into the ...
  • Replied in Mirror up
    Do you have a DSLR?
  • Replied in Mirror up
    Chris R-UK Yes, I am referring to 'mirror lockup' on DSLR's.  I wonder if you can tell the difference between mirror lock-up and doing the same picture without mirror lock-up?  I know I can do the ...
  • Created question thread Mirror up
    How important is 'mirror-up' photography?  How much difference does it really make? Al
  • Replied in 80D and HDR
    I wonder, can Ansel Adams techniques be considered HDR? Al
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