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Lives in Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden
Works as a bus driver, soon 100% retired
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Like to draw, paint, and photograph nature, and identified
flying 'objects' (no UFOs), like the moon, bumblebees, aircraft, and, not least, birds!


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Gazeomon: One cannot even delete PHOTOS from the hard drive and free some disc space.
Every time I import images into Lightroom, this crappy PHOTO has to be clicked out of my sight. Just another APPLE p-ss off.

CleanMyMac3 easily deleted the entire shebang and freed a lot of disc space, and memory!

Managed to delete a lot of other useless software, too, also claimed to be essential by Apple.

The computer seems to be happier than ever, too (latest OS X update is much more stable than the preceeding version).

Great firmware update!

Link | Posted on Apr 21, 2015 at 08:20 UTC
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User2774675837: I started using Aperture with its first release (there was no Lightroom at this time). It is sad that Apple did pull the plug on this software. It is still a very valuable app for my workflow. I do not care much about the talking regarding Apple shifting strategies. I think they made a bold move with FinalCut (which I also use) and it worked out.

Probably I will switch to Lightroom. I am not sure though if I like their subscription approach. We will see what happens with LR6. LR5's feature set is not a reason enough for me to switch.

I am an avid user of the DxO package which in my opinion is the best software for RAW development. Its lens data use and noise reduction algorithm are exceptional. It lacks some essential features for management and manipulation (brushes etc.). But, it offers fair LR integration. Maybe I simply stick with Photos and DxO. Photos may improve over time, it satisfies my needs regarding private sharing and iOS integration, and it is free ...

I use DxO, and Aperture, and I'd love the combination if the export from DxO faster.

I open my RAW in DxO, set PRIME, and do some other basic editing before moving the images to Aperture for final editing. Works great, BUT the exporting takes a very, very long time!

That really sucks!

Link | Posted on Apr 21, 2015 at 08:14 UTC
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Stubb: I ditched Aperture several months ago for a combination of DxO Optics Pro (raw conversion) and Photo Supreme (metadata). It's a little extra work jumping between the two programs, but Photo Supreme plays real with DxO and actually interprets some of the info in DxO sidecars for building previews (e.g., cropping). It's somewhat reassuring not relying on one company for everything.

I've just started with DxO, so I'll certainly check out Photo Supreme as well!

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Alan G Thompson: Good Grief
It just happened, i realized I wont be looking at my next computer being an Apple, I have just been on the Apple website trying to find out the specs of iMovie and I can't find out! Just "It's So Cool" download here, after finding out how bad Photo's is and what it does to my work, it was the last straw, I'm trying to be creative and Apple is now hindering that instead of facilitating it... just like Windows 8 did, i really hope something happens that changes Apples seemingly burning desire to be the MacDonalds of computers.

I too had been in the process of choosing my new Aplle computer, and now I realise that it probably will be a, gulp, Windows machine.

Great news for Microsoft, that Apple is abandoning the pro image makers.

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meanwhile: You only have to look around the Photos package a bit to realise this is just the beginning. It's not a replacement for Aperture, but they never said it was.

Big Brother is moving in, in a big way. Nothing should be left to the user, all your images should soar out into void, where government agencies can check through all the images you ever have taken.

Evidently Apple is thinking the same, as you can't control which images soar off into the cloud, and which are not.

Must be Big Brother's dream, where people willingly send off all their images into the Cloud, to allow Big Brother and his NSA buddies to check them all out.

If one of these images contain a person that Big Brother doesn't approve of, a Reaper will be making a visit any day, soon!

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Siberiinn: The answer to the title of this article is "no, not yet". The key word is "yet". Once Apple opens up Extensions (plug-ins) then other developers (e.g. onOne, MacPhun, etc.) will grow Photos into more than Aperture was. I think Apple realized they can't compete with LR, but also realized their cameras took a LOT of photos and iPhotos was out-dated. I'm a LR user (non-pro/ enthusiast) and Photos won't replace LR for me. Will it replace iPhoto? Absolutely! This is just Photos 1.0.

To the pompous snobs that have been posting that Photos isn't enough for them and so Apple is doomed because Steve Jobs would have never done this, get real! Steve Jobs is not coming back. You are basically saying the other tens of thousands of employees at Apple are meaningless because Steve Jobs must have written every line of code and hand-built every piece of hardware. Steve Jobs helped make Apple a successful company, but the success is still continuing. Compare the share price and market cap.


I think that's wishful thinking! Apple wants to be as closed shop as they can be, so your Extensions heaven is, I'm afraid, a dream.

And calling me a pompous snob, that's up to you, but to me Photos is a great step backwards.

Apple became a success thanks to excellent software, not because their Appple II was a computer was better than the other offerings that swarmed the market.

Same with the iPhone, where it was the firmware & software that made it a success.

Photos is a dumbed down Aperture, with a bit of LR thrown in.

Maybe Apple is moving out of the computer business over all?!

Wanting us only to use iPads, iPhones, and whatever else they invent, getting us to rid ourselves of those ugly desktop computers?!
Big Brother is here, the mainframes take over (the cloud is just millions of mainframes joining hands), while our local computers get dumber, and dumber, not working properly without the internet, NFC, and other means of hooking up to Big Brother!

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Gollan: This was an interesting article. I was surprised to hear that Photos was going to be the Aperture replacement and I'm impressed that Jeff Keller even gave it a try. It seems to me that Apple has always catered to creative enterprise and it is somewhat surprising to see them back away. (Frankly, Apple has a history of blowing hot and cold in other areas too, such as the use of iPads in Education). My friend is a professional artist who uses iMacs, but she also uses a DSLR to produce much of the raw material that goes into her work. What message is Apple sending to her when they have taken away one of the powerful tools that is in her workflow?

The clear message from Apple is, we're not interested in you as customers any more, and we can't care less if you buy something else.

My major outlays the last five years have been Toyota, Pentax, Nikon and Apple (including software for my Apple products).

This will surely change in the future (Pentax is already off the list), as now it seems Apple will be struck off the list!

Is there something iMac-like in the world of Linux?!

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kodos: This is one reason I will never use Apple software. They seem to get "bored" of it easily. Look at how they also nerfed Pages. I only use Adobe and Microsoft software now. Cross platform and as software companies we know they are in it for the long haul, so it is unlikely they will move resources to work on $17k Gold Watches.

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that likes Apple hardware, but not terribly keen on Apple's way of handling its software, nor its software customers.

Indeed, 'Jobs has left the building' is more and more evident!

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DaveE1: Next week, Jeff Keller write a long piece explaining why he doesn't like eating apples when he wants an orange.

Photos is not supposed to be Aperture. If it was, it would be Aperture. Use an application that does what you want instead would be the best advice.

To me Photos is totally geared to the non-pro, non-enthusiast, in short the masses.

I have no need for the masses, so good-bye Apple!

I had planned to upgrade my iMac to something current, but now I'll be doing a serious checkout of the alternatives!

Thanks for giving me the push!

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jadot: Really? This was done last year wasn't it?

Apple politely said that they were EOLing Aperture and opening up Photos for plugins. Everyone who ever used Aperture breathed a sigh of relief (bittersweet) having FINALLY been told what we knew all along.

Adobe stepped in and hacked a solution for migrators. Lightroom users said "Ha - Told you so!"

Photos was never going to get my library of adjusted pictures because it was never meant to be Aperture.

As it happens I moved my workflow over to Capture One Pro about a year before the announcement anyway (because C1 works very well with my Fuji Cameras). Lightroom wasn't an option for me, although it's absolutely fine for the rest of the world.

The "I'll probably just end up using Lightroom' conversation is always presented as if there are no other options. "Oh well, nothing will ever replace Aperture for me, so I'll just use what I consider to be second best, until Apple announce NEW APERTURE - which I secretly hope for forever..."

I turned first to LR, but after trying a few others, like C1, found a home at DxO Optics Pro 10, with its excellent noise-cancelling option 'Prime'.

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mark power: Lightroom takes a while to learn but from the beginning it was clearly superior to Aperture. iPhoto wasn't even in the running it was so bad. Photo is no improvement. Take the trouble to learn a great piece of software, Lightroom, and you won't look back.

To me Photos is iPhoto, minus the I!

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mimot13: Answer to this question is IMHO : NO !

For people who doesn't need any "Pro or Enthusiastic Photographer application", PHOTOS from Apple will be enough. Perhaps.. Photos is NOT no pleasant to use.

For all other users and those ones coming from Aperture, there should be no discussion : Lightroom or C1 v8 !!

DxO Optics Pro 10 has popped up recently as a very capable piece of software, able to do some tricks other packages can not!

But its exporting speed is abysmal!

Link | Posted on Apr 21, 2015 at 07:02 UTC
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Mac Marcus: Hi All

Anyone more than me hoping for individual developers to create additional plugins like brushes??
As I understand this is only the basic version we see now, and later we will have many of the options we had in Aperture developed by external resources?


Oh, I like it more and more! Like the latest photoo-editing software from Nikon, not really designed for the professionals, or the enthusiasts!

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Gmon750: Apple concentrates on the masses, not the 1%. For that, Photos is a great application to have included as part of OSX.

It's unfortunate that Aperture went the way of vine-rot. I was about to purchase it last year, then heard the rumor that Apple was going to axe it. I went with Lightroom and never looked back. Apple announced the discontinuation of Aperture a week later.

Lightroom is not perfect by far, however like Photoshop, it is the standard for RAW photography.

Today I think DxO Optics Pro 10 is the master.

Aperture seems to thrive on the new OS X version, though!

Link | Posted on Apr 21, 2015 at 06:57 UTC

Tried the new magic Photos, and found it lacking in every way!

Happily I found a way to delete it totally (the OS doesn't allow this normally), and while I still mainly use Aperture, this will be the last of Apple software I'll be using (still using Final Cut Pro).

Really sad, that Apple just abandons us, just like that!

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On article Samsung NX1 Review (1257 comments in total)
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tecnoworld: Just think about what samsung could do with a future nx2 (or nx1 mk2), out in 2 years from now. 8k? 4k@120fps? Global shutter? Organic sensor? 8 core custom cpu? Huge buffer?

For the first time since I entered the nx system 4 years ago, I feel good to be invested in nx.

It isn't the camera division that is the great earner for Samsung, which produces everything from buildings to kitchenware, TVs, phones, and lately MILCs!

A gigantic company competing on the free market, whose earnings is close to 20% of South Korea's GNP, thus a power hugely bigger than GE, Ford, or GM!

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On article Nikon D5500 Review (416 comments in total)
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dfsaqwe: I recently sold an EM1 kit looking to downgrade to something more midrange (life+priority changes, etc). Was hoping to look back into a Nikon but I'm just thoroughly unimpressed. The technology seems almost a generation or two behind what I left behind on m43.

Also being spoiled by 5 axis sensor IS ...

There are several 10-30, and at least one 11-27 (the latter just as sharp at the edges as in the middle, but has no VR). I don't use these!

The 10-100 is the heaviest lens of all, and fairly sharp, but does not thrill me! There are both powered, and non-powered, versions. All have VR.

That's all!

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On article Nikon D5500 Review (416 comments in total)
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dfsaqwe: I recently sold an EM1 kit looking to downgrade to something more midrange (life+priority changes, etc). Was hoping to look back into a Nikon but I'm just thoroughly unimpressed. The technology seems almost a generation or two behind what I left behind on m43.

Also being spoiled by 5 axis sensor IS ...


The second most awesome lens is the 32/1.2, which in FX terms is an 85. And a stunningly good 85, at that, as it is fully metal design (like the 70-300CX). Optically slightly better than my 85/1.8G, but not much lighter ;-)! Very much Zeiss feel to it! No VR!

Third best, in my book, is the 6.7-13 VR (in FX terms an 18-35), but I seem to use my modified 10 more — so it is, in effect, an 8/2.0, in FX terms a 22 — as that is a more rugged lens, with no risk of dust entering the lens (I am at a bit dusty — due to a medical condition, I can't do much about). The 10 has no VR!

Then there is the best budget zoom, the 30-110, a superbly light, and useful, lens (excellent for macro as well, if you add a close-up lens like the Canon 250D). Roughly a 80-300, in FX terms. VR, of course!


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On article Nikon D5500 Review (416 comments in total)
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dfsaqwe: I recently sold an EM1 kit looking to downgrade to something more midrange (life+priority changes, etc). Was hoping to look back into a Nikon but I'm just thoroughly unimpressed. The technology seems almost a generation or two behind what I left behind on m43.

Also being spoiled by 5 axis sensor IS ...

@Guidenet I had a heart attack, and a bit of a sore leg (serious motorbike accident 25 years ago), so my mobility is not the best. I wouldn't have considered the Nikon 1 range if it wasn't for Steve Huff, that explained what they are all about.

The Nikon 1 has, as yet, four unique lenses, and two very good ones, and one I have no experience of! Going from the longest, the 70-300CX, this is a superb lens, that easily beats anything I've used before, even the marvellous 80-400 VR II (which I own). These two lenses are very much alike, but for three things:

The 70-300CX is stunningly sharp in its long end, the 80-400 VR II isn't. At 300mm they are equals.

The 70-300 has an adjustable limiter (focus manually — touch the focusing ring and you're in full manual control — to where you want the lens to set its closest limit, turn the limiter ON, and your set!), and it weighs about a third of the 80-400 VR II, and costs about a third as well!

I love that!

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On article Nikon D5500 Review (416 comments in total)
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dfsaqwe: I recently sold an EM1 kit looking to downgrade to something more midrange (life+priority changes, etc). Was hoping to look back into a Nikon but I'm just thoroughly unimpressed. The technology seems almost a generation or two behind what I left behind on m43.

Also being spoiled by 5 axis sensor IS ...

I came from Pentax, with an excellent 3 axis sensor IS camera, and landed in the land of Nikon 1 cameras. Very different, but I totally enjoy them! As a complement I also (eventually) bought a D600, and that one is more than OK, but not impressive!

So now I mainly use Nikon 1 V1 & V2, using a few native lenses, complementing with F Mount lenses, covering, in FX terms 18-1080 (not counting TCs), while the wife use Nikon 1 gear for extreme telephoto (in FX terms 200-800mm), a Pentax K-30 for medium telephoto (HD DA55-300, an excellent, water-resistant and dust-proof, lens, at a bargain price), and an E-M5, for macro, and indoor work in low light!

Not found Nikon DX cameras of interest as yet!

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