Tord S Eriksson

Tord S Eriksson

Lives in Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden
Works as a bus driver, soon 100% retired
Joined on Jul 3, 2003
About me:

Like to draw, paint, and photograph nature, and identified
flying 'objects' (no UFOs), like the moon, bumblebees, aircraft, and, not least, birds!


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Nikita66: US legal system is F-ed up.
US healthcare is F-ed up.
US foreign policy is F-ed up.
US debt is F-ed up.
US politics, in general, is F-ed up.

Every empire must fall.

"Every empire must fall"
Indeed, so when will Putin fall?!

Which country isn't 'f-ed up'?

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AbrasiveReducer: Of all the explanations why you should avoid fake lenses, the funniest has to be because they fail to meet safety standards. Nikon pulls this too. We're not talking about flash units. The danger in using these lenses is to your wallet and your images, not your safety.

BTW, the fakers have gotten more bold. I recently bought some Canon electronic cable releases that were too cheap to be genuine. They said Made in Japan, and I thought the counterfeiters would avoid flat-out lying about the point of origin. But in a world where news is fake, anything goes.

Germans were not famous for their perfect English, in the old days, before spell-checkers!

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xpop: I own one of the first FZ2500 in france. I bought it after the "Salon de la photo" where I test it after lurking Olympus and Sony. Incredibly quicker than all other competitors. You have to deal with a 1" sensor, that mean some noise after 1600iso.

If you use DxO Optics Pro 11 to process your images, with noise-cancelling setting PRIME you'll have very little problem, if any, with the noise!

Link | Posted on Dec 11, 2016 at 14:05 UTC
On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Review (901 comments in total)
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johnpendleton: I'd like to pick one of these up primarily for industrial video and non-work travel shooting, to replace my beloved but aging Fz150. The 150 has been a fantastic & trusty "operational" shooter, where ultimate web training video resolution rarely gets above 1280 x 720, and the 1000 looks like it would be a nice upgrade, even at that low bar.
But here's my question, DP-land: is this camera nearing the end of its product cycle? It's a two-year-old camera that's been sitting at $797 everywhere for a while now, supposedly due to the sensor delays from the Japanese earthquakes. But since this is Photokina season, has anyone heard anything about a replacement coming from Panasonic?

Nope, haven't heard a hint about an upgrade! Pity actually!

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On photo Grimeton LW antenna in Tord S Eriksson's photo gallery (3 comments in total)


I think there was nine of these antenna arrays around the world, sending encrypted (business) telegrams around the world.

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On photo Grimeton LW antenna in Tord S Eriksson's photo gallery (3 comments in total)


Indeed, as it was opened in 1924:

I'll update it ASAP!

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munro harrap: I would like a nikon adaptor that gives fast AF to manual lenses on full-frame Dslrs. This cannot even do that!!

How would it be able to give AF to manual lenses?! A little arm sticking out of the adapter turning the focusing ring?! Sounds like something out of a cartoon movie!

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flashcactus: For those who might automatically rate the Hasselblad over the Fujifilm, it's important to remember that Fuji have had more serious and useful camera innovations, especially in the days of film, than Hasselblad's paltry record of rejigging their old leaf-shutter dependent box- a bit like the Porsche 911, having inbuilt limitations. Fuji : GX 680, brilliant. Best studio camera ever, conceptually. All the MF roll-film rangefinder variations, the Fuji/Hasselblad X-pan. This new MF mirrorless leapfrogs the opposition in the traditional Fuji way. Their way. Can't wait to try one.

For many years Fuji manufactured the Hasselblad cameras, to Hasselblad's specifications. As far as I know they nowadays manufacture them here in Gothenburg, again.

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Triplet Perar: Construction-wise, is it better constructed than its predecessor? (50-200 and 55-300 lenses usually rattle a little; sometimes a simple touch on lens hood makes the image shift).

The HD DA55-300 is a very well made lens, the old DA55-300 was not!

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Glen Barrington: Seven grand for a lens on a $400 camera . . . hmmm! Decisions, Decisions!

A Canon C700 cost a bit over $400 ,,,

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mais51: This news makes Leica and Zeiss lenses look cheap in comparison - so the German is not that bad after all - With lenses like these do we really need to buy a camera body at all - may come as a bonus with the package.

But very few Canikon users would be interested in manual lenses in the first place, so there is really no big market, so there is no point in making them cheaper, if there are enough customers willing to pay as it is!

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vscd: Pff. Made in Britain. ;)

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vscd: Pff. Made in Britain. ;)


I think it is an interesting fact that so many of the teams are based in the UK. Just look at the top of the leaderboard: Mercedes (based in the UK), Red Bull (also based in the UK), and Ferrari (Italy, at least for the moment)!

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vscd: Pff. Made in Britain. ;)

Most F1 cars are designed, made, and fine-tuned in the UK, no matter where they are supposed to be made. The brightest designers live in the UK, and the best builders, it is a sad fact.

I wish it was in Germany, or in Italy, but sadly not.

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Kamox: I didn't know this manufacturer... are they related to the man who invented the "triplet"?
The lenses seem carved out of steel, impressive.

A very old traditional lens making company, still thriving, whose lenses are loved by cinematographers around the world.

Link | Posted on Sep 6, 2016 at 21:35 UTC
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naturetech: No Nikon 1-mount? I could use a set for my S1.

Sadly Nikon 1 is out of production, according to various sources. So no Cooke lenses, I'm afraid.

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barrym1966: 7000 for a piece of glass made in Leicester, no thanks

You evidently know nothing about classic lenses used by the movie industry. Cooke are definitely in that select gang, and not the most expensive, either.

Link | Posted on Sep 6, 2016 at 21:30 UTC
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mais51: This news makes Leica and Zeiss lenses look cheap in comparison - so the German is not that bad after all - With lenses like these do we really need to buy a camera body at all - may come as a bonus with the package.

These are lenses used by the TV, and movie, industry, not intended for enthusiasts like us. A movie might cost $10,000,000 to make, then you'd want to have lenses you can depend on, wouldn't you?! When the star might get $20,000,000, a bundle of ten lenses for around $70,000 is a more nothing! ANd these lenses can be used for movie after movie, till we're all dead and buried.

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keepreal: There must be a lot of idiots out there. Otherwise we would not see lenses from Cooke and other manufacturers as such ridiculous prices. I am sure they are nowhere near worth anything, even a lot less than the asking prices.

I would be a lot happier if people with more money than they know what to do with gave it to help those in the poverty trap get educated and motivated to better themselves. Some do of the own accord, but not that many can see how. The divide between the rich and poor has widened since the 2008 credit crunch, the wealthy mostly escaped the consequences but the mostly innocent less well off have faced the brunt of it.

If I thought there would be any chance of success, I'd like to see a worldwide boycott of Cooke, Meyer and other manufacturers behaving like this - not just in optics or photography, by the way.

Why should a small manufacturer, that manually makes their lenses, be banned, while the major Japanese lens manufacturers charge many tens of thousands of dollars for their more exotic lenses?!

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Spectro: never gave my money to any kickstarter projects. If I have vested interest maybe, but I am not an investor and kickstarter projects aren't an investment. You might get a early pledge deal, but that isn't much. I know some fanboy like to help push nitch project or entertainment item. But it is good for small independent people, but for larger company asking for money isn't right for me.

While some projects are bound to go bust, this one from the back story had no hope or true intention in the beginning. More like a criminal transgression to begin with.

I invested in the FlashQ project, via IndieGoGo (similar to Kickstarter) and have had no issues at all! Eventually the RC flash remotes arrived, and they worked as it was said it would. No less, no more!

So it isn't always a bad idea ;-) !

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