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I would say that this photograph is about time. Time passes through us, through things, nothing can stop it. Sould I write "It"? Through the time this machine has got old.

There can be identified two themes, namely the time and the colour red.
The first trhing that captures ( my) eyes is the luminary. I like the perspective. The light, which comes from the right angle to the photographer, is little in intensity, it's diffused.

Since this machine has a form a good idea is to photograph it whit a wide angle. That makes it to look 3D ( 3 dimensional, foreground, middle ground and background). And wide aperture ( like f/2.8) for a shallow DOF. A good idea is to use a tripod when there is not enough light. Altough JPGs are good, fine tuning a raw file- photo is a good idea. This photograph would look differently if you would apply a little shadowing, pushing a little the whites in the luminary, more contrast, for example.

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