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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2102 comments in total)

Dropped the ball with the video features, which is a bit weird given Canon pioneered DSLR video with the 5D2. Yes Canon are obviously looking out for their C range video bodies but for three and half grand what's lacking on this is severe. And there's simply to much alternatives on the market for their marketing decision to make any sense. Yes Canon make quality, and it has always costed; but the video misses for specifics so obvious from a film maker's point of view are incredible. Maybe Canon need to less cluster their camera range. And concentrate. I almost bought one of these but was driven down the A1 having this all explained by a film maker. Good for stills I guess, though a tab pricy

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This is breathtaking! Looks like you got quite close as well. Outstanding shot

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For commercial use you generally don't do a google search and use the result without dealing with who owns the image because you'll generally be creating a court case (you can't win) in the future. You'll go directly to an image agency in the first place. So i'm a bit confused as to why Getty are making a fuss about this.

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On article What a view: Aukey Super Wide Angle lens quick review (61 comments in total)

Those samples are absolutely dreadful

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On article UPDATED: CP+ 2016: shooting the Pentax K-1 in Yokohama (378 comments in total)
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stevo23: Nice detail. I like it and much cleaner images than the 5Ds.

They are lovely, though your inclusion of a Canon camera is a mystery to me

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (615 comments in total)
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ozturert: Excellent camera. 1Dx was very good anyway.

The 1DX is awesome, and i'm struggling to see why I would want to upgrade either of mine, if I think about realistically, just yet

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Antony John: Are Nikon, Canon and Adobe having some sort of competition we should know about?

Haha. I was wondering this!

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panpen: Canon? I forgot they are still in business

Lol. As used by more professionals than any other brand

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On article Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal (814 comments in total)
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MarioV: "If you're one of those people leaving comments along the lines of 'too expensive!' and 'Canon has lost its way' then rest assured - this product isn't for you."

Well said. Unfortunately, it didnt stop the moaning. A lot of people have a massive sense of entitlement and are the centre of the universe.
Nice try though.

I almost dreaded surfing downwards after reading that line. But it was a good reminder of why I don't bother much anymore.

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Richard Franiec: Something is amiss in bashing Canon strategy. In the last few years they’ve develop and produced several exceptional lenses in 200-400, 100-400, 70-200, 24-70, 16-35 and 11-24 ranges. These lenses are the main envy of competitor and aftermarket manufacturers alike. They serve cameras from EOS M to the latest, highest resolution FF DSLR from Canon. The level of integrity within EOS system is possibly the highest there is.

From what I understand, Canon doesn’t bleed the money to produce flashy and trendy cameras and I don’t blame them for being a little reluctant about MILC’s since the DSLR’s provide a steady profit. Not that they are not doing anything about that, I think. They will step in when needed, at the right time, and capture their lion share of the market as they’ve always done.

As Mr. Maeda noted in interview, there is a competition between the branches in Canon development area and, consequently, the company will support the projects which will solidify their dominance.

Some people always bash the top dog. Canon utterly dominate the pro field, which says more about their gear and strategy than people whining about 'banding' issues or whatever else they've got on photographic forums.

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ThatCamFan: If the people arent working fast enough to keep up in the industry, perhaps some should be let go.

Given Canon's share of the market, I don't think they have anything to worry about. Excellent cameras, excellent lenses.

Holding a nice steady course.

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Reinhard136: excellent news, valuing culture like that. the British of course will not want to be accused of being hypocritical, so they will be packing the Elgin Marbles in cases for return right now ......


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On article Adobe celebrates 25 years of Photoshop (366 comments in total)

25 years! Time has flown by

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BaldCol: Sorry, if it's not being offered on a monthly subscription I'm not interested.


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On article Canon EOS-1D C sees $4000 price drop in North America (250 comments in total)
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Jahled: Word was sales were very poor. A strange beast the 1Dc, never quite figured it out as a DSLR or a footage camera at that price

Sort of, though to be honest any video off that camera would seem like a bit of an overkill. Who shoots 4K wedding videos, and what's the point without a big bag of specialist gear and lenses? Dedicated film cameras would be much easier to work worth. And if it is a specialist film camera, i've never understood the point of being a sports camera as well. As I said a strange beast, ludicrously overpriced.

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On article Canon EOS-1D C sees $4000 price drop in North America (250 comments in total)

Word was sales were very poor. A strange beast the 1Dc, never quite figured it out as a DSLR or a footage camera at that price

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On article Canon's Q4 earnings report shows camera sales are down (316 comments in total)
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bwana4swahili: If Canon became an innovator again and produced some great product, they'd see an improvement. But it looks like they're stuck in 1990's mode for the foreseeable future...


My 1DX's are pretty far out. 12 shots a second full frame! Woo

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On article Canon's Q4 earnings report shows camera sales are down (316 comments in total)
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WordsOfFarewell: I bet it's because Sony and Nikon upped their game significantly so people rather buy their stuff. Would be interesting to get their numbers as well.

No, I should imagine it's because less cameras are being sold regardless of brand. Your average joe doesn't give a hoot about 'banding issues,' or whatever it is people argue about on camera forums, when their phones take good enough photographs of their supper for Facebook.

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dav1dz: Nikon acknowledges problem, people are angry. Nikon promises free fix, people are angry. Nikon replenishes stock, people are angry.

People can't be happy.


I meant that as an innocent enough remark. If a manufacturer (of anything) releases a product with a fault, lots of subsequent uproar, and then does exactly the same thing again, people are going to be angry. It's a completely natural reaction, and indicates not all is well with the manufacturer if they keep on releasing defective products. Not meant as a Nikon bash, that sort of thing is pointless

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